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I am downloading both of these OSs right now and I would like to get the opinion of current users on either, especially in relation to gaming.

I have played with Ubuntu a little bit at work and I really liked it. I've heard good things about openSuse as well and it has a very similar look and feel from what I can tell.

I've Ubuntu but never got around to using it. My one friend who did have Ubuntu though had to buy a windows to play a lot of games.

Just about every one I know that uses a Linux OS always goes with a dual-boot to play games on Windows. The ones that don't, don't play games.
But it all depends on the games in question. There are many that support Linux.

I'm just glad you didn't choose the Google Linux OS.

Well, I am also wanting to check out some open source games once I get them up and going. My new boss is supposed to bring me in a few based off of the Quake III engine to try out once I'm up and going.

You should've seen the grin that spread across my face when I read that, gman. Best of luck to get everything setup and start enjoying it =) But if you use Ubuntu, it shouldn't be very hard at all.

Be sure to try Free Craft, which Blizzard sued them over. That's because "craft" was in the name and it was an RTS. I forget how the case ended.

Yeah, Ubuntu is a cakewalk. I've got it dual booting with XP Pro right now, and it runs waaaaaay better on my old machine than xp. That and I've got widgets! (...errr SCREENLETS!)

Well, Ubuntu is less system resources, which is a thing I like about it. It's my prefered Linux. I tried getting my Comp Sci teacher to switch to it, but he was iffy on it.

Good luck trying to configure WINE to run with openGL, it's hell.

For native linux games there's just not enough choice, you've got a few Q3 engine ones, but other than those, enjoy Tux racer.

Yeah, fortunately I didn't really install it for games. So far so good though, I'm pleasantly surprised how well my old rig runs it.

never heard of ubuntu.

Is that something I shoot in Resident Evil 5?

WEll, it is an African name.

Is that something I shoot in Resident Evil 5?

Do i smell a challenge?

Achievement Unlocked?

9 more posts then yes.

Here's a little open source jewel I just discovered that might interest some of you. Anyone that is used to using partition magic or a similar application will be able to appreciate it.

Parted Magic

4.0 works with pretty much all available file systems, and includes several useful applications for diagnosing/fixing a hard disk. It even has a partition imaging program.


I've got a lot of good things to say about openSUSE, having been a SUSE user since version 7.0 (back when it was SuSE). The installer is fantastic and the configuration tools are on par with Ubuntu. I've always been a KDE user, so the readily-available variants of both Ubuntu and openSUSE (as well as Debian, which I'm using on my laptop right now) is a big bonus.

I think, if you're just getting started with Linux, that Ubuntu is your better choice. If you have a bit more experience, openSUSE opens up the command line utilities a lot more, which can be useful on a lot of occasions. I think, as long as you're willing to work with the caveats of any Linux variant, that either choice would work well on your computer. Just one note, though: openSUSE isn't the quickest of all Linux variants.

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