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Dark Souls surprisingly. Got up to Ornstein & Smough with my rapier character.

This is the single fucking worst boss fight EVER.
I seriously doubt the Bed of Chaos even holds a candle to these fuckers.

Next chance I get, I'm summoning Solaire to be a distraction so I can murder the fuck out of them.

@Portal Maniac: Well, I stopped fast traveling (I'd pretty much only just got to Solitude last time I played anyway) and shit, you were right. Stuff everywhere. I started kicking myself and just traveled back to Riverwood and back again trying to find anything I might have missed. Good shout.

Anyway, Skyrim. Tons of it. I just finished Diplomatic Immunity and I'm on my way to Riften. Constantly distracted. There's still too much stuff to do, but it's all immensely awesome. I feel so slow, seeing as I've only just had a chance to play this game. Last thing I managed to do was the second part of the Gauldur Amulet quest. I killed one of the brothers, an archer. He didn't take long to fall to my ridiculous archer Redguard.

Skyrims, everytime, all the time. Currently working me way through my quest backlog, then planning to get back to the main quest after that is done.

Dark Souls.
After dying a dozen times to Ornstein and Smough again, I decided to fuck it, backtrack to the female undead merchant, buy ~115 poison arrows, go back, and leash the hell out of the two fuckers until poison killed them off.

So now I'm in the Oolacile Sanctuary with the Lordvessal for when I might have free time this weekend.

Dark Souls: Sitting just past Artorias, kinda bummed that my character is such a glass cannon (50 INT, 16 STR to one-hand Moonlight GS, but very low VIT and END and I don't enjoy casting much at all). The Moonlight Greatsword is just so sexy.

Skyrim: After starting over for the millienth time, and getting a new GPU because my old one only had 1GB of VRAM, I can finally use some high-res textures and an ENB filter without crushing my framerate.

Regrettably playing WoW again, mainly because it's the only MMO anyone I like to play with is playing. I would much prefer to be back in RIFT, TSW, or even SW:TOR. Unfortunately everyone I know is on the LoL/HoN train. Played a bit of DOTA 2 but couldn't really get into it.

Bed of Chaos is just cheap and gimmicky imo, O&S is a finely tuned, incredibly challenging boss encounter. The first time I beat them with a pure melee character (always killing Smough first because I'm a sadist), felt incredible. Almost as good as beating Flamelurker as melee the first time in Demon's Souls. For some reason I have perfect timing when it comes to parrying regular monsters, but once I miss one parry on a parryable boss I totally fall apart. I hope they realize that no one enjoyed the cheap gimmick fights and just stick with the brutally challenging but still fair fights they had in the first two games.

Dark Souls. Made a quick new game to try out a character type I didn't try yet, since some videos I watches had some pretty sick looking strength-weapons.
Heavy-armor blunt-weapon strength knight.

Holy hell, I just BLEW THROUGH Undead Berg, Parish, and the Depths all in a couple hours.
PLUS taking a detour through Darkroot Garden, killing the Moonlight Butterfly with the witch (did this first actually and derped when I got the bombs for a gift.... didn't realize the demon hammer needed 50 strength), then I went up to Havel and parried his ass to submission so I could use his ring to MOVE with this armor.

Then I killed a hydra just cuz.
Even at just +5, that bleeding club the undead merchant sells is hilariously strong. Gaping Dragon never went down so fast for me :o

Took a break from Skyrim to blast through Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in about a day each. Got a perfect trophy collection for II. Not got everything in Brotherhood, but still. Rome's about 80% renovated, 6 out of 10 recruits at Assassin level. Not bad.

Just started up Revelations now. I'm going to try and blast through the story as quick as possible since it's my least favourite one, and then I'm done with the series until March.

I would feel bad about just sitting around gaming for days at a time but York's covered in snow right now and, this being Britain, the entire city has shut down because of it so there's bugger all else to do.

Haha, Ornstein & Smough

Used my +10 Great Club on their asses. Only died once, and that was because I had just woke up and was still getting into Dark Souls mode.

Strength weapons + heavy armor = OP as shit

@SirBryghtside: Sorry to hear 3 doesn't live up to the series standard. I freaking LOVE the Max Payne series, but I just can't bring myself to play 3, because it looks to change everything I liked in the original games. :(

OT: Skyrim, mostly. Doing random quests, exploring, and working on the Thieves Guild quest-line now. Gotta say, with each Elder Scrolls game, Bethesda's skill at creating compelling quests just gets better and better. :D

Started playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations then stopped after an hour or so. I'd forgotten just how bad it was. Went back to Skyrim instead.

I'm just on the Season Unending quest, but I forgot I half-started the Stormcloak stuff ages ago so now I've got to do a couple quests for them so Ulfric will actually speak to me.

I've been playing Dota 2 recently because I don't have access to my xbox at the moment. If I did I would be playing Dark souls which I got recently.

Anyway, so this is where you guys are hiding, huh?

Welp, beat Skyrim's main quest. Now I'm wandering around figuring out what questline to do next. I'm torn between sorting out the civil war, doing the daedric quests or helping out all the Jarls and seeing if I can become Thane of anywhere else.

Bed of Chaos.

The cuntiest of cunts.

That is all I shall say about it.

Got Antichamber after seeing a few minutes of gameplay.

Dear god, this is deliciously simplistic and mindfucking.

Walking Dead: Currently on episode 3, and man did this game change tone FAST. Also: everyone is dropping like flies. The main cast is down to about a third of what it once was. And my waifu is dead. D:

Skyrim: Joining up with the nightingales. They have the coolest light armor ever. :D

Against all logic, ignoring what everyone else said, I started up Final Fantasy XIII. I thought it couldn't be as bad as everyone made it out to be, and I reasoned that if I went into with low expectations, I might not mind as much.

How wrong I was. Bloody dreadful.

I also discovered a free PSN game by Halfbrick called Jetpack Joyride, which is surprisingly addictive, so I've been putting in time on that. Also, doing the Companions on Skyrim.

Beat Dark Souls.
Final boss is such a bitch. Didn't realize that he was so easy to parry. You would think they would have at least made his parry window incredibly small, but nooooo.

Then started an Artorias character.
Killed Sif, gonna crafted the Cursed Greatsword, now I'm off to Sen's.

I have murdered Artorias, at long last.

So I took his soul, threw it at the Giant Blacksmith, and got the Abyss Sword. Which is fucking fantasticly amazeballs with some humanity.

Then I ran up to Domhnall, bought his armor, threw ALLLLLLLL of my shit at Frampt, used up all the boss souls I had left, then flew back up to the Giant Blacksmith, bought a HELL of a lot of twinkling titanite, and upgraded the armor (except the helmet for now) to +5.

I look fucking amazing. Need to get my endurance up so that I can equip the Wolf Ring with it too, though.

Beat the Companions questline and I'm currently in Labyrinthian for the Mages College. Killed a couple more Dragon Priests, got a few more Daedric Artifacts. Picked up the Dragonborn DLC for 6.49 when it went up on the PSN yesterday and I've installed it, but I've decided to hold off going to Solstheim until I'm done with the guilds and Civil War in the vanilla game.

Beat Antichamber.

........... Wow. That was fucking awesome.

Replayed Deus Ex: Human Revolution on a hard mode, no (non-scripted) kills, no alarms run, while also being a paragon of humanity.

The Faridah sequence was fucking hard. And it's always fun to talk down Taggart and Darrow.

Then I felt like trying to re try the original Deus Ex. So I got all the graphics mods (seriously, only fucking 4 of them are big enough to be worth getting), and it still looked like ass compared to vanilla Morrowind.
Didn't even get to the top of the Statue of Liberty before getting frustrated.

Bought, played and beat Okami HD over the course of the last 4 days. I loved that game back on PS2 and it's still one of the best games out there, but in glorious high definition. Some of the challenges for the stray beads pissed me off though and grinding 2 million yen for the last technique was a boring couple of hours, but oh well.

Started playing Max Payne 3. My thoughts so far are... Mixed. Still trying to figure out how to approach the game. Not sure if that is good or bad...

Also, Skyrim. Currently working on beating the Mage's Guild storyline. Also: Bound-Sword + Fireball = OP as hell, but super fun. :P

Finally gave Feed The Beast a try since the Minecrafters in Ponychat have been talking about it for a while.

This..... Thaumcraft.....
It intrigues me immensely.
And this giant tree forest, where trees are actually tall.....

Haven't done much. In limbo, waiting for the parts for my computer to come.

Picked up Uncharted, Darksiders and Dante's Inferno for short game relief. I kind of felt I needed them after 100 hours on Skyrim and 40 hours on Okami HD. Played Darksiders up to Tiamat, found it pretty dull and Dante's Inferno up to Greed. It's slightly better than Darksiders but it's still a pretty average God of War knock-off. Ah well.

I Fed the Beast, specifically Thaumcraft. This mod is just fucking amazeballs.

Went out looking for another silverwood tree. Found a forest that has at least four of them, and a few greatwoods. Chopped 3 silvers and 2 greatwoods down, and several saplings of both.
My mountain home is going to get interesting with these new trees :3

Dark Souls. Decided to try out using shields as weapons.

If you're comfortable doing significantly less damage due to low natural damage and pretty much no scaling...... it's actually not that bad.
The two-handed strong attack is amazing because its charge-up time still counts you as having your shield up. And two handing in general still lets you block, which is coolio.

Then I switched to fist weapons because I actually want to try to be decent.
Punching shit is fun as hell. Going down to Blighttown to get the claws from Shiva next time I play.
dat bleed
It will be so sexy

Played the God of War: Ascension demo that just went up on the PSN. I thought the opening cinematic was rubbish, particularly the style they chose for it, but the gameplay is still good fun and the sense of scale is still intact. Took me a minute or two to get used to the slightly different control scheme, but I do like the way they've changed it. Overall, decent stuff, I'll probably pick up the game when it comes out.

Also bought and downloaded the HD re-releases of the PS2 and PSP God of War games while they're on sale and blasted through Chains of Olympus in a handful of hours. Just waiting on the first God of War to finish downloading now to see me through until morning.

Doos Ecks.

Just quit out due to feels and having been playing for a good while.

Hermann just took me prisoner and I'm making the escape, and apparently the fuckers murdered Paul even though I fought with him out of that hotel :c

@SirBryghtside: Except I did. I even cleared through the whole hotel lobby :|

EDIT: Oh shit

It dawned on me today in between classes. That Daedalus fellow..... I thought he seemed familiar.....

He was in the Human Revolution DLC that helped out Adam!

@SirBryghtside: I think he was.

Daedalus' voice was eating at me all this morning since I could have sworn I've heard it before.

Then something made me think about Human Revolution, something clicked, and I'm 90% sure that the guy that busted Adam out of the brig had the same voice.

It'd make sense too seeing as how in both scenarios they were able to fuck up security to free someone.

Blasted my way through both God of War collections as quick as I could. I now have a three-week break from my PS3 so hopefully by then I'll be ready for more Skyrim. Still got to beat that Mage College questline.

Looks like the Escapist is out to reabsorb WarCry into its regular forums
If it goes through, I'll probably not be able to post anywhere again.
@SirBryghtside: You know where to find me if I suddenly disappear from here

Otherwise, Doos Ecks

Met Tracer Tong and got that nasty matter of business sorted out

Dark Souls

Beat it for the second time evar :D


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