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Tynon is a roleplaying game with strategy at its heart. As you march to free Tynon from the grasp of evil, you'll do battle in a unique environment where your formation, hero selection, gear and experience will all play a part in the outcome. A shrewd tactical mind can extract victory against great odds, while a careless rush can lead to defeat!

Tynon is a roleplaying game with strategy at its heart.

uCool, Inc
uCool, Inc
June 27, 2013
Open Beta

Some examples of the hybrid game mechanics of Tynon are:

Tactical - Through its animated combat sequences, Tynon requires the player to conduct tactical strategy decisions before a given combat, both in single player and multi-player modes. A player's heroes (and the enemy) will always attack the enemy straight across from them, if there is one. They will also target straight across with any of their attack abilities or magic. If no one is directly across, then they will attack the hero in the row above. If no hero is in the row directly above, then they will target the remaining row. A hero behind another hero can never be the direct target of an ability, but may be the incidental target of AOE abilities.

RPG - Players earn access to hundreds of heroes throughout the story. A player will need to select, based on tactical and strategic mechanics, which fantasy heroes to use. Each hero can be customized with equipment such as armor, weapons, and other items found within the game. The player uses the heroes to move further through the story, obtaining rare gems, gold and items, all of which are usable.

City Building - Within Tynon are mechanics to create and build custom cities. The strategy with which the cities are built (for example, creating farmland to produce goods to be consumed in battles, or creating businesses which earn revenue for enhancing equipment) will impact how the game is experienced by the player in terms of overall story progression and in the multiplayer arena.

Social - Players can participate in multiplayer aspects of the game, in which friends assist each other. Player-created guilds handle up to 200 players each. There is also an arena, where players battle over two tiers of players worldwide.

About the Game

The Dark Wizard Wyrm has somehow bewitched the king, leaving the land of Tynon in turmoil. Allies have become suspicious and an elite knight named Rosaline has taken up the quest to rescue the king and restore order. To achieve this, she'll need your help to rebuild a shattered city and lead the army into battle. You'll have to traverse all 13 kingdoms of Tynon, finding allies and defeating enemies along the way to uncover the wizard's plot.

The lands continue to burn while wicked goblins roam free, serpent queens plague Verdant City, and the kingdom is threatened by disaster and slavery. Players must also help Rosaline rebuild the Imperial City to its former glory. With the cooperative ability to enlist the aid of friends from Facebook and other social networks, players can upgrade and customize their cities and gain resources by visiting neighboring towns. Hundreds of quests will be available to earn more resources, gold and gems to upgrade your city, armor and battle skills.

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