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Last thing you did in a game?

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TF2 stuff, I think.

I just found out civilians still survive :D

@oppp7: Statistics say otherwise.

LOL got warned for being a grumpy old man. Fuck y'all. If it's a crime to fucking swear and raise points in the same sentence, then why do you still willingly employ Mr. Croshaw?

@Portal: Statistics are meaningless. Haven't you been listening to everyone on the internet? That's why I don't trust stuff saying X amount of people died from source Y. It's all statistics, which we all know is the asshole of mathematics, second only to sociology in terms of pointlessness. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go smoke while making fun of other cultures.

OT: TF2. I left my favorite server for like 4 days and when I came back it was full of powergaming assclowns.


Idle server and some stuff. Bust being a civilian and all that :3

@oppp7: You forget my ace in the hole, however.

Valve time.
That is all.



It's always fun when you turn the tables on them :P

@Portal: The righteous fury is too awesome.


New Vegas!

Followed by a sexy crash.

Pokemon again.

Messing around with lights on gmod.

Why doesn't this thread appear on the front anymore?

I think they sunk it.

Been done (mostly) with Black so I'm gonna try Sim City 3k. Was playing Caesar 3 earlier. Wow that game is irritating with the horrible AI.

Played some Half Life 1 before I had to leave my friend's place.

Man.... that was an awesome time we had.

Goddamn garbage disposal malarky. I should probably learn how to play that game.

Pokemon Heart Gold.

FINALLY took out the Kimono girls and Ho-Oh.

Now to get stuck at the Elite 4.

@oppp7: It's as simple as they get.

WASD, mouse-clicking, f if you want some flashlight action, r if you don't like auto-reload, e to use dat shit, and scroll wheel to change weapons if you're adventurous.

@Portal: Lolwut? I'm playing Sim City 3k.

OT: Typing this sentence I'm grinding up most of my pokemon to get all the species in B/W.

Oh, I dunno. I'm just going with TF2 since it sounds about right.

@oppp7: Derp. Sounded like you were referring to Half Life :x

Diablo 2. The core gameplay is fast paced, easy, and fun, but there are so many issues that I think I'm done with it. And maybe even the series if they don't change things in 3.

Trollin with spy on Tf2 surf servers.

Thank the gaben for the Dead Ringer.


Some idiot traded me a reclaimed, the Warrior's Spirit, and an extra weapon for my Mad Milk.

Some people, I tell ya....


Tried Dwarf Fortress. I did... bad, I guess? Man, I can't tell. I still haven't read everything so I have no idea how good/bad I'm doing. And the graphics don't help with that...

Plus I skipped one of the starting steps so now my characters don't have many skills/I have several cats.


That overhaul mod is still making my eyes ejaculate with pleasure. Balmora looks like an actual JUNGLE town, not a desert town.

@Portal: Where were you? I got abandonment issues.

OT: I got the max survivor title in about 3 days. First time in several years my main got a new title. 3 away from GWAMM.

Heart Gold.

FINALLY got that fucking Growlith a Fire Stone.

@oppp7: Living a life.

Guild Wars

Goddammit WiK...

Haven't been able to, taking too long on this project BS.

On my way to Caesar's Legion's main camp in NV.

TF2 on the Vs. Saxton Hale server.

It's probably the first time I've played in a remotely serious server in months.

WBC2 again. Leveling my dwarf slowly. Aside from these last 2 matches I haven't played any video games since Saturday.

Joined the Grey Wardens in DA:Origins with my mage: Magnus.

Zaishen vanqed Shattered Ravines for half a gold Z-coin.

I'd be surprised if anyone understood that.

TF2 on the Vs. Saxton Hale server again.

Realized I suck as:

Scout (big time)
Soldier (big time)
Demoman (slightly less big time)
Heavy when there isn't an Amplifier or Medic ubering me
Engineer on more than half the maps ESPECIALLY when I'm the only one
Medic EVERY fucking time I try to get an uber ready with the Blutsauger
Spy (oh god so very much)

WBC 2. I hate dwarves.

HL2: Episode 1


*waits on Episode 2 to download*

More Zoo Tycoon 2 for some reason. They need to make a 3rd one.

HL2 Episode 2.

Funny. Didn't even see Ramirez once.

@SirBryghtside: Grats.
Mysterious Stranger is great if you use VATS a lot. And if you're one who is picky with ammo, try to find the schematics for the Rock-it Launcher. So fun when you stock it with empty syringes and fire them into a Super Mutant's brain >:D

@oppp7: :0

I'm not ravenous for it NAO. I have patience, but I can understand why people are so angry over its lengthy development.

@Portal: Pretty much.

OT: Might take a break from Zoo Tycoon 2. Not sure what to do now.

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