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Guys, careful about drinking beer - new study

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My first lol of the day.

HAHA! Love it!

Seems like an old "I AM Bored" post. I wonder if it actually featured in a print media on April Fool's.

Females would probably frown on that :P

Amazing, but how does it affect women?

am i the only one who can't see the image?

Leafar, I'll host it on photobucket when I get home.

Reposted for Leafar.


am i the only one who can't see the image?

I couldn't see it either. Thanks Moon!

Thanks moon. This is funny indeed :)

Bah, I only got home now =(

It's okay, we love you too.

Beat you to the punch!

that explains sooo much... i feel like printing this and letting everyone at work read it

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