Clan Lord
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The dark lord Mobius has just thrown you out of the Empire for crimes against the Ascendancy. A new life in exile is your destiny, and your new home is unlike the world you once knew. Welcome to Puddleby, outpost town in the Lok'groton island chain, and the place where your adventures in the long-running fantasy role-playing world of Clan Lord begin. Starting from virtually nothing, you can guide your character's growth however you like: slay enemies, heal the injured, study the secrets of magic and solve puzzles as you struggle to survive and defend your new land from monsters, evil sorcery and political strife.

Delta Tao Software
Delta Tao Software
Free to Play,Subscription,Buy to Play
October 18, 1998

  • Explore an enormous and constantly growing world
  • Characters work together, not against each other
  • Choose from 7 different races
  • Pick a profession: healer, fighter or mystic
  • Become a Bard! Write and play your own music
  • Form and lead your own clan
  • Socialize with people worldwide
  • Join groups of friends for heroic adventures
  • Gather fame and power - or scheme from the shadows
  • Undertake epic quests and drive the dramatic storyline
  • Free demo lets you try before you buy
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About the Game

Clan Lord is an online community of exiles. It is a game of adventure and fun where players cooperate rather than prey upon one another. The game uses a simple point-and-click interface that you can customize and even use to record (like a video) your exploits. Whatever you type will appear in a bubble above your character, making communication very easy.

You can be an obscure mystic, a fierce and cunning fighter, or a powerful healer - all in a world where international players cooperate in their explorations and adventures. You train to improve and gain experience as you go, but the social aspect is much stronger in Clan Lord than other online RPGs. With the exception of certain areas, there is no player-killing allowed in Clan Lord. But there are many island creatures, hostile inhabitants, and the dangerous Darshak cult to keep you on your toes.

Clan Lord's world has existed online for nearly 15 years yet continues to expand with regular updates that add new places to explore and new creatures to be encountered. There are dozens of clans to join, many with unique goals and membership requirements, and in-character role-playing is encouraged. A free demo allows you to explore the game world to your heart's content, so you can try before you buy, and once you've purchased an account, monthly fees are completely optional.

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System Requirements
  • Mac OS X (10.4 or above) or Windows 2000
  • 28.8 kbps or greater internet connection
Clan Lord
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