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As a result of being on break for this week, my playtime has been so random it's absolutely silly and is becoming difficult to remember what I actually played last

Twilight Princess: Beat it. Turns out the missing Poe soul was the one floating in the middle of the bloody Kakariko graveyard, because I'm a blind dumbass or something

Wind Waker: Surprisingly taxing on my emulator! Managed to get it to run really well though after slightly overclocking my CPU and fine-tuning the graphic/sound settings. Just about to start the best part of that game: Triforce shard hunting, oh boy

Pikmin: Beat the first one pretty quickly (day 17ish?) Currently about halfway through the debt on the second one. Unfortunately I've somehow lost all my skill for the more difficult combat sections and am losing purples left and right where I used to have flawless victories. Purple losses are pissing me the fuck off too because they're so difficult to reproduce, and you actually need 100 of them for one of the treasures at the end.

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door: Another game where my mad skillz are suddenly gone and it's frustrating me. I remember being able to superguard my way to victory against enemies with the absurd +2 defense and stuff no problem, and now I can barely even get wonderguard timings down as though I were some scrub. Currently about to board the blimp to the arena in the sky, Blitzville I think it's called?

Dork Souls 2: Decided to move my Horseman build onto its own character, mostly because A) I'm missing the fashion I had on my main previous to Horseman, and B) I really want to have the message "invaded by dark spirit Horseman" to show up. Ended up caving and using cheat engine to spawn in the fucking obnoxiously rare leggings (I did double check to make sure all the values for it are, indeed, legit before keeping it).
Now I just need to grind up a few more levels so I can properly have all the gear and everything before I join the Brotherhood of Blood and start attempting to invade randoms

The quiz will be this Friday. Be sure to study

Got bored yesterday. Bought Majora's Mask on a whim. Haven't played terribly much of it (only the first dungeon so far).

The time mechanic is interesting, definitely more than I thought it would be. Also pleasantly surprised that the Hero of Time didn't just decide to throw everything in the garbage in between games (*glares at the Hero of the Winds*) and still has his Ocarina. Really like the feel of being damned to repeat the last few days of existence until maybe, just maybe, something can be done to save it (DvZ sorta thing, but without the ray of hope).

Kinda irritated at the camera controls, but I guess that's just the nature of the 3DS beast since it only has the one analog-ish thing. Maybe they could have just moved Tatl's help thing to a touchscreen-based interaction and made the D-pad the "new" C-buttons, like on the N64?

Sorta curious as to why he can only go back three days prior to doomsday though. I mean, he went years into the future in Ocarina of Time. What's stopping him now?

Wow I actually cannot believe it
I'm actually not sure what I need to do next in a Zelda game and don't have "YOU NEED 2 DO DIS" shoved in my face
C'mon Nintendo just do this more
Then maybe you wouldn't suck so much dick

@SirBryghtside: I've noticed that Nintendo is basically the Apple of the gaming hardware industry.
They make slight differences in their existing models that really don't add anything of true value, then sell it as a brand new system because of it. To this day, I have no idea what the fuck makes the "New" 3DS actually different.
And the Wii U has always just seemed to me that it's just a Wii with a fancy gimmicky touchpad accessory required

As for the Ocarina itself, why does it go night-to-day in Ocarina of Time, but then in Majora's Mask you get sent back to a specific point in time no matter when you use it?
I mean, it's the exact same song for both of those results. There's got to be some sort of intent behind the song that determines what actually happens with it
And I'm still not really understanding why Link can only go back to the point in time where Skullkid knocks him off Ehorsa. You'd think he would just, you know, go back a few days earlier to stop him before he finds the mask in the first place

Well I finally figured out how to progress in Majora's Mask
Apparently I was a dumbass and didn't notice the ramp leading up to the mountains just beyond the gap
Then I took my sweet-ass time figuring out how to get the song of lullabies so I can actually get to the dungeon

Few hours later I have Ehorsa again, a swagabootylicious golden sword, the best masks ever (Gorom vroomvroom and bunnyboy hood) and feel I can actually progress now

@SirBryghtside: Just goes to show the Zelda "lore" is just a facade since they think things through about as well as you would think for such a blatant cash-inject series c:

Did an Isaac run for the fun of it and to unlock Isaac's dark room item. Probably getting hooked again on it now though (oh shit)
Soon I'll have to play Eve again though, and that's.... yeah, that'll make me not want to play it again
Such a fun character

Also continuing through Majora's Mask
Now I have the freaky fish guy, but am getting so sidetracked with that Kafei questline
It runs surprisingly deep, and unless I'm mistaken actually has multiple outcomes :o

On another note, I am maximum sad because all my favorite Souls content producers are officially 11/10 hype for Bloodborne, but I won't ever get to play it because I just can't spend $500 for a single game


@SirBryghtside: But Metroid is the boring, and if they even did make another one it would probably end up like Star Fox Adventures or something

Dork Souls. Mostly just reminding myself of why I love Lordran so much.
And then I got to Bed of Chaos.
I am cry


Just played through a demo for one of 4chan's Pokemon fangames. It was ok.

Went to Dork Souls on Friday just for the hell of it. After a while, I decided to see if I could actually get reliable PvP.
One thing led to another, a few ears were harvested, and now I'm completely confident that the Dork Souls PC community is going to stick around for quite a while, which makes me so happy c:
Darkmoons 4 lyfe

Also hooray for being extremely fiscally irresponsible and buying a PS4 just for Bloodborne (props to my dad tho for going halfsies on it as an early birthday present <3)

So uh yeah


Everything from my sources was absolutely true
It feels like Dork Souls 1, but even better

The weapon transformation feels so natural, and for some reason the tranformation is so satisfying even though it's just a button press
The dodging is somehow easier and much much more difficult. Seriously just need to get in a ton more practice before I can even understand its limits

Bosses so far have been... pretty brutal actually. First one wasn't TOO bad (mostly just me still learning how to use a controller again :P), but the second one
Oh boy
I was actually stuck on him for a few hours with some breaks in between to prevent an even salty coating. Man I missed that feeling; haven't had anything like that since.... shoot, I guess back when I played Dork Souls 1 for the first time!

And man, that level design
It's soooooo dense
I get the feeling that no matter what path you take, you're looping back on areas you've already been too, just like Lordran kinda but in a giant gothic city

Well, I'm pretty sure I managed to get the worst possible ending for my first Bloodborne playthrough. Man I'm awesome~
Started a new character (because oh sweet Jesus NG+ is already insanely difficult) and am doing my best to try and find out what I missed, because I'm fairly certain there are several different endings to this game

@SirBryghtside: WHAT

@SirBryghtside: MAXIMUM HYPE
I swear they should just make a fucking Deus Ex feature length movie, because pretty much every pre-rendered video they've put out is beyond words

Also I just now realized the double connection
Transhumanism symbol = illuminaughty

Starting to delve into the PvP of Bloodborne now, despite the current critical issues with the matchmaking system

Just invaded into a 3v1, but managed to actually use the environment enemies to my advantage and kill a summon and the host to victory!
Man what an awesome feeling

Bloodborne PvP! Super fucking awesome when it actually works

Went to PvP in the forest for like an hour. Got a lot of invasions and a few ganks. Actually was able to be victorious in two of the ganks though; man that rush never gets old
Gotta love parrying someone's heal and then killing them with it

@SirBryghtside: inb4 broken matchmaking causes you to go on lose-streak for 30 games

@SirBryghtside: So uhhh, why do you have Topaz's avatar all of a sudden?

Been doing a ton of Binding of Isaac Rebirth lately. Currently down to only needing 10 achievements until I've beaten it!

Unfortunately, of those achievements, all that's left is to beat It Lives on hard with Lazirus, then create Meat Boy & Bandage Girl.

Then it's time to git guud with The Lost

More Isaac. Got meat boy, just need bandage girl.

Also apparently there are several items in secret rooms that I need to find, because apparently I need to find every item ever for two achievements.

Didn't even know stuff like raw liver or black lotus existed!


Just starting a new playthrough wherein I won't use a gun at all
Which is going to be huge, because that means no visceral attacks unless I can do some specific things. Which means a few bosses and a few enemies are going to be terrifying to fight

Managed to kill Father Gas-can. Holy fuck is his beast form absolutely terrifying to fight against legitly
It's just
Non-stop aggression that you can only counter by being up in his face, being equally as aggressive, but while also dodging everything he has so you don't get royally fucked up by his brutal combos

Really diggin' it so far


Suck it, nerd

To celebrate, I'm going to be a maximum casual now and try to play Skyrim for the umpteenth time
As of right now I have ~100 mods installed (most of them visual) and finally have an ENB series that works

inb4 I get tired of it by next week

I am actually not tired of Skyrim yet, which really amazes me

Currently a level 48 god fire wizard/conjurer who instantly destroys anything and everything that isn't a Drauger or a dargon. Legitimately didn't know end-game destruction magic was so powerful. Probably because the road to get there is so goddamn slow I never even bother with it.

Also I realized while installing all the mods that I accidentally installed a Zelda mod.
A 16 gig Zelda mod.
I am currently on the quest to discover where the 16 gigs are

I've found tons of small Zelda things, but nothing coming anywhere close to even a fraction of the mod size.
I've found a songbook page for the Song of Time, and its description suggests playing it somewhere will make something happen. Just need to find the/a ocarina now so I can actually play it. And find where to play it.
Found a book that suggests where it/one might be, but when I went to the general area I couldn't find the Dwemer ruins it described. Going to need to do a broader search and explore every dungeon I find next time I'm in the area east of Solitude


Skyrim still, haven't even touched Dragonborn or Dawnguard in any real amount
Working on finishing Winterhold's questline and getting the super-spells

And then I sucked Ulfric's soul into a black soulgem and enchanted a shitty silver ring with fortify stamina, then actually gave (not sold) it away to those snobby Altmer sisters in Solitude
Today was a good day

@SirBryghtside: I for one am just waiting to see how bad of a fanfic it's going to be this time.
Fallout 3, while fun, only left a bitter taste in my mouth because it felt like an amazing apocalyptic game...... but had the Fallout name forcibly slapped onto it as an afterthought.
That, and I've learned to not give a single shit over a pre-rendered highly polished trailer that doesn't even have any in-game footage of it

Also that Dork Souls 3 leak or whatever
I have the lowest of expectations for it, Miyazaki working on it or not.

Skyrim and stuff

Finished Winterhold & Companions, now working on the last couple sidequests, Dork Brotherhood, and the mainquest.

Also noticed a sharp fuckup with the writing about the Graybeards. Before talking to the Blades:

The Dragonborn is an exception to all the rules - the Dragon Blood itself is a gift of the gods. If we accept one gift, how can we deny the other? As Dragonborn, you have received the ability to Shout directly from Akatosh. We therefore seek to guide you on the proper use of your gift, which transcends the restrictions which bind other mortals.

So here he's cool with you not following the Way of the Voice or anything. Totally fine with the Dragonborn doing his thing to save the world.

But then when you come back to him trying to learn Dragonrend, he gets in that huge hissyfit of his where he can't believe you're associating with the Blades, then acts like you're required to follow the Way of the Voice to get their help.

Thanks Bethesda

@SirBryghtside: Not just Fallout 2's plot, but also Fallout 1's since half of it revolves around the whole water purification nonsense.
The rehashed plots, the butchering of established factions[1][2] set in impossibly far-away locations with flimsy at best reasoning for being there, the notable lack of the "humor" part of the series' "dark humor", the mind-numbingly blatant attempts to be shock-and-awe from being edgy (ie mutilated bodies errywhur, bags of gore littering the national mall), the painfully obvious I-am-a-good-guy and I-am-being-a-dick-for-literally-no-justifiable-reason characters & choices[3], and the stupid bullshit of shoe-horning your character to being in love with your dad no matter what because that's the one and only way they envisioned it.....

Fallout 3 just pisses me off that they half-assed everything after the level design itself

[1] I'm glaring at you, "Brotherhood of Steel." You're the most egregious offender here on all of these points.
[2] Enclave isn't that far behind, either.
[3] Seriously, how the fuck is Tenpenny even believable without the player making the express decision to be as big of a cock-holster they can possibly manage for the playthrough???


Doing that one questline where you stab people a lot, except I'm burning them alive instead mostly


@SirBryghtside: The lowest of expectations. And it would fit in with the theme of blatantly ripping off previous Fallout games' stories, since that would be the Master portion of Fallout 1 in a nutshell.

I for one am still so happy how they managed to take one of the most iconic factions and rip it inside and out.
For fuck's sake, it's like they took House Hlaalu and made them fervent supporters of the Stormcloak Hissyfit, or Handsome Jack into a paragon of humanity and kindness

Tried a few (free) indie games finally (Iji, Cave Story). They were alright.

Gave up on Skyrim because it seems like the fun problem of long playthroughs getting more and more unstable has caught up to it. Seems to consistently crash within an hour or so of starting to play, so eff that shit

Instead I've started the Witcher 3, which is basically making my panties cream themselves from how awesome and beautiful it's been
Currently 54ish hours into it, and I've still got sooooooooooooooooooo much left to do it's amazing <3

I have put 85 hours into my Witcher 3 playthrough and there is still no end anywhere near in sight, plus I still have an entire huge area to go through still

This game
Oh man this game
The amount of content and polish this game has really does feel overwhelming

Beat my first playthrough of the Witcher 3
It took me 110 hours, and I didn't leave it AFK or fuck around all that much either
Amazing game, but that being said I need a break from it
That last act was really draining on me

Also I seriously wish I had a good pokemon game I could play that I haven't already beaten the death out of
ORAS was gorbage, and the trend suggests I won't be seeing anything good ever again, so yay for sadness
Guess I could replay White 2 or Heart Gold for the 20th time again, but it just feels so boring to play those when I've done them soooo many times before in so many different ways

Been playing Dwarves vs Zombies quite intensely the last week or so
And in that week, I have played 90 games over the span of 2 days + 2 hours, personally killed 11,507 monsters, had a max proc-streak of 83, and had a longest survival time of 62 minutes + change

This update it just got is amazing and I love the game even more than I did last summer
It can only get better once Deadbones, Coestar, and Justin get their heroes worked out, voiced, and added into the game so it's more than just Bruce Willakers, Roamin, and Nisovin :O

@SirBryghtside: Halo is for teh consulls tho

Also will you ever stop having shitty internet situations? :P

More Dwarves vs Zombies. Managed to play as Bruce Willakers and Roamin so far.

Bruce feels weaker than before somehow. I think his juice costs get way too harsh too quickly, but that could also just be me being bad

Roamin definitely feels underwhelming at the moment. He's basically a Jimmy (minus the cool Jimmy stuff like Jimmy juice, the runeblade, or dragonskin bow) but with more health and a flamethrower. Not that the flamethrower's bad or anything, but its fuel just regens sooooo slowly with no way to improve it
At least he's great at taking care of ogres I guess

@SirBryghtside: So what excuse will you come up with to avoid playing stupid games with me now?

Playing Pokemon Colosseum because god dammit I am going to finally beat this thing

Currently doing the shadow pokemon lab, just about to beat Ein. Caught every shadow pokemon so far

Really forgot what shit choices you get for a team tho
I mean the espeon is amazing, but other than that, the choices back in gen 3 are pretty...... ehhhhhh
Bipen's just not the same without a move pool outside of electric, the hitmontop fucks you since its only fighting move is triple kick, the quagsire is alright but could be better if friendly fire earthquake was less of a concern.

Oh well, gonna try power-levelling my espeon to carry my team super hard because its special attack is buffed, got a twisted spoon on it, and it just learned psychic

@SirBryghtside: Oh no I accidentally broke my games just in time

100% completed Pokemon Colosseum (you know, if you ignore the stupid battle mode nobody cares about). Feels good to have finally thrashed that game. Praise espeon!

Finished up the Pikmin 2 save I had going still. Dunno why, but the thought of that game is always magnitudes more satisfying than the actual game itself. Not sure why that is... Maybe because I always loved the feeling of progression from Pikmin 1 instead of the money number getting larger? Seeing the ship actually get more and more repaired always got me rock-hard in a way that not many games really ever do. Bringing order back to something in ruins is something I just fuckin' cream my pants over.

I'm doing a nuzlocke of Blaze Black, a difficult and awesome rom hack of Black

Some slight modifications, mainly being 2 catches per route and using EXP multiplies to cut back on grinding. Currently just finished the 5th gym with no loses (huge success), only to be blindsided by Bianca while I'm headed off with half my team in the box. Fuckin' lost two of my best pokeymans thanks to stupid plays on my part
I'm just so thankful I didn't lose Soulsproxy, probably the pokeyman I depend upon most right now. He's going to be invaluable with this N fight in the electric cave thing; I know in advance that the fucker has 6 rotoms, and all of them have levitate

My body is not Reggie

Beat the Elite 4 of Blaze Black. My surviving team was a crustle, vileplume, golduck, grumpig, and hydreigon. RIP mandibuzz, you died because I thought you could outspeed that aerodactyl :c

Instead of continuing on to part 2 of the nuzlocke (where it truly gets hard), I started Terraria because I got bored
Then I got to the hardmode part of the game and I remember why I don't like it so much. It's fucking impossible to progress in that game solo because the difficulty curve becomes a fucking vertical cliff

I think I beat Terraria? I guess?

All that I have left to do aside from farm for trophies is do fishing things, so yay

Now to wait for the burnout to happen and wander aimlessly to whatever next game catches my interest
Hopefuly Viscera Cleanup Detail will be in full release soonish

Borderlands: The Presequel wasn't as bad as everyone says but I do prefer the 2nd if only for the classes.

Dwarves vs Zombies I guess. Foolin' around with my custom build. I think I might end up trading out my extra-durable armor for the speed armor even though it's basically paper. May as well tho, just so I can be ultra-speedy dwarf-man

@SirBryghtside: Yeah, it's pretty overrated. That's most popular things on the internet, for ya.

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