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Last thing you did in a game?

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Saints Row the Third.
Helped my friend do the final mission.


@SirBryghtside: Well? Has it?

@Sir Bryghtside: I know that TF2 exactly. Some days, I can't explain how or why, but when I go a certain class, it's like I am teaching everyone how to fuck the sky.
And when I get like that as a Scout.... may Julianos preserve you.

And maybe she ran across a wolf that had swallowed a sapphire?

Hm, I guess I could post here a little more.

Helped a few guys in the Guild Wars group with Sorrow's Furnace. Also looked for that Portal 2 add-on.

@SirBryghtside: And now I want to watch funny videos.

OT: Ground a character through to level 18 on EQ2 in a day. probably could have done more if I had focused more.

Let's see.....

Minecraft servers are fucking hard to set up. Even TEMPORARY ones.
My friend is apparently hacking TF2. Got 2 hats drops in two days.
Made a pure-mage character in Skyrim. Even WITH Deadly Dragons, the dragons are still easy. Endless cycle of making them flinch from dual-casting Firebolt.
I also learned how to play Minesweeper. God help me.

@SirBryghtside: lolnecrophilia

The usual grind in Guild Wars. Gotta hurry up since GW2 is coming out, but not sure if I'm going to get it anyways so...

Even more grind!

...Well since that's boring as hell, I'll say some of the stuff I did over the half a year I wasn't posting here.

I played through Eversion. Fun closest I'll probably get to trying a masocore game. And the endings were great!

Getting back into semi-serious TF2 play.

I..... has the community actually gotten this bad?
Engineers that don't know how to shoot?
Soldiers that stand still when they attack?
Medics that don't know what an Uber is?
In general acting as though they didn't even know what game they're playing?

@Portal Maniac: YOU CAN SHOOT AS AN ENGI?!

OT: Also had fun times with my main in EQ2. Hilarious invulnerability and all that.


Sweet Jesus titty cinnamon fuck

Being a mage character, in tandem with Deadly Dragons installed, almost made Alduin on the Throat of the World impossible.
He one-hit. My. DREMORA LORD.

@oppp7: It's hilarious though. He was an Engie that would walk around our base with his shotgun out.
Not shooting at all. Or building at all. Or doing anything.


...make Keening

Don't be so absurd. Only the Dwemer themselves knew such powerful crafting and magickal secrets to make something to control the heart of a god.

You're half right though :3

Started Arena at last.
Took FOREVER to even learn the bloody controls. THEN get used to the awkward arrow-pad-only-while-still-needing-mouse setup. THEN I finally got to the portal thing. THEN got killed by wolves. IN THE TOWN.

Probably not gonna play many more games today or tomorrow since I'm feeling sorta sick. Not seriously, at least.
But I will on Saturday. Gonna be playing Half Life for most of the day.

@SirBryghtside: Trust me, it will all be worth it for that sexy 40 seconds or so

@Portal Maniac: You should have taught him the ways of the herd how to play. Like an apprentice. Complete with him turning evil and having to kill him because the fate of the world depends on it, causing you to lose faith in the world and realize some generic depressing realization about the horrors of humanity right before the credits roll.

OT: Got my celestial dragon in Guild Wars. I'm not sure why though.

Finished up some stuff in Guild Wars. Got to help a noob today. All my sin needs is 2 more white dyes and his armor (and him in general) will be complete.

I also painted him multiple colors, took screen shots, and made a shitty MS Paint cutout picture of him as several Power Rangers. It's now my background.

Skyrim: No-lifed that game to insane amounts and now have an almost level 77 character.

Where'd my January go? ._.

Random Guild Wars schinanigans. The game started collapsing in the wake of their update though. Currently running a scan to speed this thing up.

Oh god what did that scan do to my computer. Either Windows defrag or Spybot S&D did something to TF2 and I'm getting lag now. Used to just be framerate issues, but that's probably my laptop.

@SirBryghtside: Chet, you really gotta stop playin' high, man. Shit's messin' with your K/D.

Finally got a hat drop in over a year. It was the french hat for spy, which is good since my name is Failspy but I didn't have a pure spy hat yet. Also crafted one a bit before that, which was just that sandvich box for heavy.

I have returned to the glorious world of Vvardenfell, thanks to the Morrowind Overhaul project thing FINALLY going 2.0 and becoming AUTO INSTALL. Sexy in a sex can made of sextacular sex-like objects.
Used for sex.

Currently doing combo-work for both the Tribunal temple and House Hlaalu. Currently getting my stronghold papers underway.
Because Uncle Crassius said I was a good boy :3

Pox Nora stuff since the next expac is probably in the next few weeks.

@Portal Maniac: Try playing a dedcated healer.

And then speed run.

@SirBryghtside: You generally want to have 1-2 magic potions because of that. I'm not sure why that mechanism was put in there either.

OT: Fun times with Pox Nora. God damn they need to revamp the gold system...

Played TF2 on 2Fort. Been playing SHIT lately.

So I was bouncing anywhere from shit to mediocre with pretty much battle-Gunslinger-Widowmaker Engie and the Attendant-Flaregun Pyro.

Played mostly Pox Nora. New expansion today (any minute now), so kinda excited.

And for the people who don't care about Pox Nora (aka everyone but me): TF2 with no item server. People who say it's like the console version have never played the console version.
Or the build under the ground because Valve doesn't even bug fix it version.


This thread is now augmented.

Blah blah blah Pox Nora...

@Portal Maniac:

>Sees Minecraft 1.2 is out
>Doubled building height
Hmmm.... I suppose I can finally make my tower into a proper citadel now.
>Launches world named 'Nirn'
>Must convert
>Minecraft: Converting world to Anvil


Wait... HOLY SHIT SIGNATURES ARE GONE! How did I just notice this?

OT: Pox Nora expansion trading retardation. God I suck at this.

Minecraft. With MOBS ENABLED

@oppp7: Didn't even notice. Signatures are nothing more than unnecessary space that no one even gives a toss about.

Same stuff as usual. Might go play something new but not sure what. Anyone know any interesting freeware games?

Touched back into Skyrim for a bit.

Got a few new shiny mods. Primarily, cloaks as a new clothing slot, no shout cooldown time, and this sexy home.

Also, made a new character specifically for the new shouting abilities.

His name is Aurelio. His voice shall be the last voice you hear before you die.

Played tf2 during a lecture.


Pokemon stuff. Trying to get a good moveset on my Seadra. Requires me to breed it from a Dragonite if I want outrage. Or a Remmoraid[sic] if I want signal beam. Plus I'd have to do this for Horsea and Kingdra (the latter requires an item that can get me a legendary in generation 4). In the end it was decided to leave the decision up to a future me (AKA fuck this bloated shit).

And now for 5 FPS TF2.

The last thing I seriously did was just some TF2 idling for teh lulz.

Really, I've just been too busy reading to play games. Partially for my English class, and partially because I find what Michio Kaku writes about is so damn fascinating.
In fact, I finished and bought a book by him today.

Trying Diablo 2 again. I have to start keeping track of the stupid shit in this game.


I am downright convinced that the Boots of Blinding Speed produce the mating calls of Cliffracers.

@SirBryghtside: You monster.

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