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Last thing you did in a game?

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I managed to get most of the Fable 2 achs myself. I was hungry for gamerscore back then I even did the boring ones like become level 5 at a job.

Heh, that was one of the easier ones. Plus it gave me a good start on the money based achievements.

OT: Too Human doesn't seem too bad. Kinda grindy, but not too horrible. Got enough achievements that I will now move onto Fallout 3.

Attempted to play TF2 with Fat Man Spoon.
Apparently, 5:00 is when all British people go into comas. OR ELSE.

@orangebandguy: Gee, if you WANTED a Bonk Helm you could've just asked __

Portal Maniac:
Attempted to play TF2 with Fat Man Spoon.
Apparently, 5:00 is when all British people go into comas. OR ELSE.

@orangebandguy: Gee, if you WANTED a Bonk Helm you could've just asked __

Random craft my boy.

And I'm only up because I just can't sleep.

There are very few games I don't like, and I'm surprised as hell that Fallout 3 fell into it. I think it's a mix of things, such as I can't get achievements the way I want to (wandering around the wasteland killing stuff), or that after every fight or 2 I need to run back to heal somewhere, or that I run out of carrying space too quickly. I might be playing it wrong, though.

That said, I did enjoy the tutorial, where I mostly screwed with the game for my own sick amusement.

Various New Vegas stuff. Trying to get idolized in the NCR before I continue with Mr. House anymore.
Trying to get THE perfect ending I can with his route. He has his shit together, unlike the rest of the world.

@oppp7: Achievement-wise, well, no help there. New Vegas doesn't have that many quest-achievements though.
Healing, you're playing it wrong. Try getting behind cover instead of standing in front of minigun fire while trying to get a headshot. And use the appropriate weapon. Shotgun outside, nogo. And the .32 pistol sucks all around. No use whatsoever.
Carrying space, get more strength. Or wear power armor. Or stop trying to carry five sets of armor and every gun you find.

Ya, I'm pretty sure the problem is that I'm a miser who collects everything I find and tries to keep one of every gun type. Plus I try not to waste ammo and end up shott to hell. I might just remake a character with nothing but medical and small arms stats, tell melee and heavy weapons to fuck off, and speed run the damn thing. Is there a way to run faster?

OT: Played through FEAR, thought it was pretty good but the achievements are insane/multiplayer, and went on to Ninja Gaiden 2. Then got my ass handed to me by several bosses. On the lowest difficulty.

More New Vegas stuff. Primarily with Boone right now, the emo bastard.

@oppp7: Outside of console commands, just run around naked. Without a weapon drawn.

How do I give them a rainbow mohawk? I can't run around naked without a rainbow mohawk. It's tradition.

OT: Beat Ninja Gaiden 2. Shit that game was hard. I can't imagine what the top difficulty is.

Got bored of Dustbowl on TF2.

I almost never see any of the original maps on TF2 anymore.

OT: Beat the dinosaur stabbing game Turok and played a 1v1 multiplayer game (won it). Now I'm playing Legendary.

Dynasty Warriors 4 FUCK YEA

Tried playing Dead Rising but got irritated when I had to restart twice and started playing Eat Lead. Funny.

I believe it may have been a spot of Dynasty Warriors again.

It's been a while since I played anything.

Played through Quake 4 and some of GRAW.

I estimate that within the last few weeks I've shot every gun in existance.

Saxton Hale mod for the first time.
Found a Noble Assortment of Hats.
Played as Saxton a few times and only had to cap once.

Added a server to my favorites list.

Got tired of Dead Rising's horrible ally AI. Boss fights were fun, though.

I think I'm gonna take a break from the Xbox...

I tried the super gravitron on VVVVVV. I think I'm getting better...

Hooray for shameless plugs!

Warlords Battlecry2 again. YEAH MIX IT UP!

Saxton Hale server. My eccentric friend Daniel. A nearly full server.

For 6 hours.

My god, what fun that was. Amplifiers totally rape Hale/HHHJr/Vagineer when paired with a Soldier/Heavy and a regular dispenser.

Started Fallout 3.

It's OK, but... a little unclear at times.

@SirBryghtside: I'm afraid to do anything in that game because of the chance of perminately screwing up. I can't wait until I get my evil character and just stop giving a care.


Something akin to 7 straight hours of SAXTON HALE.


@Sir Bryghtside: New Vegas be loads better.

@oppp7: When it doubt, abuse the console.

Crafted Your Eternal Reward, proceeded to screw around as Spy for hours.

@Portal: I played a little bit more, and it's good fun if you don't bother with any major quests. Wandering around is awesome!


Wait, I haven't played any video games today...

Well I played 1 pokemon battle to get out of the E4 and went to help an Escapist, but that's it.

New Vegas.
Mr. House's ending.
So much good.

@Sir Bryghtside: Don't soak it in too much.

Even though it may seem like everything is right as rain, it fucks the lore's logic center right in the frontal cortex.

@Portal: I have no idea what you just said.

But I'll keep it in mind :P

Made someone leave StarCraft 2 - I wasn't really getting any army, but when they send in their billion man armies against my tiny defence...

They're usually the ones running home crying >:)

Which will you choose?

-The Amazing Wop game.
-Assassin's Creed 2, where everyone is a stereotype.
-Assassin's Creed 2 wherein I killed some guards in between the obnoxiously long tutorial and fetch quests.

I'll go with green I guess...

TF2. Moar Saxton Hale mod.

@Sir Bryghtside: Basically, Fallout 3 is more of a fan-fiction than a canon game.

Enclave never that big. Brotherhood of Steel aren't the good guys. Shit doesn't take 200 years to begin picking up the pieces. Things like that.

If they gave out more items per week, I'd join you on TF2.

OT: But Pokemon is awesome too.

Played Heavy on TF2 and dominated the crap out of everybody.

Ninja Gaiden 2. The game is much easier with the scythe.

Morrowind. Went around Tamriel Rebuilt for a bit.

New Vegas.

After many tries, I can honestly now say that I managed to beat the Legendary Deathclaw without any cheats.


*manly flex*

@Portal Maniac: Gratz.

OT: EQ2X. My character now has a house, a carpenter job, and a shitload of quests.

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