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I really screwed up...

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Alright, so I thought I fell in "love", however, it is really complicated and I feel as though I have been somewhat of a jerk now. Please, allow me to elaborate. I fell for one of my good best, however, after a long and drawn out sequence of events, I discovered she didn't like me the same way. Eventually, she found out about the crush I had on her and I've sort of dragged things on a bit. She only wants to be friends now, and now, so do I. I kept telling myself (and her) that, but I never actually truly believed it. Now, I am going to try and completely "bury the hatchet", and try to put it behind us (that's what she wants, and now, that is entirely what I want). I will have no regrets of this, and from this point fourth, actions will speak louder than words (especially half-baked promises that I meant to be true but accidentally slipped up on). I do believe I will require a stronger willpower to go through with this though. The reason being, one of my good friends, Elijah, called me a stalker (because I still had feelings for her after finding out from a mutual friend that she didn't feel the same way about me), does having a crush on someone (and making a couple bad decisions, like coming on too strong, going out of my way to hint that I like her, and various other stupid things that I now regret doing entirely) truly make you a stalker? I am quitting this stupidity now, not only because it's the right thing to do, because it's what she wants, or to salvage our friendship, but rather all three of those things, plus I now see the error of my ways and wish to do so. I would hate for one or both of us to be uncomfortable around each other as friends, just over some stupid teenage crush. So I am putting an end to it, and respecting her wishes (as well as my own) by going back to just being friends. In fact, I believe I may have unconsciously showed my affection a few times (i.e. my Final Fantasy XI character is named after her and commenting on every single one of her Facebook statuses). I also want to show her (as well as myself), that I don't want that sort of vibe, just as she doesn't, or we will always hate (and/or feel uncomfortable around each other) for the rest of our lives, and neither of us want to lose our very close friendship over something so trivial and stupid. Right now I am actually sad, I'm almost never said (only been sad twice in like 3 years; when my cousin died about a week ago and now), I really screwed up bad, and now I just feel terrible, I am almost crying (not that I usually ever cry) because of what I've done (see above), I feel so sorry for what I've done to Tabitha (made her feel awkward and/or bad/sad around me), I don't even know where to begin to make it up to her (however, I have decided that putting an end to this one-sided romance is the best course of action for my first step). Anyone have any advice, questions, commentary?

On this episode of 9021OH who gives a crap...

That's hurt..

Time heals all wounds, my friend. Well, apart from gun-shot wounds...

But seriously, relax. From what you have said, you do not sound like a stalker to me. Everyone falls for someone who doesn't like them back at some point in their life. Give it time, don't talk to her for a while and it will all blow over. Give it enough time and you will be back to being friends pretty soon.

As for the sadness, I know something that can help with that too. (geez, aren't I just the greatest?) Either, listen to some relaxing/mellow music or watch a funny tv program. Music-wise I would suggest Bob Dylan. His songs have gotten me through a lot of heart-ache.

heavy metal is also an option.

also you could try telling the girl that you dont stalk fat chicks, so she has nothing to worry about.

or tell her your gay, then she will feel unthreatend.

Why don't you try to spend your time in any MMO game? ^^ cool? Isn't it?

Or continure stalking her you weirdo... Just a little tip from the penal system...
If a girl says "no" that does not mean she likes it rough.

Just sit on the bench at the park and wait.. The first girl who sit beside you is the one for you.. ^^ Why don't you try it ^^ Cyber love is stupid.. It doesn't exist..

so if some old lady sits beside him on the bench, thats the girl hes ment to be with?
lets face it, the only people randomly sitting beside strangers in the park are
B: crazy (and old)
C: drug addicts
D: homeless (see a-c)

unless your reffering to some imaginary park where attractive women with good personalities roam around looking for lonely single guys who sit on benches and wait for oppertunities to land in there lap.

YOu got a point there.. ^^ lol.. What I mean is, he should learn hot to wait.. it is not a literal way to sit on a bench and wait for the right girl.. Bench is for relaxing while the other side of it is the right girl for him.. for the lonely guy there. I suggest to watch a movie A Lot Like Love ^^

As you say, it's just a stupid teenage crush. Best thing you can do is talk to her, clear the air, and move on. Look for someone else, basically.

Great idea.. if someone you love left you, there is someone much better will come to save you...

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