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A game for MoonPenguin

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Here's a little something for our resident BoobPenguin,

Club Penguin is one of the few penguin-related things I do not enjoy.

I would have to agree with moon on that, I tried Club Penguin because my friends kept bugging me to and I hated it.

What? It's... Penguins! In igloos! And and.. what do you get to do... decorating your igloos!

I have an igloo at home I can decorate.

I want to see said igloo.

It's a private igloo. Very exclusive.

Interesting note. I'm signed up to the RSS feed for WarCry and when you posted that the RSS feed crashed my browser.

Very exclusive.

What if I pretend to be a baby seal?

What if I bring you a bucket of fish?

only us oldies to OT get access, even if our moon/boob penguin wishes against it

:( I'm just off by 4 years.

:( I'm just off by 4 years.

you know you love it.

2004 was a good year man

id agree, other than a reason i wont state because of the following flame wars that may take place.

2004 was a good year man

Indeed it was. Though the 2 to 3 years following were bloody violent.

You guys are making me totally jealous.

As much as I love seeing explosions and such, we've been at this war too long. And as such, "For anyone who thinks we can just pull out now is wrong. We need to stay and watch over these people." My only response to that quote, which isnt 100% exact because im too lazy to look it up is, We marched in, why the hell cant we just march out.

lots of MIA's.....

way too many... my friend being one of 'em. Pisses me off that we are still wasting money over there while we should be using said money to fix our damn country.

What happened to penguins and decorate-able igloos? =(

I dunno, here's another penguin game to get us back on track.

Is it penguin sport?

I dunno, here's another penguin game to get us back on track.

Strangely enjoyable.


With a Z.


It actually is pretty enjoyable.

Hooray for mini-guns!

It's all about the mini-guns.


AK did it for me.

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