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Last thing you did in a game?

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I spent 29 minutes in Kerbal Space Program and was treated to a wonderful first impression for the game

First I changed my screen resolution, that shot the confirm/undo buttons off screen beyond reach, so I was able to do fuck-all. Had to close it and then delete the config file.

Then I went to the tutorial. It explained very confusing controls, and then I clicked a button that took me to a very unhelpful view. I pressed everything in the UI to get out of it, looked through the keybinds, and had no idea how to do it. Pressing every key on the keyboard was my only hope.

Then when I started to actually play, the game fucked itself up and I could not do anything. As in, even pressing ESC to bring up the main menu did nothing.

So fun

Currently working on my backlog. I've learned:
I hate stealth games.
I hate survival horror games.

I might try console RPS next.

Welp, I made it to the end of the Escapist. Been nice knowing you folks. Time for the last update I'll post here prolly.

Bloodborne. Got the beast claws, and am currently trying to kill Laurence, the First Vicar to get my beasty rune. I want to be a true beast and murderize bitches before Dark Souls 3 happens in a week and a half.


@Dorian: Same here. Those were some good times, man. Remember when we tried making a porn user group and it got shut down in like a day? Hah...

Been hopping around a lot between Mount and Blade, Everquest 2, Pox Nora, Pokemon fan games, and Warlord Battlecry 3. Same shit as the last 5-6 years. I guess that's a fitting way to end out this thread.

Well, with any luck I'll be gone this time next month so... cya!

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