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Last thing you did in a game?

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A lot of spam bots recently.

New Vegas.
Dead Money is fun.

@orangebandguy: And that's what happens when the grave isn't sealed.
And now I'm experiencing 20/20 hindsight. Great.


@oppp7: I'm not getting any time soon.

@Portal Maniac: I liked Hipster Kitty before he sold out.

@orangebandguy: We should make a bunker for defense against Minecraft. WITHOUT using minecraft.

Something about New Vegas's DLC Dead Money.

Don't remember exactly what, seeing as how I've been working my ass off with my physics class.
Physics stands for phun.

@SirBryghtside: Doesn't beat a way I died once.

Got LOTS of gold and LOTS of diamond. LOTS of LOTS of LOTS of coal & iron.
Saw a lava pit.
Saw gold nearby it.
Dug for the gold, and one gold area let out a wall of lava.
Unfortunately, I was right next to it, and I had dug myself into a pit.

By by sexy stuff.

@SirBryghtside: NOOOOOO!!!!1!

@Portal Maniac: The diamonds are now failure!

Dead Money still.

Yup. I'm being a blatant asshole to Christine.

@oppp7: This failure is now diamonds.

@SirBryghtside: Lapis Lazuli is useless unless you like dying wool, redstone's ONLY use is electronics (which can be fun if you know how to use them), and save the diamond. Make a pickax with it. ONLY way to mine Obsidian.

Still Pox Nora. Soon it will be Pokemon, and I'll go missing for a few weeks.

@Portal Maniac: That doesn't make science. You have to make science here.

About 3 seconds of Solitaire.

@oppp7: Please don't mention science around me for a few weeks.

Fucking science project...

@oppp7: Bite me.

@Portal Maniac: *Zombie attacks*

Didn't play anything, but I wrote a review of a game!

@oppp7: You know what I mean.

@Portal Maniac: Actually, I'm not sure where the expression "bite me" is directed to. The ass? I should probably go wiki that.

Also where's that review?

OT: Pox Nora's getting old, and with Pokemon still a week away from when I can get it I'll have to find something else to do. Maybe Guild Wars?

Ya, I probably should have checked there.

OT: I might give in and try the free version of Minecraft.

Not necessarily something you'd want the librarian to see you playing or something >//>

@oppp7: Derp

Oh, how silly of me to not realize.

OT: Team Fortress 2 on a furry server. I found out I like mic spammers.



@oppp7: Was it the idle pool server? ;3

@Portal Maniac: I don't think so. Not sure. Favorated it though.

OT: I tried the Minecraft Classic thing. It was alright I guess but pretty much a pointless time waster like I thought.

TF2. Half-idling.

Then the server crashed :x

@oppp7: You need to play on the idle pool server.

It's.... awesome ;3

Played medieval (fuck I can't spell) on TF2 and conveniently got the Eyelander for achievements while playing.

@Portal Maniac: Maybe, but I'm not sure what that is. And TnT needs to work right in Classic mode. What's the point of it if it acts like everything else?


@oppp7: Just join me up when I go to it.

Then immediately rejoin the server. It has issues and doesn't load properly the first time you go to it.

@Portal Maniac: I might try that but not sure.

OT: TF2. I love the Brass thing.

TF2. Played a few good games, such as the Pacman map, the zepplin race, and an all spy match.

Then I got the Riftwalker achievement and a well spun hat code for fuck all. I'm going to check on that before I get blamed for some hackery BS.

Honestly, I have no idea :x

@oppp7: Unless you plan on buying/already own Rift, then it's fuck-all useless.
Robin gives me a disappoint with all these pointless promotional items that have absolutely NO connection to Valve except for someone working on TF2 thinks it might be fun.

How was the all-Spy match? Revolvers or knives?

@Portal Maniac: Both. I did poorly but got to disguise as friendly pyros to get the other team angry at me going as a different class.

OT: I'm pretty sure the For your Eyes Only achievement is glitched. I sohuld have gotten it like 3 times now.

TF2 rage. Oh god the rage.
I traded my Madame Dixie for some refined. Used that in conjunction with a Heavy emblem.
Looks terrible. Want to trade.
Friend gives me shit hat he doesn't want. Glimmer of hope.
Craft the two together.

@Portal Maniac: On that subject...

OT: TF2. Went to the 24/7 medival server. They were using weird shit that made achievements impossible. Wasted like 3 hours trying in vain.

At least the Spy got a good hat.

Edit: Even though the rest of the new items are meh. Seriously Valve, WTF is with the melee weapons?

Well, after weeks of not playing, I killed the Leviathan in Dead Space. What a triumphant moment it was. Right until I got killed in an elevator.

Tried playing CSS because I'm getting tired of TF2 and got all this week's items. Holy shit! And people say Halo has an awful fanbase...

Then it was some Torchlight. I think I need something else to do.

Edit: Crafted the knight hat for Medic then played Diablo 2 from Duriel to Harrogoth in a few hours. And been playing my OP druid ever since.

New Vegas.

Then it crashed.

Just the cherry on top for this fucking great day.

@oppp7: Gimme

@Portal Maniac: If I get another you can have it for free.

OT: And went full circle back to Duriel again in D2. I'm now at Kurast. Damn that hurricane skill is hilarious.

Can I use something that isn't a game?
Cause singing along with Voltaire is pretty fun right now :3

@oppp7: As if that's going to happen in this decade.

About to kill Baal in Nightmare difficulty. I've gotten farther than I've ever gotten in Diablo 2.

@Portal: You never know.

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