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Last thing you did in a game?

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Tag: The Power of Paint. It was pretty cool, much better than Portal 2's section.

@Portal: Think some crazy person would buy it for a refined?

Moar Fallout 1.

All my companions died :x

@SirBryghtside: Best scamming you'd be able to do would be about 2 reclaimed, and even then it's pushing it.

Narbacular Drop. Kinda 'eh', didn't really end... I need to find more Freeware. Know any good ones?

@Portal: I'll try anyway... I want my hat...

FINALLY beat Fallout 1.

Now off to Fallout 2.

Doom 2, after I completed the first a couple of days ago.

This game relies FAR too heavily on platforming. And while that wouldn't normally be a problem...

Doom doesn't have a jump button.

Fallout 2, obviously.

Good god, Geckos have such smooth animations compared to everything else.....

More TF2. I finally got my fourth refined... and then realised that I still need a Danger Shield/Bushwacka/Sleeper.

/ragequit at life


@Portal: You have a spare Darwin's Danger Shield, I see.

*kneels on floor and pleads* :P

Uhm..... Fallout 2.
It crashed.

Then I met the Medick.
Then I needed a new pair of pants...

@SirBryghtside: Find a couple Uber update weapons first.

Then we'll talk >:P



Did some TF2.

Shaking off my extremely bad cobwebs and actually getting back into semi-serious play. Haven't done that in, well, honestly about 6 months :x

Oh, and I got the Soldier's whip, the Quick-Fix, and the bust :D

TF2, played with one of my friends who got it because it was F2P. Managed to destroy Dustbowl - first time we got both points in about a minute, and on another I sapped and stabbed everything within a five-mile radius, then captured the last point. It was awesome, got my record for Spy B)

TF2 on the vs. Saxton Hale mod.

My god, I was raping with perfectly timed ubers. Got him trapped SEVERAL times between walls and sentries, Heavies, and Soldiers.

I spent pretty much a whole day beating the Water Temple and Gerudo place in Ocarina of Time. It's my first playthrough.

Beat Bioshock for the first time.

........................ Wow.

TF2 on the Escapist server (it actually had people on!). I played Scout and Spy - did OK as Scout, had a couple of failures though, and was ridiculously awesome as Spy.

I stabbed EVERYTHING. The only reason we didn't win sooner was because my team wasn't moving out when I told them to after I'd killed and sapped everything in a 6-mile radius of the Capture Point, and I was the only person who ever played Scout. Eventually I had to run up to the point myself as Spy. I'm really starting to get good at this game, finally worked out my best item configs for all classes (still need the Atomizer and the new Soldier Rocket Launcher, though).

@Portal: I've got to the bit where you first get the camera (really haven't played it much) and I haven't really loved it yet.

Does it get better?


To buy a key, or not to buy a key....

@SirBryghtside: Define what better is for you.

I enjoyed it all the way until the last stretch before the end where you basically go on an escort mission, so it's hard to say :S

Oh, and you're JUST before a good part of the story too :3

Bought The World Ends With You today. It's alright, but way too easy once you get the hang of it.

@Portal: I'll keep playing till the end - I mean, I don't hate it, it's just a little... meh.

You really should be able to sell items.

Bioshock again.

I harvested every other Little Sister, then rescued the next. Somehow, I am still some kind of scum that is the equivalence of Hitler and Attila the Hun combined.

MineCraft, general messing-around with pistons. Thank god I stockpiled all that redstone...


Got my ass handed to me in the Saxton Hale server.

Man, I'm off my A-game tonight.

@SirBryghtside: >Implying you'll ever not have redstone

Got the Krogan on Mass Effect 2. I think plot's going to start happening again soon :P

Bouncing around between Bioshock, Portal 2, and Gmod since I can't play TF2 while Borderlands is downloading.

Fun! :D

Doom 2. There's a point where after you've played a game, and then got two-thirds the way through a carbon copy of that game, that it becomes incredibly repetitive.

@Portal: Borderlands is a damn good game :D

Pokemon. Got myself a Krabby.

Now to go fuck some shit up >:3

@SirBryghtside: It's Game of the Year too :3
My friends are awesome.

TF2, got pretty damn good with the Sandman and Degreaser-Pyro. It's ridiculous - every soldier I met tried to fire rockets at me. Are they really that dumb? >.<

@Portal: Yep. All of them apart from me :P


I call that a win in my books.

@SirBryghtside: If the Soldier aims at your feet enough, they mostly deny the rocket the chance to shoot back at them.
Still, shotgun is better.

Mass Effect 2. Doing Jacob's loyalty quest thingy.

@Portal: Yeah, but soldiers generally aren't intelligent at all, at least not on the servers I play on :P

It's literally just I see a soldier, we stand on opposite sides of a room for a bit, he explodes.

I'm starting to think I'm one of the only people who uses the blast... no one ever expects it... it's really fun to knock people into those deathtraps, though :D need to get better at using the Axtinguisher, though, yesterday I never used it...

Mein Kraft.
Making a 1 block road into a 3 block road takes up a lot of resources.

@SirBryghtside: Yeah, for some reason, a lot of players just don't see it coming.
That's why they often get pissed when you puff and sting them with the Axtinguisher :P

TF2, trying the Pyro again. I started using the Axtinguisher more, but at the expense of actually being good at the game :P

Eventually I'll be awesome...


Got a shotgun with a very tight spray, a lightning effect, and fast firing/reload time.

I'm in business.

Doom 2 - beat about 3 levels, still bored. I'm going to finish it, but it's just getting tiring.


I think that says it all. Got my strange rocket launcher today, and that match boosted it up over 200 XD

Still practising Degreaser + Shotgun + Axtinguisher Pyro on that Arena server. Carried one match, really proud of that :D

Most intense moment in the game was when I looked up at the player count, and saw I was the only guy. They had three. Managed to get a lucky shot on the heavy, Axtinguishered another, and sat on the point. I couldn't see the guy, so I was really tense.

Rocket comes out of nowhere.

I dodge and look in the direction it came from. Another one comes out, I deflect it, but I still don't see the guy. Keep watching, and I turn round to see him coming out of the entrance behind me. Reflect a rocket, hit, he gets out shotgun. I get out shotgun, but I'm on about two health at this point, so I die in one hit. The guy who killed me was Ash Ketchum, though - he was the pro on the server - so it was still pretty awesome.


I don't want to talk about it....

@SirBryghtside: And that is what happens when you practice.

And use a good loadout too ;P

Metroid Prime 2, started the Sky Temple Key collection thingy. I'm nearly finished all my games D:

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