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Business Tycoon Online really got me

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Business Tycoon Online has launched its closed beta finally. I have heard of this hit business simulation game. and was so happy that I can enjoy it now.

I have to make it clear that I think myself is amazing talented in playing simulation games. Business tycoon online must be a piece of cake for me. So, I get really surprised at the details and accuracy of this game. I made a big stupid mistake.

I created my "Life Simulation" company and established two stores related in Entertaining industry. To ease my management, I decided to open the two stores in the same block of Downtown Zone and named them as "Blizzard" and "EA SPORTS". It is so funny that you can name your stores. Now, I am the owner of two leading game stores.

It seems quite easy. But, problems appeared. A revenue list appeared when I move my mouse on my stores and it said "Expected Revenue: 951TCN, Zone Effect: -440TCN, Competition Effect: -220TCN." My Goodness! Almost half of my revenue has been taken.

After I checked the guide, I knew that I really stupid. Stores of Business Level 1 should establish in Residential Zone so to avoid Zone Effect. Besides, stores of the same industry cannot establish in the same block, otherwise, they compete with each other. I compete with myself!

Fortunately, it contains a "Moving Company" in the Rookie Package. How considerate! With it, I moved one of my stores to another block. It is like a magic. The competition ends.

That is my little understanding about Business Tycoon Online. All in all, it is pretty good, very impressive. My suggestion, also my lesson, is to follow the guide and finish the quests. Otherwise, you are likely to make stupid mistakes. What's more, there is a large amount of rewards if you finished rookie quests. Now, I am going to play again and maybe there is a bigger surprise waiting for me. Its website is

This looks like interesting ^^

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