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Last thing you did in a game?

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Saxton Hale mod for the first time.
Found a Noble Assortment of Hats.
Played as Saxton a few times and only had to cap once.

Added a server to my favorites list.

Got tired of Dead Rising's horrible ally AI. Boss fights were fun, though.

I think I'm gonna take a break from the Xbox...

Warlords Battlecry2 again. YEAH MIX IT UP!

Saxton Hale server. My eccentric friend Daniel. A nearly full server.

For 6 hours.

My god, what fun that was. Amplifiers totally rape Hale/HHHJr/Vagineer when paired with a Soldier/Heavy and a regular dispenser.

@SirBryghtside: I'm afraid to do anything in that game because of the chance of perminately screwing up. I can't wait until I get my evil character and just stop giving a care.


Something akin to 7 straight hours of SAXTON HALE.


@Sir Bryghtside: New Vegas be loads better.

@oppp7: When it doubt, abuse the console.


Wait, I haven't played any video games today...

Well I played 1 pokemon battle to get out of the E4 and went to help an Escapist, but that's it.

New Vegas.
Mr. House's ending.
So much good.

@Sir Bryghtside: Don't soak it in too much.

Even though it may seem like everything is right as rain, it fucks the lore's logic center right in the frontal cortex.

Which will you choose?

-The Amazing Wop game.
-Assassin's Creed 2, where everyone is a stereotype.
-Assassin's Creed 2 wherein I killed some guards in between the obnoxiously long tutorial and fetch quests.

I'll go with green I guess...

TF2. Moar Saxton Hale mod.

@Sir Bryghtside: Basically, Fallout 3 is more of a fan-fiction than a canon game.

Enclave never that big. Brotherhood of Steel aren't the good guys. Shit doesn't take 200 years to begin picking up the pieces. Things like that.

If they gave out more items per week, I'd join you on TF2.

OT: But Pokemon is awesome too.

Played Heavy on TF2 and dominated the crap out of everybody.

Ninja Gaiden 2. The game is much easier with the scythe.

New Vegas.

After many tries, I can honestly now say that I managed to beat the Legendary Deathclaw without any cheats.


*manly flex*

@Portal Maniac: Gratz.

OT: EQ2X. My character now has a house, a carpenter job, and a shitload of quests.

New Vegas.

I honestly just noticed. I was a goody two-shoes from the beginning trying to do what I would actually do.

I decided to side with the Legion, and ever since then, I've noted that my behavior has swiftly gone from being a travelling good-doer to a downright asshole prick fucker.


@Portal Maniac: You should go as a neutral character. Mix it up with boring mediocrity!

OT: Pox Nora. Don't play many turn-based strategy games, so I figured I'd try this one. It's alright but I think I need to buy shit to play it for long (which I don't feel like doing).

Binged on Tf2 because my exams are over. :D

Still that turn-based combat game. I'm waiting for either Guild Wars' New Year thing or Pokemon B/W.

Dwarf Fortress.

Due to the recent loss of my hardware, I just crafted a steel axe and let my woodcutter equip it. Then the computer labs closed. Was a brand new fortress because of losing the rest to hardware.

Getting tired of starting over...

Pox Nora. I feel like I should play something else, if only to post something new on here.

Also, I'm starting to think less of Pokemon as a strategy game.

Both Pokemon Heart Gold and Mein Kraft.

So much to do. So much time.

@SirBryghtside: After seeing how good Koreans are at Starcraft, I'm not even gonna bother getting good at Starcraft.

@Portal Maniac: OMG do you have Deoxys?

OT: Waiting for numerous stuff on various games. The most likely order of updates: Guild Wars, Pox Nora, Pokemon.

Until then I'll play EQ2X, Dekaron, Pox Nora, and anything else that makes me feel like I wasted my life. Maybe I should start something cool...

@SirBryghtside: Oo, I can do one for several of the games I play. Then we can have a playdate with them and dress them in matching clothes and all kinds of stuff!

OT: You all know what I'm playing.

Blah blah Pox Nora...

What should I change my signature to?

Right now, Heart Gold.

Getting my ass handed to me by that fucking CHEATER of a rival.

@oppp7: Mais oui.

@Portal Maniac: I don't speak Japanese. :/

@SirBryghtside: It's a train coming in the opposite direction. Run.

OT: Dekaron. I have no idea why I play that game.

Mein Kraft.

Waiting for the grass to fully grow in my basement.

Because I like using grass as a carpet :3

@oppp7: C'était français, bête tête.

Trading crap on Pox Nora. Trade roulette is fun.

@Portal Maniac: La muchacha en la camisa rojo no esta bailando porque ella es blanco. (Think I may have messed that up but whatever)


'Nuff said.

@oppp7: "The girl in the red shirt not this dancing because she is white" wut

@Portal Maniac: It was supposed to be: "The girl in the red shirt isn't dancing because she is white."



Best Idea ever. Nearly complete too :D

@oppp7: Riiiiiiiiiight.....

Pox Nora.

@Portal Maniac: Why does everyone learn like 3-4 languages?

@Various polyglots: I know 1.01.

Has anyone else noticed that the front page thing updates slowly?

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