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Last thing you did in a game?

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Replayed some other old games: The Blues Brothers: Lol wtf am I doing?
Blue Brothers Jukebox Adventures: Crashed at start. Also, this is the kind of retarded shit that turns me off movie-based games. I mean, what did either of these have to do with the movie?
Prehistorik: Bleh, lame.
Prehistorik 2: Crashed at start, which sucks since this was like my favorite of these crappy games when I played these like 15 years ago.
Titan: Boring and glitchy.
Battlestorm: Crashed before start.
Titus the Fox: Lol wtf am I doing?
Super Cauldron: Lol wtf am I doing?
Fire and Forget: Repetitive.
Crazy Cars 3: Actually OK, although the higher level I tried was the lower level with everything sped up to absurd levels.
The makers, Titus, were involved in Superman 64 and are known for low quality games, to put things in perspective.

Then I tried Apogee: Animals (or w/e): Wow I didn't know they made games this boring.
Monster Bash: Alright, although the lives system can fuck off.
Cosmo: Alright but a little repetitive.
Commander Keen: Omfg why would they think making it a one hit to die game would pair well with a lives system and a gameover setup?
Commander Keen 4: Better but still suffers the same problem.
Hocus Pocus: Can't install properly.

God damn I'm glad games are where they are now.

Anyway, I have been playing Dark Souls and Blood for a while now. Both are really good. Just beat Darkroot Garden in Dark Souls and I am in the hedgemaze level in Blood.

I got the mineral badge in Pokemon Heartgold

I killed some bloak in TF2.

I... hmm I don't remember the very last thing I did. Last night it was nuking a Russian city. Today... probably upgrading my Lancers into Anti-Tank guns. My Lancers who long ago were Jaguar warriors that wandered into some ruins and became spearmen, while their brothers upgraded normally into swordsmen and are now infantry.

Captcha: Choose DISH

Brainwashing >__>

I sucked badly at 'Super Baseball 2020'. I was also surprised it looked and played as well as it did. (Also, robots that look like R2DR)


Urinated on a bunch of Asian dudes andoh shit this is the video games site...

Uh, played MvM. They need to fix the damn leaving system.

of yeah MANN UP mode is so frustrating. So swear?

Shooting up some robots in Vanquish

I killed some bloak in TF2.

This... to be more precise I put an arrow through a Heavy's head... Huntsman= just spam in their general direction while moving in and out of cover and you'll get a kill...

@Evil Smurf: Wait what? I think I'm misreading your post. My problems with it are the lack of players joining games in progress while quitting games constantly. Keep in mind there are no handicaps or anything to help if your team is down a few members.

OT: Finally got back into an old computer hard drive/whatever and looked at some old games. My old Diablo 2 characters were the main target. After single player I looked at my old Battlenet characters. LMAO when one of them is named after my easy password. Apparently security wasn't a huge issue for me back then.

I think ripping off 4chan would have made that less boring.

Edit: Captchas on Warcry? I'll miss those spam bots(no I won't).

Been playing some Dead Rising, after realising I hadn't played it in an age, and I killed the convicts in their annoying vehicle.

I ran around in Minecraft making big trees even bigger while my friend tinkered with a few redstone contraptions.

Kicked Snoop Dogg in the face really hard until he fell over.
Def Jam: Fight for NY is kickass.

Beat MvM again. I don't think I'm going to play it for a bit, way too annoying.

Took over Europe and most of Asia. China started off in Africa and were my only serious opposition outside of the Americas, so I nuked most of Northern Africa so I could reach Beijing quickly without having to deal with opposition at each city. Then I built a space ship and won. Hooray Civ V!

my lvl 55 Typhlosion just beat a Rocket Grunt's lvl 23 Muk

Rolled a new character in Torchlight.

Not sure why but I just can't get into it like Diablo 2.

Just started The Witcher 2 on Dark Mode...

Check it out, Lear! I am the real winner!

Decided to finally beat KOTOR after having it since Christmas, feels good to cross something off my backlog again. Still going to be a massive challenge - the Steam Summer Sale made sure of that - but I'm getting there.

Oh, I died repeatedly against the final boss in Ratchet and Clank. So, I had to go and grind bolts to afford the RYNO, and I'm about halfway there now. Sigh.

I got a bit pissed at a friend for screwing with something after telling him TO LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE. And to think I sometimes question why I've played Minecraft alone so much.

Killed Nazis on Wolfenstein 3D while waiting for Black Mesa Source to install. So pumped for this :D

Some of the stuff I've been up to since last time: Played through Plants vs Zombies (great game), more Warlords Battlecry 2, and a ton of Roller Coaster Tycoon. Tried making a Homestuck-themed park and did alright but I can't finish it until the last of the trolls are revealed.

I just generally screwed around in Minecraft. Didn't really do much.

Hmm... haven't actually played a game in ages. Guess the last thing was beating Black Mesa a couple of days ago, was a lot of fun (but GAH CROUCHJUMPING).

About fucking time. Now there can be some peace and quiet around here.

Anyways, I ragequit Black Mesa due to the laser-o-explosions room. Hahanope

Plus League of Legends. Tried out Udyr, Warwick, and Blitzcrank now that they're free.
All I'll say is, Blitzcrank is best robot, and I am so bad with Udyr that the bots won. Twice.

@SirBryghtside: Ugh, tell me about it.

I hate hate hate HATE the bloody crouchjumping. And 90% of the time it's only because you need to get slightly higher. Why couldn't they have just kept the jumping the same and NOT be a hassle to get onto this slight ledge that's only about 5 inches above the ground?

I finished Human Revolution, and . . .

That ending seemed so... well incomprehensible.

The last thing I did a few days ago was go 15 and 0 on TDM in MW3. It felt good.

Started going through the latest Humble Bundle. Last thing I managed to do was finish Torchlight yesterday. Not a bad game, but definitely gets a bit repetitive.

Been playing random crap lately, such as Pox Nora (in preparation for the expansion last Wednesday. Not my favorite but it was ok, though the glitches got me irritated enough to get back out of the game). Playing Pokemon right now, leveling random dudes. Really wish they'd improve the endgame.

Last weekend I organized 2 playthroughs of Halo: Reach with some members of the Escapist, it was pretty great!

Why does Final Fantasy 4 suck so bad? And my DS had such a good good game streak going too...

Why does Final Fantasy 4 suck so bad? And my DS had such a good good game streak going too...

Final Fantasy IV DS is so unbelievably god-awful. Just... I have no idea how they screwed it up so much. Really, compare it to the other re-(re-re-re)release, the Complete Collection on the PSP and the difference in quality is almost palpable.

For me, just started replaying Chrono Trigger on DS and just downloaded and started on Black Mesa. Had a lot of throwing flares at zombies.

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