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Last thing you did in a game?

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Played a bit of split screen Blur.

Did the Pox Nora daily things. I think I'm going to go do something important now...

@SirBryghtside: I've ragequitted most of them.

OT: Pox Nora. Not sure what to do with my time.
: /

Helping a mate with compression blast.
Then gave a different mate a hat.

@oppp7: I only know 1.
Very limited in French.
And am borkedly learning Latin.

@Portal Maniac: Ya but pretty much everyone in the world knows more languages than I do and I have no idea why they learned them.

OT: Does anyone even care about the topic?

Fallout 1. Got shanked to death by a lesser mole rat. Holy shit that game is hard.

Yay for my awesome friends buying me games :3

@oppp7: Probably because the options are not learning a language and losing out because of it?

@Portal Maniac: I guess. Also, do you know how to search for scholarly sources? Everything that comes up on Google Scholar is either 1. Not a fucking link, 2. something that I need to pay for. I can see where scholarly sources would be a good idea, but from what I can tell the system is too fucked to be useful.

OT: Pox Nora.

Wow, it's almost been a year since this thread was started. Still going strong.

@orangebandguy: There aren't really any others to get on.

OT: Got 2 imps on Pox Nora. Can't wait for the next update so I won't move so slowly.

Beat another Pox Nora game with my new set up. Awesome.

[Insert generic TF2 event here]

@SirBryghtside: There's a white communications box on a pillar thing near him.

Talk to it, then a bridge will move to the BOAT.

Played a little Battlefield 2.

Mein Kraft.


Ees funneh to meh.

Working up the grind ladder. Woopee.

1. Preordered Portal 2.
2. ............... There's a pig riding my roller coaster in Mein Kraft.
3. ............................................................. Captchas. On WarCry.
Oh, this will go down well with any OLD oldies that visit.

@Portal Maniac: 1. Can't decide on the system to get that for.
2. Lead it into the lava.
3. Despite the fact that you have 20k posts, you could turn out to be a spambot.

OT: Various crap on Pox Nora, but I also built a few roller coasters myself in Roller Coaster Tycoon. I need to start crashing those things.

New Vegas. Tales of the Burning Sands, Chapter 2.
Dumbass needs to learn to program.

@oppp7: 1. Obviously, PC. If that fails, then get it on PS3, since it'll at LEAST have Steamworks running.
2. I don't feel like wasting all that iron I used on the track and carts though :/
3. Despite the fact that we're treated like fucking kids that can't act responsibly whatsoever?

Wrested the Dalian Plant from the Chinese PLA.

@Portal Maniac: 1. The problem is that while I would rather play it on PC because that's where everyone else will be, me and my sis normally play coop games together.
2. But if it goes into the lava you get fried bacon!
3. I asked the mods why they don't turn it off for high post counts but they never gave me a straight answer. My guess is that they're trying to get us to pay for that Pubclub crap.

OT: Pox Nora free to play update. Woot.

Mein Kraft.

Oh god, that giant hole is paying off SO hard now.
At LEAST 9 diamonds and over a dozen gold bars.

@oppp7: 1. PS3 then. Steamworks on the PS3 at least still means you'll get free updates and be able to play with the PC users.
2. No, I just lose a minecart and the pig disintegrates.
3. It seems as though that may be the case.
Eventually, it'll get to be there's so much SHIT blocking what used to be a totally equal free site that the options are leave, pay for it, or have to fill out the Captcha and write up a posting permission form in triplicate and wait for a week for the staff to respond to you giving you approval or not.

@Portal Maniac: 1. Don't have PS3.
2. But the bacon castle! How do you make it?
3. Probably. I'll go find the exact words.

OT: Pox Nora free to play update. Woot.


Maybe I'm misinterpretting it?

Moar Mein Kraft.

Only five or so layers of rock to go through before I hit bedrock in my big hole.

@oppp7: 1. Then go PC. 360 will NOT be worth it. Do you really want to play Portal with someone who just came out of Call of Duty screaming racist shit?
2. You don't.
3. Paraphrase: "Fuck you, we're doing this just to piss you off. Don't bitch to me about it unless you pay me, and even then I'll just smile and nod just to make you feel like you matter to us."

Went on rampage in SR2 to get them to send the SWAT against me. When they did that, I stole on of their Bears (APCs) and drove to a forgive and forget. From there I customized it and did a Brotherhood Stronghold.
Did it for my sister.

Tried and failed to recreate the Daft Punk pyramid in Gmod.

Tried and failed harder than an asexual hooker at trading for a Big Chief.
*le sigh*
I miss that hat...

@orangebandguy: Did you try using those new building materials?
Those are fun.

@Portal Maniac: Spam moar. You'll get that hat eventually.

OT: Been having fun grinding crap out of that Pox Nora update.

@Portal: Enjoying making jets at the moment.

Got an exotic in Pox Nora. Lich King woot.

Mein Kraft.
Making a tower of Nether portals in the middle of my huge hole.

@orangebandguy: Make a deathmobile!
Or better yet!

@oppp7: Doesn't matter how much I spam if no one wants my offers on it :S

@orangebandguy: Or a nuclear submarine!

@Portal Maniac: Maybe offer better crap?

@oppp7: I AM now.

Problem is, it's a good Heavy hat.
And there aren't really that many good Heavy hats.

Lol, Warcry's getting hit by a spammer.

@Portal Maniac: Ya, although I don't care for most hats.

OT: Pox Nora increased the gold drop rate. Woot.

Played Infected in Halo 3 with super speed.

@Minecrafters: You may have gotten SirBryghtside, but I'll never give in! I'll never play Minecraft goddammit!

OT: More and more Pox crap.

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