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BSG IS OVER! =(((((((

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I am glad and sad all at the same time!
I feel like crying =(
No more BSG =(
Ever =(

Add that next to "Jericho" on the TV victim list.

Yeah but Jericho wasn't good, it was just an extended episode of the Twilight Zone.

Strange, I never watched BSG, but I got bored last night and was channel surfing. I happend to stumble on to the last 10-15 min of final ep., of course I dident realize it was the final ep. until a commercial mentioned it afterwords. The entire time I was watching I was thinking, "Man this is bad ass, is every episode like this?!" ...seemed more like a movie then a show.

Yes, shizzie. BSG is a 5-year-long full blown feature movie. It is not something you'd expect on a TV. Go watch the DVDs.

Speaking of BSG, now that it's over they are auctioning off the props! I gotta get myself at least something from there!

Torchwood is even better.

at least now we got Stargate Universe to fill the void....(still waiting for that)

What's this BSG and who are you people?! Get off my lawn!

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