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There came a time when humans became the most numerous of Trieste's inhabitants, and tensions arose with the original gods, who had ruled the land for millennia. Ultimately, the pride of humans and the pride of gods could not coexist without conflict, and war was the result.

This MMORPG used to be published by Acclaim, and was known as 2Moons. It has a heavy emphasis on PvP, and combat.


  • Party vs Party combat puts a new face on PvP.
  • Fancy a bit more PvP? Head over to DK Square, for a massive free-for-all.
  • How about a nice siege PvP battle? Defend your guild's castle, or attack someone else's.
  • Prefer ranked PvP? Head over to the Colosseum for a 1-on-1 fight.
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About the Game

Welcome to Trieste! No, not that Trieste; this fantasy land has been riven by conflict since man decided to annoy the Gods and summon things better left unsummoned. You choose between one of several heroic archetypes: Azure Knight, Segita Hunter (ranged or melee DPS), Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner, Segnale (curse magicians), Bagi Warrior (tank), and Aloken (buffers). You venture forth into a land of adventure, with your pets, mounts, and guildies, trying to make ravaged Trieste a better place.

One interesting group activity is the Dead Front. Those pesky demons have an impregnable fortress; it's your job to gather supplies and bust in there. You group up in teams of 4, assault the stronghold, try to kill the boss Ophiuchus and, if successful, then defend against your fellow players in a massive PvP free-for-all. Last team standing becomes the Supreme Warriors.

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System Requirements
  • Pentium 3.1GHz or higher
  • 512MB or higher
  • GeForce MX or higher
  • 9.0.c or above
  • Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher
  • 1GB
  • GeForce FX5900 128MB or higher
  • 9.0.c or above
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categories: 3d, fantasy
categories: 3d, fantasy

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