Divina Online
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Divina is the second installment of a charming and independently made Japanese-style fantasy game launched by Gamania, the developer of Lucent Heart. With its unique dual class system, players are free to instantly switch to other character classes during combat. Dozens of adorable pocket pets, constantly changing and fascinating rides will provide players with a unique and fun experience!

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July 25, 2012

Unique fantasy world based on Norse mythology
Dual-class character development allows for a wide variety of strategies and combat tactics
Companion pets, riding pets and pocket pets each offer their own special advantages
Claim territory in a top-down strategy mode, then use it to produce healing potions or warrior skill books
Voice acting provided by well-known Japanese manga actors

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About the Game

The world of Divina is based on the World Tree Maze, which is divided into three realms: Glory (Gods), Creation (Humans) and Darkness (Demons). Gods are pursuing an unbreakable order while Demons desire the chaos of absolute freedom. Humans, who are played by users, can impact the world's operation and maintain its balance. One day, Loki, the Soul Master of the Gods, expressed his displeasure with the world's order and began launching destructive attacks. Loki's attacks caused the start of the world's collapse, while bringing an end to the balance between the three realms. When the survivors awoke, the only thing left was the water city Saint Springs.

Now, only the Humans can seize a chance at life by leaping through time and space to return to the past. As a Warrior, Mechanical Soldier, Mage, Priest or Ninja, humans will determine the fate of the world, which will either return to peace or fall into infinite darkness.

Divina features a unique visual style, with elfin characters and animalistic gods and demons who inhabit a strange fantasy world. There are plenty of adorable pets divided into three distinct categories, each of which brings its own special benefits to the player, and players can choose to dual-class their characters and then switch between them at will, even during combat, to fully utilize a variety of tactics and strategies. There's even voice acting provided by well-known voice actors from Japanese manga and anime, including Rie Tanaka and Yui Horie.

Unfortunately, if you don't speak Japanese (or Chinese) you may have a problem enjoying this one; Divina is still available in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but the U.S. edition of the game has been shut down.

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Divina Online
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