City of Steam
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City of Steam is a browser-based, free-to-play, online RPG set in an industrial fantasy world with steampunk elements. This is the World Machine, a vast and ancient system of interlocking gears powered by unfathomable energies. Long ago, a race of ingenious conquerors called the Paragons sought to control those energies, but destroyed themselves in the attempt. They left behind a shattered world and a complex legacy, and even now, millennia later, that legacy continues to affect the course of history on the World Machine. Four great human nations have emerged since the fall of the Paragons: The confederated city-state of the Heartlands, the allied kingdoms of Ostenia, the patriarchal Republic of Avenoss, and the harsh Empire of Stoigmar. At the site of the Paragons' fall lies the City-State of Nexus, a once-great industrial metropolis where players will arrive as refugees, ready to carve out a new life.

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Free to Play,Browser based
Closed Beta

  • Adventure through a unique, steampunk-style world
  • Square off against a variety of strange enemies, both organic and mechanical
  • Play alone or with friends as you help rebuild the city of Nexus, or try to tear it down even further
  • Optional PvP means you don't fight unless you want to
  • Free-to-play and completely browser-based - no extra software required
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About the Game

Thousands of years after the fall of the Paragons, their impact continues to be felt. The Humans, Goblins, Orcs and Hobbes who already inhabited the World Machine are now joined by the charismatic Riven, the insular Draug and the half-mechanical Dwarves. Study of the Paragons' lost technologies has given the world great wonders: Airships soar overhead, robotic steamtoilers patrol the streets, and great factories produce weapons wielded by heroes and villains alike. This is the world into which you've been cast, and in which you must survive and find your way - the City of Steam.

While an MMORPG, City of Steam can be played as a solo RPG as well. Different character choices will define individual storylines and quests. Players will begin at The Refuge in the decaying city of Nexux, and as they explore the world they'll discover more about their own family history, find a place in their new home and contribute to rebuilding (or further destroying) the city of Nexus. City of Steam has a social dynamic so players can interact with each other, form teams, battle other players or adventure alone.

Players can select from nine unique races and play as one of four classes, with more expected in the future. Some dungeons support solo play while others are better suited for groups, and while anyone can be challenged, PvP is entirely optional: Those who don't want to fight can reject duels with no penalty. Characters are highly customizable, and players can have up to three separate characters on a single account.

Despite the title, the developers aren't billing City of Steam as a full-on steampunk game but describe it instead as an "industrial age fantasy." Whatever it's called, the unique setting and bestiary are very exciting, and the game brings a lot of promise to the table. Watch for it to launch later this year.

City of Steam
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