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This simple fantasy RTS is free-to-play, with microtransactions. There's also a VIP subscription-style mechanic, in which you pay the game's premium currency - Diamonds, bought in the store - to get extra bonuses. This title is also iPad compatible.

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Free to Play,Browser based,Subscription

  • Breed Goblins for fun, and profit.
  • Build up your city, brick by brick.
  • Fight in the Arena, for extra rewards.
  • Explore the game map, for new opportunities and battlefields.
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About the Game

This takes Arthurian legend as its baseline - hence the 'lot' in Castlot - but that's just a veneer over its main game, a city building title in which you compete with other players for fortune and glory. There's a quest system, which mainly exists as a kind of in-game tutorial, but your ultimate goal here isn't so much leveling, as it is building up your base. The bigger your base, the more troops you can hire; the more soldiers on your side, the better your chances on the battlefield, where victory means more land to control, build on, and exploit.

There's also a cheerful little mini-game in Goblin breeding. Goblins can be used to steal resources from other players, or you can make Goblin Cases to put in friendly territory. Releasing Goblins on enemy turf allows them to raid and pillage, bringing the spoils back to you; keeping cases in friendly territory acts like a mousetrap for Goblins, keeping the pesky critters at bay.

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System Requirements
  • Not known, but this is a very simple browser-based title, so in all likelihood it'll run on just about any Windows-based OS.
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