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Last thing you did in a game?

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Dunno. Been a couple days. School started, and 4 AP classes at once is a fucking gift from god.

I think it was New Vegas on my evil as fuck OP from the start character. Dead Money, I think?

Just a weeeee bit of Minecraft for now. Finished deciding on the ceiling material for one of the floors in my citadel.

Currently downloading that Half Life 2 mod, The Stanley Parable. Maybe I'll be able to play that tomorrow if I don't get skullfucked by school....

Team Fortress 2.

Mostly just idling. Because I've been too busy with school and probably will be this weekend for any actual game time.

Did some Mein Kraft.

Mostly just expanding my diamond mine, now that I have a super-special-secret way to get to it in my citadel now. You won't believe how many gold ingots I got yesterday....

50+ :O

@SirBryghtside: Happy birfday

Technically, it was TF2.

Collecting items to give to Micah for his graduation present, since I can't really get him anything else.

Otherwise, it was Minecraft. FINALLY got the last bit of gold for the Temple of Mook.

TF2. Looking around for a decent Medieval server.

Sweet. Fucking. Christ. Terrible games.

It was either bad free to play people going "where's my gun" or bots that dick around inside the castle and do fuck all else.

This thread is STILL going? x)

Oh you guys.

OT: Levelling my pally in WoW.

@Sir: How's it all going here? I take it you and Portal are the only ones still rambling around the place?

Finished a dungeon on WoW.


Mostly just fooling around with a friend after testing the trade notifications.

He claims I am OP as fuck when I play Demo. Even when I'm 100% Demoknight and he's got a sentry.
Figure THAT one out.

@orangebandguy: Yessir.

@Portal: New demoknight is OP as fuck regardless.

@Sir: They have itemless servers? :'D


Idling for more Micah items. And getting Strange Rocket Lawn Chair kills too.

@orangebandguy: Doesn't matter if I'm Demoknight or vanilla.

He still calls me OP as fuck when I Demo.

@SirBryghtside: They run extremely fast, are bloody hard to get sniped, and they have a high damage output when they take people by surprise and can run off without a scratch if they know how to evade.

If they know how to deal with Soldiers and sentries, then they can rape pretty much any other class.

Portal 2.

Played through about a dozen custom maps. Some were actually pretty well thought out.

@SirBryghtside: A perfect Sniper is called an aimbot.
And even then, they're far from deadly. While they pick off other people, enemy Snipers track them to take them out.

Not to mention, Snipers are squishy.
A perfect Demo, on the other hand....


Played a bit on the Saxton Hale server after what seems like a month of hiatus thanks to school. Not bad, but could be a LOT better...

Also, crafted Micah's Medic hat. Got a Picklebauble, so I traded that for a Mountain Cap, then that for the Geisha Boy.

Now I need tags for it :3

The last game I played was Sims Social and the last thing I did in that game was to let my Sims repair a damaged stereo.

Civilization V.

I was beating the shit out of Japan with Alexander the Great giving me backup and ohmygodwhendiditgetsolate

@SirBryghtside: You actually got ripped off, sadly. Those weapons only go for either a newish random weapon or a scrap.

Civilization V.

This..... is going to be the main test for my GPA before Christmas time. I just wasted 5 hours D:

Echo Bazaar,

I stopped a street urchin from burning books. I feel pretty happy with myself for the day.

Although it's not the most exciting action to take I suppose


Mostly just looking at the new torch lighting things and updated my Romecraft texture pack.

Wow, the Nether stuff changed a lot from my last update.
REALLY makes the street lights look pretty awesome, though.

I have acquired Paper Mario on this PC.

All arguments about the superior gaming system are now obsolete, as the obvious answer is now apparent.

@SirBryghtside: I don't always play Heavy without a Medic..... but when I do, I prefer the Family Business. The extra shots REALLY come in handy when you've got that much health and gunning on the go.

If any of the Polycount packs should've had a set bonus, it probably would have been the Black Market Business set. The weapons actually seem like they synch up well with each other, and I think that a health cut with a speed bonus would've really make that set awesome. After all, the weapons revolve around fast, quick attacks out of nowhere. How better to do that than to move quick but have a lot less health?


Tried out a couple of custom maps. Check my Steam screenshots for the longer one.

@SirBryghtside: It's not pirating if I owned it. Because then, it's technically just transferring the property I already have onto a different medium just to keep it relevant in today's fast-paced technological world.

So no, perfectly legal. Albeit clunky as fuck with a keyboard.

Minecraft. Went onto one of my local servers and found the map had been changed.

Challenge accepted.

Oh god a creeper oh god fall damage oh god lava everywhere oh god ENDERMEN

@SirBryghtside: Toldya so

New Vegas.

Getting my characters ready for Lonesome Road tomorrow :3



I was wandering around on low health and hypo but with hundreds of dollars.

Vending machines. That is all.

Finished Lonesome Road.

Pretty good ending, I think. Feels..... weird finally having that 4-DLC-long story wrapped up.

@SirBryghtside: It's upside down.

Portal Maniac:
Finished Lonesome Road.

Pretty good ending, I think. Feels..... weird finally having that 4-DLC-long story wrapped up.

@SirBryghtside: It's upside down.

All the New Vegas DLC plots tie together? That's cool, I've played NV on and off but haven't jumped on any of the DLC yet.

$2 Alpha Protocol on steam for the weekend. It's alright, definitely not full-price good imo though.

Replayed Uncharted 1&2 for my fiance to watch and for fun. Bioshock 1&2 and Half-Lifes are next probably, for my own enjoyment of course.

Rift continually fails at holding my interest for any sufficient amount of time, and now that DC:UO is going F2P I might cancel my sub.

Happy SW:TOR finally has an official release date. Now they just have to stick to it and let me in beta so I can decide if the game is even worth my time/money.

Got to keep myself busy until RAGE and Dark Souls, ya know?

Moar New Vegas.

Automatically the saddest DLC ever. In existence. Possible.

If you explore and have Wild Wasteland, at least.

@Chi: Yeah, to an extent.

In Dead Money, a badass battle between you and a guy vaguely hinted at is talked about in the end credits.

Honest Hearts, a bit of background about said vague guy, turns out to be a courier. From this, you also could connect him to a certain major plot point to the entire game.

Old World Blues, you actually hear his voice on a couple holotapes (oh gawd sexy), learn how shit flew down so bloody hard in Dead Money, and fills in a lot of unknowns of the DLCs in general if you pay attention.

Lonesome Road, it finally concludes with the stranger, with all the other DLCs mentioned or referenced a few times throughout it. Mostly Old World Blues, because that DLC revolves around a huge factor for a lot of shit.

But they're not just slop a bunch of unrelated stuff together like most other games. Far from it. Each have their own thing, but are quite interconnected.

Well, I went to Eurogamer today, so...

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Heck Yeah!

Started off with an Argonian called Prisonyyyer (because I couldn't understand the XBox keyboard thingy to give him a proper name[which would have been AWESOMSAUR], and then realised I was wasting time). Equipped Iron Armour, war axe in right hand and iron sword in left hand, then ran out, before dying of fall damage after jumping off a waterfall :P

Went back tot the last save, started exploring. Found a town with a farm in and murdered a cow and a chicken - then got attacked by the owner, who I quickly dispatched. Went along a bit and found a person in a house, then talked to her. She got to 'I'm just an old wo-' before I murdered her too :D

Then I went along, aware that my time was running out (we only got 15 minutes) and found a tower filled with bandits, then killed them. Went along a bit, and got to the edge of a mountain, where I paused for a while just to take in the view, because it was so damn beautiful.

Then I got tapped on the shoulder, and my time was up.

Skyrim is awesome. End of.

That's pretty much what every preview I've read from magazines/websites was. I'll probably have to reign in my uncontrollable urge to download hundreds of add-ons so I can actually play Oblivion before Skyrim. I think I've only ever done 3 or 4 of the quests in the main storyline.

Played a bit of Paper Mario, I believe.

Just got out of Boo's Mansion, going off to investigate Tubba Blubba with Bow :3

@SirBryghtside: "-People really do look good - not hyper realistic, but very far from the Uncanny Valley."

Skyrim is now 100% better than its predecessors.
*slides it up to the top of his Steam wishlist*

TF2. Went trading around a bit.

Sold a duplicate Portal 2 Pin (you know, something that a LOOOOOOT of people got from, you know, Portal 2) for 3 refined.

Crafted that shit together for a Napper's Respite for Micah, and only another reclaimed away from crafting a seconds hat :3

Not sure if I should post this since I'm an outsider, but whatever.
Dragonsphere walked out a door and then it crashed -_-
Also I just noticed there is more spam than actual comments in a day in this place, that's kinda sad.


Decided to play on a serious server for once. Thunder Mountain as a Demoman.

Quickly topped the scoreboard on EITHER team. After a couple of rounds, the drop system showed its approval.


Friend found a Trophy Belt. Gave it to me for the Micah fund. Traded that for an Engie Cap.
Friend crafted a Gatsby. Gave it to me for the Micah fund.
Couldn't find ANYONE interested in those two, so I crafted them together.

Got a Milkman that's begging for an innuendo from me now :3

Oh, and I now have a strange shotgun & wrench.

Trying to trade the wrench for a strange grenade/sticky launcher or Medigun.

Paper Mario.

Finding the little Yoshis on Lavalava Island.

@SirBryghtside: It varies. Can go anywhere from a reclaimed to several refined.

Depends on how stingy the seller is. Typically straight-from-the-crate sellers want refined+ to pay off their investment.

Portal 2. Did the co-op DLC with a friend of mine.

TOTALLY didn't see that ending coming :v

Paper Mario. Just entered Bowser's Castle.

Realized a decent plot-hole for that section there. Why can't Mario just, you know, take the star boat thing up to where Bowser broke into the castle at the very flippin' beginning? The hole's still there, for Christ's sake!

@SirBryghtside: Seems that I'm starting to rub off on you. Doesn't beat my ultimate scam though.

Sold a Scout and Medic Mask from the Halloween update (like, a couple months after it was over) and a reclaimed for a vintage Medic Mirror.

That's right. Two worthless pieces of trash and a reclaimed for a vintage set-stylish Medic hat.

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