Civilization Online
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Civilization Online reimagines Sid Meier's classic turn-based strategy game as an MMORPG that allows players to engage with friends and enemies across time, and forge their own path through the history of civilization.

XL Games
2014 or Later

  • Heavy emphasis on crafting and buildings. Players can construct all kinds of structures, up to and including wonders such as the Pyramids or the Statue of Liberty
  • Wage war throughout the ages, including swords, bow & arrow, muskets, and modern weaponry
  • Rise through the ranks of your civilization, and become a world leader, a commander, or a diplomat
  • User driven content
  • Raid-like crafting system to complete Wonders such as the Pyramids
  • Your two favorite addictions just had a baby
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About the Game

Civilization Online is an MMORPG that allows players to engage as a single citizen with one of four major civilizations that the game will begin with. Players will be able to explore, craft, make discoveries, go to war with other players, and as they level up, they will be able to take charge of their civilization, and become a world leader within the game.

The game features single game play sessions, and each round will have a clear winner, with strategies such as winning the space race or global domination returning from previous Civilization games.

Civilization Online is highly exploration focused, with procedurally generated maps and powerful rewards. The game is also being built on CryEngine 3, to give the world a very real world feel.

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Civilization Online
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