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Svengali is banned?

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WTF happened around here? the AoC Warcry netowrk is dead and gone...

Hey Sturm,

I just checked our system to see if that is true, and I can't see any bans on Sven. It could be showing from the Escapist forums, but I can't confirm that.

But I do know that you can find Michael at :)

I have no idea why the high level account or high reputation account has been banned.... It's kinda weird things.. I conclude that his account has been hacked...

I conclude he was probably banned by some asshat on the Escapist.

I just checked the IMS database but I can't pull up the one for which he was ban for.

Probably there might be some outside transaction that we didn't know about this guy. It keeps confidential to public.. Still I'm so curious about this thing...

I conclude he was probably banned by some asshat on the Escapist.

Actually it was a ban that Septa Scarabrae on WarCry had done some time back. The ban has been removed.

Oh!.. that's cool... so you just suspend his account for a limited time only right?

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