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Probably the greatest way to quit your job

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Just fantastic. Not harsh to the company in question, but a fantastic way to get your message accross.

Direct link to the mini game:

That is awesome.

Ow. You should put an epilepsy disclaimer for that.

That's pretty freaking epic. If I ever get a job, that's the way I want to leave it.

Wouldn't be quite so useful for quitting a job in a supermarket or something though.
I suppose you could knock over a few shelves and arrange them into the words "I quit"
But it's not the same, especially since (at least to my knowledge) there isn't any cult sayings you could call upon from the world of produce sales.
Except maybe "clean up in aisle 12" but I can't think of how you would incorporate that into the message.

Also, what if one of this guy's bosses has epilepsy?

If the man has epilepsy, that could be a problem. But then, he probably would know that. (If his boss has epilepsy, he would know.)

But that is pretty awesome.

Well if you were working for a games company, i'd assume epilepsy is something you'd let others know about. There's too many situations where something simple could trigger it so they'd all know to be careful with that individual.

Also I seriously doubt the flashing has any malicious intent, the guy seems to have nothing but praise for the company in the movie.

That is totally how I'd quit my job.

If I had the follow through,I'd do it.

Wow, That made me lol irl for awhile.

Good Find.

makes me want to do that for one of my jobs

Awesome. Officially, haha.

That's really cool.

purely awesome, time to quit my job ;d

Ow. You should put an epilepsy disclaimer for that.

True but it still is a really cool way to quit your job.

Nice. You know, whenever I get a job, it doesn't matter where but I am going to use something like that, just to see the look of confusion on their faces.

I think im going to hire a game designer for when i quit my job, that was brilliant.

the idea was really cool
very creative

Haha kudos for the guy, probably one of the best ways to quit your job

Sweet post. Trying that tomorrow when i get into work.

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