Get Geared Up in Neverwinter

Ends on 27 Jun 2014

Our friends at Perfect World Entertainment are very excited about the recent launch of their new game, Neverwinter. To celebrate they've given us a bunch of codes to help you redeem crucial in game items like scrolls of identification and rejuvenation potions. The best part is, since this game is free to play there's nothing stopping you from diving in right now!

Each code will guarantee:
* Spellplague Survivor in-game title
* 10x Potion of Rejuvenation
* 10x Tidespan Potion
* 10x Potion of Lesser Healing
* 5x Portable Altar
* 5x Identify Scroll

These custom-made in-game items are specially made for Neverwinter's launch giveaways, which means that they're not going to be available anywhere else. Hurry up and grab your key today!

To claim a code click submit in the box below.

To redeem your code:
1) Go to
2) Login to your PWE account
3) Enter your key into the Redeem Key field and hit Submit
4) Launch the game and login to your character
5) If you have not yet done so, progress through the Tutorial until you talk to Sgt. Knox in Protector's Enclave
6) Visit the Reward Claims Agent, directly across from Sgt. Knox, to claim your pack
7) Items will also be sent to your in-game mail


We're out of Keys!

Sorry, we are out of game keys to give away. Please check back later!

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plz help by clicking my other one changed thanks :)

free stuff, membership for 5 clicks

plz help by clicking this :)

oops XD wrong thing ZYX94-Z2K-34TZ




Submit button finally appeared for me.

Down at the bottom of the page but above the comment box you have to hit submit after you make an account to get the key

code please:)


code ?

code ?

free code I got since I dont play that game JZY76-Y2K-73LE