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Last thing you did in a game?

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@SirBryghtside: Just so you know....

You could probably get a refined out of that Eyelander if you try to sell it on the right server. Melee unusuals like that tend to be REALLY hot.

Don't care about games.

Have 3 seasons of Dr. Who downloaded.

Tennant just got in.


@SirBryghtside: Actually, you'd probably be able to get a 1:1 trade for either of those.


Finally fixed that invisible water shit and got me some shinier textures to help take my mind off of the clunky UI that I pray isn't remotely in Skyrim.


Planescape: Torment. Walked through the portal out of the crone's maze into I have no idea where, then stopped playing for the night.


I also was not particularly fond of Bioshock.


Mostly just testing out the two or three strange weapons I've just acquired.

Medigun and Grenade Launcher. They'll be Hale's Own for me in no time, seeing as how they're Medic and Demo weapons :3

Restarted Dark Souls maybe 10-15 times now, still having fun each time.

Portal Maniac:

Finally fixed that invisible water shit and got me some shinier textures to help take my mind off of the clunky UI that I pray isn't remotely in Skyrim.


Watch one of the E3 '11 Demos and you should get a good look at the UI, in-game and in the menus. Personally, I'm a fan.

Went on tf2, finally unfucked my loadouts after this Manniversary thing.

They finally put the medic stahlhelm into the game. :'D

Still Planescape: Torment. Freed the Deva, walked through yet another portal into an even worse place than last time.

Oblivion. Working around for Umbacanno.

With my absolute-mage character. Apprentice High-Elf with only magic schools as major skills.


TF2: I have reliable internet again! I can play some TF2! *game crashes*


Just going through Hackdirt to save that one gir-




Both times I got the costume bits, they were in hell so they were the haunted versions.

LUCKILY before I realized how valuable they are, I was pretty much scammed for just two regular bits for each. Go me.

@SirBryghtside: God damn you.

You've made me remember to look for a height mod. Now my work on the Citadel will become ridiculous :/

@SirBryghtside: Eh, it's a progression of sorts.

It started with me building a log cabin on top of a mountain.
Then I made a basement.
Then the top and basement expanded.
Then I cleared out the mountain, leaving a giant pillar of stone to hollow out.
Then I added 3 floors inside of that hollowing out.

It just keeps growing and growing, and eventually it'll be looking over a little city type deal.

Link to screenshots
I've already changed it up a bit from there, too.


Found a gift farming server. THAT ACTUALLY TOOK TURNS.

Fuck yes.

@SirBryghtside: You totally ought to make a prism roof for that deal. Two sides slanting inward with the other two going straight up in a triangle shape. Then have a church-like spire on the end towards the main entrance.

Oblivion. Doing the Daedric Shrines.

Specifically, Sanguine's. You know, the one with the spell and the dinner party with the countess.

After about an HOUR of careful planning and trial & error, I finally managed to sneak out of that situation with completion. Sneaked in the corner with Chameleon spell active, shot the quest spell, then cast Ghostwalk to invisible myself out of there. The guards came in and, for some reason, knocked everyone unconscious. I crept on by, got out of the castle, then legged it to the city gates nearby. Got out, then saw a couple nirnroot I had yet to grab for that bloody quest. Got one, then almost got the other.......

Oblivion has stopped working


Finally finished the Grinder's Fighter's Guild, now to move on to the Thieve's Guild.

Preparation for Skyrim without Skyrim D:

Morrowind. Getting ready for my non-Skyrim adventure.

Got to Balmora, investigated into that murder thing. Pretty much stumped for the most part, since Nine Toes and the Camonna Tong aren't giving me any other leads for each other.

Just a few rounds of tf2.

I have however done my first digital painting (of sorts) on Paint Tool Sai. (shameless plug I know)

Any opinions welcome, I'm at the bottom of the learning curve with Sai, so there can only be improvements. ^^

Did a bit of Morrowind. Helping out in House Hlaalu, and just got done in Vivec for the Blades guy.
Then he wanted me to go back.
And then I quit the game :3

And then Micah bought me Skyrim.
I need a new pair of pants...

@orangebandguy: Considering I can't draw a paper bag to crawl out of to save my life, that looks amazing to me.
Really, very nice job for what I'm assuming is amateur work.

@Portal: Yeah, just a way to spend free time.

Greetings from the homeland of the Nords.

What's that? Dragons are destroying the entire world?
Sorry, can't talk. Too busy delivering a potion to a guy to help his erectile dysfunction :V

Oh good. Spambots are so common here now that they are actually learning how to have conversations with each other.


[Insert comment here of Skyrim stealth-assassin-Khajiti with fur coloring to make it appear that one side of his face is always in the shadows]

@SirBryghtside: *explores the map*

Hmmm.... not a half-bad server going onohgodgiantwalloflava


Refusing to fast travel as a point (aside from the carriages) for my Khajiit makes the world feel AMAZINGLY huge.
It also really helps me with planning.

Also, Thieve's Guild ending was glorious.
Hopefully the Brotherhood's is as well.

@SirBryghtside: I see you did that thing in that one thread.


Played some L4D2 with a friend of mine.


@SirBryghtside: I had a GLORIOUS idea a few hours ago for a Skyrim expansion pack/DLC.

Kay, after finishing up the civil war area. Doesn't really matter which you side with, since it can work perfectly either way. Either Ulfric will begin pushing with the Stormcloaks on the Thalmor next, or the Legion will realize "Holy shit, Dragonborn might just be exactly what we need to get rid of the Thalmor at last". Thus taking the assault on the Thalmor onto Summerset Isle.

But that's just the framing of the frame of the DLC.

From there, The Crystal Tower remains have been taken (I presume you know its history) and Winterhold is given charge of it due to its intensely magical nature. Since the Thalmor have kept whatever they call Summerset in such a shroud of secrets for the last couple centuries or so, it's discovered they've been working on a BIG project. So big, the Dragonborn is called in for assistance.
What it turns out they've been working on is a sort of time-rift. An ability to enter the past for one reason or another. Not quite working, thankfully, but Winterhold is able to patch it up. Now where the Dragonborn comes in.
It would be used to enter the time periods of the most amazing parts of the lore that simply won't be a part of the future games. What I mean is the Dwemer before their big fuck-up (or maybe as it is happening), the mighty Ayleids at their prime, Red Mountain's huge eruption, Tiber Septim doing what he does best (everything), possibly even a glimpse of the Sload in the long-ago time.

The possibilities would be endless.

Dipping back into TF2 now. Foundry is a pretty nice map when the teams are balanced.

Also, I bought 4 keys, since I figured the Nice crates actually had stuff that was worth a damn.

Turns out I bought the regular keys. So I had to use up a biiiiit of metal (read: 3 refined) to break even.

So far got 2 Spy-cicles. Need a few more Nice crates.

TF2. Hoping around Foundry servers until I found a decent one.

Went battle Engie with that nifty new laser rifle. It's pretty hilarious to fuck over an entire Ubercharge with two shots :3

@SirBryghtside: Or option B) Kill that bitch for even considering cannibalism.

"Maybe a younger sibling that had died, perhaps? Just a nibble?"
EVERYONE knows that every child in Tamriel is so immortal it makes Pre-Dagoth-Ur Vivec look vulnerable until the exact 18th anniversary of their birth.

Just Cause 2.

Destroy ALL the gub'ment things!

Went back on tf2 after ages, messed around with scout.

Been playing Saints Row the Third.

Mostly in an attempt to keep myself from thinking of how my boyfriend broke up with me.

Go me.

Been playing Minecraft. Found a Nether stronghold (first stronghold). Proceeding to disassemble and integrate it into my own designs.

I'm fond of the penis plants though.

And I also gutted my temple of its treasure.
+39 gold blocks for use.

I made the Pyro sexy.

It's Gmod, so safe for work.

Saints Row the Third. Co-oping with my friend.

I can't TELL YOU how many times I've accidentally the Molotovs while either of us are driving.

Which oddly kills me too, considering I'm immune to all damage.

Oh yeah. Also, the three beers badge.

Going back on through Psychonauts, this time not skipping the campers stuff.

And because, you know, my Internet was down for most of the middle arch of the game. Lack of achievements and such.
Plus, I was trapped in the brain tumbler. Not fun :/

Trying to find someone to actually play SW:TOR with so I can make a Jedi/Sith and not be bored to hell playing solo.

Trying to figure out what the hell kind of character to play in Skyrim so I can get back into it.

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