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Ends on 29 Oct 2030
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Prime World is a role-playing strategy game from Russian developer Nival. Already an award--winning game in its native land, Prime World pits two factions against each other in hero on hero combat for control of the precious Prime resource - the key to their heroes' greatness. With multiple combat modes and persistent castle building to improve your heroes, Prime World takes MOBAs in new directions. Control the forces of technology playing heroes from the Dokht Imperium or embrace the power of art and nature with the Adornian heroes. Gather you friends and dominate the leader boards.

Keys are for the North American beta, but will work globally.

This key will give users access to ALL Prime World beta events and testing weekends. The first beta event will begin Saturday May 18th and last through Sunday May 19th. Once the event is over players will not need another key to participate in further events.

To claim a key click submit in the box below.

To redeem your key:

Go to and click on Join the Beta. Enter your code and download the game client.

For questions or concerns about the Prime World beta, users are invited to post for support on the official forum or on the game's Facebook page.

Prime World

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this made my day this site just gave me a Minecraft Upgrade Code and I can't believe it actually worked! They gave me one for free from

NICE! I just received a Minecraft Upgrade Code and it was legit! It's totally free too!


THATKZWG1185923L Free Code!

TGAA3CA211851AG6 free code to anyone

It's already in open beta, lol. Thanks for giving away these keys though.

Man :( the servers are down but I still got a game key

i just got a code for the heck of it, so here is one :P TELBCF4C1185YB25 tell me who actually gets it!

xd you was the only person that talked play wizard101! many people play it

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