Explore Greek, Roman and Egyptian Mythology in The Lost Titans

Ends on 29 Oct 2030

Our friends at ZQGames invite you to take part in the open beta of their new free to play browser MMORPG, The Lost Titans, and they're giving away 200 codes for some splendidly spiffy in-game items to celebrate.

Intertwining Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies, The Lost Titans sends you on a mythological journey through the world of Aristos to save the Titan Lord Hyperion and restore order to the land!

Prize Pack Features:
* 20000 Silver
* Lv. 5 Legendary Weapon
* Lv. 15 Legendary Outfit
* Lv. 15 Brilliant Shard x200
* Lv. 1 Regen Potion x20
* Lv. 2 Regen Potion x20
* Lv. 1 Life Potion x20
* Lv. 2 Life Potion x20
* Minifinny egg (A new pet no one has seen before)


Wanna learn more about The Lost Titans? Click here.

To claim a key click submit in the form below.

To redeem a key:

* Go to: http://tltres.zqgame.com/tltweb/reg_new1.php?ref=672991, register and install the game.
* Log into your account with your username and password.
* Create your own character.
* Start your journey by completing your training to become a Warrior of Light and defeating the trapped water demon! Upon completing your initial quest, you will be transported to the Assembly District to speak to Coridan. After reaching level 5,go to the City of Light by clicking the "Town Portal" skill.
* Find the NPC "Chloe" to redeem your gift pack. In the City of Light, press "M" for the World Map, and go to coordinates (X320,Y288). Click on "Gift Pack Exchange" and input your gift code.

We're out of Keys!

Sorry, we are out of game keys to give away. Please check back later!

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Who is here for wizard101 code???!

when are new codes for this coming out?

I agree, It looks a lot like WoW. I'll try it and see what happens. I'll report back if this is a good game.

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Wow, that logo looks an awful lot like World of Warcraft's and that pet bares far more than just a passing resemblance to the baby murlocs/full grown murlocs.But this isn't the main site, so I'll take a look at that.
Moon runes, straight up murlocs, a home page that feels suspiciously like an older version of the WoW official site, news posts are filled with lots of engrish, a scorpion mount that looks like WoW's lost a fight with a paint shop, a dragon mount that look suspiciously like Deathwing. Well, overall I can't say it's straight up trying to copy WoW, but the image it puts forward looks an awful lot like one of those terrible chinese mmos trying to trick people into thinking it's WoW.

Pass this one up people, methinks you'll find various accounts compromised if you register for this game.

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