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Last thing you did in a game?

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Well, looks like this thread is still around, for now. Now, let's see if this works...

EDIT: Ah, there we go. Well, for OT, derped around in Contra 3. I suck at it and could barely make it past the first level, as usual. XD

Testing... testing... we have lift off. Wonder will happen to Warcry now?

Oh god what the hell is this fuck I don't even

Also Dark Souls I guess
Soul level 1 playthrough fun

More Diablo 2. Still fucked up. Speaking of, is this page being covered by ads for anyone else?

I test-ran New Vegas to see if it's even working still
Surprisingly the launcher did not crash

@oppp7: T'would not be wise for me to answer that

My eyes are still bleeding from this site

Also replaying New Vegas to reassess who I think the best overall choice is
Currently doing NCR playthrough, gonna do a House and Independent playthrough next.
Preeeeetty sure it's safe to rule out Legion as not the best ever :V

Bought Surgeon Simulator 2013 since it was on sale for $7 and looked like hella fun.

Do not worry sir I am a professional

@SirBryghtside: Ahhh yus, I loved Twilight Princess sooooo much. I think it might be my favorite Zelda game evar.

Haven't even had a chance to play it in years, so I've forgotten most of everything. What squares you talking about?

Surgeon Simulator 2013.

I did a heart transplant IN SPACE :D

@SirBryghtside: Ohhhhh, THOSE squares.

Yes, I REALLY loved what they did with the whole twilight world thing.

Fucking amazing art design period. Even moreso when you remember it's only Gamecube.

For completely unrelated reason, I am also going back to Vvardenfell.

Decided to mix things up and to actually use magic :o

I went Breton because I don't want my shit wrecked by other mages. Which they will still wreck my shit.

In Morrowind I've gotten up to... Conjuror, I think? Conjuror in the Mages Guild.
If I recall correctly, my latest duty is to go to Molag Mar and kill a necromancer.

Also League of Legends
The ARAM thingy they updated has gotten me to actually play with my friends on real matches

More Pox Nora and Neopets. Everyone else is playing all these interesting games and I'm just screwing around with the same thing I was doing years ago. I think I have a problem.

Morrowind some more. Joined the Imperial Cult to help buff up my skills since I'm being roadblocked in the Mages Guild by them.

Also, while I was exploring the Odai Plateau for some marshmarrow, I noticed something vaguely different shaped in the ground. I thought it was like am alembic or something.

Turned out to be the hilt of an ebony shortsword
I laughed :3

Playing Terraria because a friend got it for me a couple weeks ago

So far, I've killed the Eye of Cthulu, the Eater of Worlds, and Skeletor.
Wearing me a meteorite suit with a space gun and other magic shenanigans, and just now got me a molten pickax.

Since my last post, it's been almost Skyrim nonstop.
Got to level 50 for the first time ever today. Had my guaranteed glitched encounter with Alduin (srsly, no matter what I do on any playthrough, he will ALWAYS be 100% invulnerable). On the path to liberating Skyrim from the Stormcloaks, dealt with Mercer and am restoring the Thieve's Guild, killed off the Dark Brotherhood, cured Kodlak and myself of Lycanthropy, may or may not be waiting to murder Anaconda at Winterhold, got both Elder Scrolls for the Dawnguard now (fuck the Soul Cairn to infinity and beyond), and have yet to even consider stepping foot on the ship to Solstheim.

I've been a busy bugger.

Killed Harkon, killed Serana's vampirism, killed Anaconda, killed the Stormcloaks at everywhere but Windhelm, killed a lot of my quests.

Next up: Kill Ulfric Cowardcloak, kill [follower] to appease Boethia, kill Parthurnaax, kill Alduin, and then go off to Solstheim to kill things.

More or less did everything I can on Solstheim. Still have a few bits of housekeeping to pull off before I'm done-done there, but for the most part I should be good.

Main questline for it feels less of the Dragonborn doing things, and more of Hermaeus Mora doing things while you're in his presence.

After cleaning up my room and shit since my new PC desk arrived yesterday (it's sex-tastic, by the by), I found my old Pokemon Diamond copy. It says I hadn't played it since December of 2010. Yikes.

So I deleted the save (it was pretty much boring end-game anyways) and decided to play through using Pokemon that I've never really thought of using much. Chose Turtwig, Psyduck, and Geodude up to the first gym battle so far.

Played some League with a friend and his friend, who had just started playing a week ago.

Helping him get into the game as of now.

Playing some Feed the Beast with a couple friends of mine. We're using the Mindcrack pack.

Holy mother of zeppelin, Batman, those fuckers are hard to control

More Feed the Beast.

I made me a big manor made of all the different types of wood I have in the middle of a swamp. Found a testificate village to the north, so I went up there and zombie proofed it.
Just call me Mayor Goodrich.

@SirBryghtside: Bitch please

Moar League. Played with friends. Thoroughly stomped the first game, got utterly stomped the second.
Totally because I wasn't Astronautilus. Calling it now.

And why isn't Spirit Guard Udyr out yet I want it so badly oh god why

Went back to Borderlands 2 on an impulsive whim after purchasing Krieg and Tiny Tina's Dragonborn Murderbridge.

In short:

Krieg is OP-ass motherfucker bicycle
Tiny Tina's Tower Defense Bloodbath is amazing and has the best ending evar

Got me Spirit Guard Udyr the moment I woke up after finding out it's live

I do not regret this purchase whatsoever

Bought, played, and completed Metro Last Light. Excellent game; just yes.

Then I found out that it comes with a free copy of Metro 2033 the book, so I'm reading that through at the moment. What I've read so far is excellent (other than translation issues, but those are only minor).

@SirBryghtside: The entire Steam community market just utterly baffles me. People are actually buying this shit.

I made a solid $15 during the sale from selling cards and TF2 stuff, then bought my friend Kerbal just because he wanted it. With the free money.
It's so silly.

While reading through Metro 2033, I decided to play through the game side-by-side while doing so.

What I learned is that they're so vastly different, they can hardly be called the same thing. I mean dayum.

Also I might be reading Game of Thrones now k

@SirBryghtside: If you go for Last Light, you'll definitely need to turn that shit down (and disable Physx which is active on default for some raisin; it's super extremely intensive).

Imagine 2033, then make all the good things better, and the bad things good (especially the awkward 3rd-person cutscene stuff, the war-born looking eyes, and general awkwardness like that). Honestly it makes 2033 look mediocre compared to it.

Did some League with my friends and had a rather hilarious joke-game with them

We were a premade of 4 all on Skype and were matched up with a random person. We all pretended to take normal characters and such (Draven, Taric, etc) at first. Then, once the random declared their roll and locked in, we all said in the team chat "THE LORD HAS CHOSEN!" and picked similar roles with the same summoner spells.

Ended up as the random picking Vi, so we went Wukong, Darius, Sion, and Pantheon at the last second. So many lulz were had.

We all bought exactly what the Vi was buying for items, and only those items, and throughout the entire game we were saying things like "Excellent decision, my lord!" and "We shall burn these heretics, my lord!" and "I HAVE FAILED YOU MY LORD!" when I was we were dying a wee bit

Fired up Dark Souls again because a friend is getting into it now.

It makes me so sad ;~;
EDIT: Those fragments in the middle are spoilers you can open, trust me
Dammit Kross

Beat Dark Souls again. Kindled every bonfire to max, got as much shit done as I could, I even beat Kalameet for the first time ever!

Plus I lost a good 100,000 souls in NG+ because embarrassing failure. Good times.

And now classes have begun for me (today in fact), so I'm likely to not be having much updates other than League of Legends shenanigans for a good while.

Been playing A Machine for Pigs when I've had the time and also night (not often together).

I imagine I'm 1/2 - 2/3 of the way through. So far:

The Dark Descent >>>>>>>>>>>> Machine of Pigs
I won't ever buy another China Room game


Kinda did the Saints Row 4 thing

Better than what I expected and surprisingly enough ties back into the last three games pretty well

Still disappointed by the entire lack of even mentioning half the new folks of the last game though

My friend bought me Jarvan IV out of the blue yesterday.

So far my favorite thing about him is:

Flash! E! Q! ULTIMATE!

A mix of Bioshock 2 and Surgeon Sim 2013 again

I like how my absolute rarest achievement on my entire Steam profile..... is for flipping a spoon.

Terrarrarrarrarria with the new update stuff.

My friend has gotten me some stupid overpowered gear from super-hard-mode that I don't even know how to begin to get, so I've made a second character to do the game strictly single-player mode.

The single player is on the largest world possible. I've got the corruption stuff on either side of my tiny winter biome.
I regret nothing.

I beat the Elite Four.
..... In Diamond.

The thing I hate most about Diamond/Pearl is the fucking level jump between 8th badge and Elite Four.
It's only 15-20 levels of increase from the last trainer you fight prior to it

Beat 'em. Off to the island now.

Stark Mountain HO!

@SirBryghtside: Is it giving your entire party shared EXP or something

Because that sounds stupid

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