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Last thing you did in a game?

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Completed TWEWY, trying out the extra content. It was a pretty good game, but Jesus, those bosses were HARD.

Most of them took me at least 2 days to complete. Ironically, the second last boss only took me one try, and the last about 3 :P

Just a weeeee bit of Minecraft for now. Finished deciding on the ceiling material for one of the floors in my citadel.

Currently downloading that Half Life 2 mod, The Stanley Parable. Maybe I'll be able to play that tomorrow if I don't get skullfucked by school....

Half-Life 2: Episode 2, completed it.

Didn't get the achievement for Gnome - I forgot to close the door - and I can't be bothered to go back and fix it, so I'll just know that I did the Gnome run :P

Also, Running Hunters over is the best way of killing them. Officially. 1-shots, avoids Striders, feels awesome, flechettes do minimal damage... yeah. Got me through the whole end sequence.

Team Fortress 2.

Mostly just idling. Because I've been too busy with school and probably will be this weekend for any actual game time.

Super Scribblenauts, for about half an hour last night. I can't believe I stopped plying that, it's awesome :D

Also, as of today I can drive a tractor legally. So there's that.

Did some Mein Kraft.

Mostly just expanding my diamond mine, now that I have a super-special-secret way to get to it in my citadel now. You won't believe how many gold ingots I got yesterday....

50+ :O

@SirBryghtside: Happy birfday

@Portal: Thx

Oblivion, going through the testing rooms with the console commands. Fought a spectral mudcrab and a near-invulnerable rat.

It was awesome :D

Technically, it was TF2.

Collecting items to give to Micah for his graduation present, since I can't really get him anything else.

Otherwise, it was Minecraft. FINALLY got the last bit of gold for the Temple of Mook.

Super Smash Flash for about 5 minutes, remembered why it's so terrible.

TF2. Looking around for a decent Medieval server.

Sweet. Fucking. Christ. Terrible games.

It was either bad free to play people going "where's my gun" or bots that dick around inside the castle and do fuck all else.

This thread is STILL going? x)

Oh you guys.

OT: Levelling my pally in WoW.

VVVVVV, trying out this great user level (333333). I feel like playing MineCraft again, now... haven't touched it for about 2 months...

@Portal: I've favourited a good one, I'll look it up when I get on the other computer.

@Orange: Hi!

@Sir: How's it all going here? I take it you and Portal are the only ones still rambling around the place?

Finished a dungeon on WoW.

MineCraft. Went into the Nether to find the only thing I'd never found (Soul Sand). Got blasted by a ghast, but managed to escape using awesome. now I have 1 1/2 stack of it :D

Next task: Make an Obsidian Nether house, in the middle of this sea of lava.

@Orange: Yeah, Chi and Sevre are the only others I can think of that came in here recently. And a couple of guys on nostalgia trips.


Mostly just fooling around with a friend after testing the trade notifications.

He claims I am OP as fuck when I play Demo. Even when I'm 100% Demoknight and he's got a sentry.
Figure THAT one out.

@orangebandguy: Yessir.

Played on an itemless TF2 server. More fun that I thought it'd be, I was actually pretty awesome as Demoman - we lost, but I got a lot of good kills. Only reason we lost the last intelligence was because I thought about long jumping with stickies to chase a Scout a little too late.

@Portal: New demoknight is OP as fuck regardless.

@Sir: They have itemless servers? :'D

Had MineCraft crash hundreds of times, but successfully made a Portal where my Nether house is going to be.

@Orange: Yeah, but I didn't get a chance to favourite it - the game crashed out :(

Ad yeah, the Persia Persuader is ridiculous, especially on Arena.


Idling for more Micah items. And getting Strange Rocket Lawn Chair kills too.

@orangebandguy: Doesn't matter if I'm Demoknight or vanilla.

He still calls me OP as fuck when I Demo.

TF2, again. Got the Fan O' War and the Crusader's Crossbow.

@Portal: That reminds me of what someone said today:

Pro Scouts are OP.


@SirBryghtside: They run extremely fast, are bloody hard to get sniped, and they have a high damage output when they take people by surprise and can run off without a scratch if they know how to evade.

If they know how to deal with Soldiers and sentries, then they can rape pretty much any other class.

VVVVVV, got a lot of progress done on my new level. Still haven't got round to scriptinng, but I think I'll wait for 2.1 before I do that. Not enough options yet.

@Portal: I still think that a perfect Sniper would be the most deadly force known to TF2. That Scout would be quickscoped and ignored.

Portal 2.

Played through about a dozen custom maps. Some were actually pretty well thought out.

@SirBryghtside: A perfect Sniper is called an aimbot.
And even then, they're far from deadly. While they pick off other people, enemy Snipers track them to take them out.

Not to mention, Snipers are squishy.
A perfect Demo, on the other hand....

Finished Doom 2, finally.

...yeah, it sucked.


Played a bit on the Saxton Hale server after what seems like a month of hiatus thanks to school. Not bad, but could be a LOT better...

Also, crafted Micah's Medic hat. Got a Picklebauble, so I traded that for a Mountain Cap, then that for the Geisha Boy.

Now I need tags for it :3

TF2 for a while - got no random drops, so I decided to trade for a bit. Got the Winger and Enforcer for 2 scrap each, and am unsure as to whether or not I ripped them off (especially as someone was trying to sell me the Machina for 2 rec a couple of minutes later).

Is there a guide to prices or something?

The last game I played was Sims Social and the last thing I did in that game was to let my Sims repair a damaged stereo.

Civilization V.

I was beating the shit out of Japan with Alexander the Great giving me backup and ohmygodwhendiditgetsolate

@SirBryghtside: You actually got ripped off, sadly. Those weapons only go for either a newish random weapon or a scrap.

TF2, still haven't got any drops. Stupid game...

@Portal: Gosh dang it. At least it's better than the time I traded 8 weapons for a sydney sleeper (I know, I know - I was a noob D:).

Civilization V.

This..... is going to be the main test for my GPA before Christmas time. I just wasted 5 hours D:

Echo Bazaar,

I stopped a street urchin from burning books. I feel pretty happy with myself for the day.

Although it's not the most exciting action to take I suppose

TF2, finally got some drops - only new one was Detonator, though.

And I definitely didn't get ripped off today in a trade.

Bought a Vintage Frontier Justice for Standard FJ and KGB.



Mostly just looking at the new torch lighting things and updated my Romecraft texture pack.

Wow, the Nether stuff changed a lot from my last update.
REALLY makes the street lights look pretty awesome, though.

TF2, still playing the trading game. Managed to get the Machina and Powerjack today, which finishes pretty much every weapon on the list that I'll actually use (apart from Volcano Fragment for Medieval and *maybe* Family Business).

I have acquired Paper Mario on this PC.

All arguments about the superior gaming system are now obsolete, as the obvious answer is now apparent.

@SirBryghtside: I don't always play Heavy without a Medic..... but when I do, I prefer the Family Business. The extra shots REALLY come in handy when you've got that much health and gunning on the go.

If any of the Polycount packs should've had a set bonus, it probably would have been the Black Market Business set. The weapons actually seem like they synch up well with each other, and I think that a health cut with a speed bonus would've really make that set awesome. After all, the weapons revolve around fast, quick attacks out of nowhere. How better to do that than to move quick but have a lot less health?

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