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O wow this site is is some serious need of moderation.....

Working on that... Somthing has changed trying to contact the management.

I are the management. ;)

It's pretty well moderated...or maybe I don't log i when spam threads are posted?

At any rate we just have to call more people to increase our forum members! ^O^

It's seems effective solution. I think they should give it a chance.

Reporting for duty sir.. Do you need my help?

check what out???????confused????

I don't actually see anything that's out of line.
It's more of a problem of too few posters.

WOW need a New Mod??

You can count on me boy ^^

I stopped in after about 6 months of not checking in on the place and found the front page full of blatantly advertising private servers and random posts like the two above.

It makes me miss Skullbreaker. :(

There are a lot of spam bots, but they seem to get taken care of.

I saw gold sellers here.. They should block their accounts.. Even in PM..

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