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Did the second mission on Metroid Prime Hunters. First person on a DS is surprisingly alright, and the game's been pretty fun so far - though it's nothing like a proper Metroid game. There seem to be only two or three collectibles per mission, each mission only takes around 20 minutes to complete at most, and it looks like there are only seven of them. Still, the game design is as solid as ever, with the boss fights surprising me by being actual main series standard so far. And even if it is short as I'm expecting it to be, I managed to get it for under a fiver, and it's more probably better value than a Subway :P

@Portal: You'll always be Portal Maniac in my heart~~~ :3

Finally felt motivated to actually finish Pokemon Y today.

Bam. Turned on the XP share for the section between 8th badge and the elite 4. Massively overlevelled for the champ (and for reference, I was only like 3 levels max above 8th gym's pokemon).
New XP share: love the direction they took with it, but holy shit did they fuck up the level curve so hard is it hilarious. Leave it on and you one-shot everything without trying. Leave it off and you're level-starved within a single town.

My reaction when Ampharos begins learning dragon pulse
It's okay Bipen
We knew you were a real dragon all along, you don't need to pretend anymore

Also holy fuck that postgame content
"Here's the battle frontier copycat that let's be honest you will never actually participate in. Also have a fancy radar to grind for a shiny or whatever, we don't care"

@SirBryghtside: What are you, gay or something?

Playing as the Oberkommando West, I sent a King Tiger across the Pine River Dam in winter and smashed four bases - two Soviet and two American. They had no chance, the poor fools.

Much like Tyler Lautner's film career, this layout needs work.

Failed horribly at beating Gothik in the latest Naxxramas Quarter - tried like 4 different decks against him over and over and none of them worked :/ the AI actually seems to be competent now, and the odds are stacked against you even more than usual (he literally has twice the mana and cards the entire game). There's got to be a trick to it, but I'm probably not going to work it out at 3AM.

@Portal: Only for Nathan Fillion :3

So after realizing that I can actually use the online features in a Pokemon game for the first time, I have opened one hell of a door in Pokemon Y

Creating a living Pokedex

It all started one night when I discovered wonder trading, you see. After getting 3 dozen Panmonkies, I actually got some extra starters and other cool shit. And then it struck me that I could use the GTS for stuff like trading haunters for haunters

And then after finding out how easy it is and the ability to leave a Pokemon up for trade and go do other things.....

Well, let's just say I've been getting my ditto some hawt action while I try to hunt down version-exclusives I need

And then tonight I'm going to be booting up my Heart Gold (which I thankfully never actually reset) and harvest any Pokemon I need from that, like Ho Oh and those damn cats

@SirBryghtside: Say, you're a big Pokemon nerd
Would people be willing to pay/trade something really really rare for something with Pokerus?

I got a 12-1 run in Arena with one of the worst decks I've ever drafted.

And the card that dealt the final blow was a 10/1 Angry Chicken.

Okay, this time I'm uninstalling Hearthstone for real :P

@Portal: I haven't ever really done online trading (last time I was really trying to catch them all was 4th gen, and I didn't have a Wi-Fi adapter back then), but I think Pokérus is fairly common online, thanks to it just multiplying infinitely. Might be able to scam someone though :D

Don't mind me, I'm totally not using an action replay to collect the ultra-pain-in-the-ass legendaries to get like Arceus and Rayquaza and Regigigas and stuff
Because god damn if every fucking person online with any of those types of legendaries is asking for a Diancie or Jirachi, even though those pokemon aren't even allowed to enter the GTS

@SirBryghtside: God dammit
Here I was hoping I could get a free legendary like Xerneas for this bloody Luvdisc

Trying to gather as many collections as possible at once in Everquest 2. Up to like 300-400. Turning them all in on Monday.

Beat Metroid Prime Hunters. I take back what I said earlier - turns out that past the 4th mission you start doing some standard Metroid backtracking, which turned out to be pretty damn boring given that everything was so repetitive. Every single room involved clearing out some samey enemies to unlock a door, every mission involved getting three keys in the same way to get to the boss, and the bosses...

Eugh. I really regret praising them earlier, because the first two were well-designed, it turns out that those same two were recycled for the rest of the game with really minor variations - the only exception being the final boss, which was so bad that half the time all you have to do is stand still and mash 'L' - I ended up loading up a Hearthstone stream just to stave off the boredom. Still, despite all this (and the hand cramps) it wasn't that bad - still fun, and pretty damn impressive for a DS game from a purely technical perspective. Definitely not the worst thing to come out of the series, at least.

Final count: 520 collections turned in at once. Went from level 44 to 81 and got a million useless cosmetics.
Worth it.

Still working on that living pokedex

So far, generations 1-3 are done (with a perfect on gen 2). Gen 4 is only one or two evolutions away from being finished.
Just might have it finished by tomorrow night, assuming I'm not forgetting any more trade-evolutions.

Of course, I'm not even attempting to get the event-exclusive Pokemon. That would just be fucking stupid. Ain't nobody going to give up Mews or Diancies for reasonable prices

Beat the second last Naxx wing on Heroic. Pretty damn hyped for Tuesday, when I finally get the awful looking card back that I've been hitting my head against a brick wall for five weeks to have :P

Finished my Pokedex, then uploaded it all into the Pokebank along with my newfound shiny Ampharos and Umbreon that are totally going right on my team

Then I went on to Heart Gold and began my 3rd attempt at a Nuzlocke.
Currently faffing around Goldenrod City and haven't lost a single pokemon yet (dayum Bugsy's scyther was a close call though; good thing I caught an onix in that cave).
And nothing feels better in a Nuzlocke than finding your 1 pokemon in the area as an abra that teleports the fuck away

EDIT: Scratch that. Not even an hour after posting this, my rising star zubat (lovingly named Storm) got cut down a couple levels before he would have evolved into a golbat and then into a badass crobat.

Which then triggered a massive spree of newcomer deaths, which has me convinced my hoothoot has been poisoning them or something since he keeps getting benched to fill the spot. So now that bastard is kept in his own box away from the rest of my backups.

Beat the final wing of Heroic Naxxramas. Had loads of trouble on the penultimate boss - his ability wipes your board, which means only a few cards are any good with no real benefit to you and you have to build around it hard. Eventually won with 1 life left and about to take 4 damage fatigue, then went onto the final boss expecting it to be even worse... and then beat it first try with my ladder Paladin. Huh.

Still, loads of fun, and I'm really interested in what the meta will turn into now that all the new cards are released. Hopefully it's not just Hunters and Warlocks forever :P

Nuzlocke's getting painful now

Fought Chuck. I was prepared for his Poliwrath, but I forgot about his Primeape. And oh sweet fucking christ did it cost me. He opened with 6 double-teams (I had no guarantee hits like aerial ace), and then began spamming focus punch like the biggest cunt ever. That fucker alone took down my Nidorina, Magnemite, and Croconaw.
Thankfully my ace, Gyarados, knew dragon rage and was able to get some luck-hits and save me from a full team wipe.

Now I thought I was fucked there because of Jasmine's Magnemites because Nidorina was going to be my solution to them with the awesome double kicks. But then my saving grace of Geodude from day 1 came from the heavens, and after several hours of grinding training, he led the charge and bitchslapped her right in the tits without any deaths.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut now I'm really in a pickle. I don't have many options left to catch pokemon, and the next gym is ice. And the closest thing I have to counter ice pokemon would be either Gyarados's neutrality, my plethora of shitty water pokemon that can't carry, a pain-in-the-ass-to-train Koffing, and a Girafarig.

My only consolation is if he can survive long enough, Gyarados may be able to deal with that motherfucking god awful Claire and her dragon gym because of his ice fang.
If not..... Well, it'll be a long grind in the ice cave.

Oh and I forgot that you don't get the EXP share in Heart Gold until Lake of Rage at the earliest
So yeah never Nuzlocking this bitch again

@Dorian: Yeesh, glad I never tried a run. Hope it turns out ok.

OT: Just more generic gaming.

Continuing the Nuzlocke. Beat up Pryce and only lost my poliwhirl (what a champ).
Luckily that gives me the perfect opportunity to bring in my seel and bring him up to speed in time for the goddamn dragon cuntbitch gym. Went and got that EXP share too.
Going through the radio tower as I type this trying to get my koffing to 35 so it can finally evolve and hopefully not have terribad stats.

EDIT: Well koffing's dead

Also did a lot of Dark Souls yesterday.
If I remember right..... I went from having Lost Sinner killed and was in the Iron Keep.... all the way to finishing my NG, aside from the DLC area.

Even found some cool shit I never knew existed before too! Like the helix halberd, Oloman's staff or whatever it is, the grand lance, and a ton of bonfire ascetics. I have 40 of those things and I haven't even used a single one to farm any up :o

@oppp7: Yeah, would not recommend Nuzlocking Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Probably one of the worst games to do it for. Partly for the EXP share, and partly for TMs are still one time use in this.

If I fail and try a new Nuzlocke, definitely going to be White 2 instead of this

Birthday Portal, just as good as I remember. A lot's changed for me IRL since I last played through this game, and it's nice to have that anchor. Hopefully I can actually get things right this time.

@Dorian: I've tried doing a Nuzlocke before, but every time I just end up going back to the Pokémon Center after every battle because I'm too scared not to :P

I beat Claire
And it's all thanks to my dear friend ColdPotato that fell in combat to that piece of shit kingdra with a bullshit critical hyper beam

Never used a dewgong before. Didn't know they were so insanely tanky. Those defenses really saved my bacon going into this gym, and that STAB super-effective nevermeltice-boosted aurora beam was really the only reason I was able to go from entrance to exit without anyone else losing their life

ColdPotato, you were easily the most crushing loss of this run so far. You will be missed, my friend

@SirBryghtside: Happy birfday m8 <3

Had an amazing 12-2 run as Mage. For some reason my last few arenas, despite not playing many have been ridiculously consistent - 3 of my last 4 have gone 12 wins, with the other one still passing the 7 boundary and going 8-3. But yeah, really solid deck with some funky Naxxramas synergy (I actually picked a Leper Gnome over Raid Leader, a card I'd normally value higher, to complement my one Undertaker - a move that ended up working amazingly in practice) culminating in a ridiculously tense, down-to-the-wire match with a zoo-like Warlock deck for the final win.

Again, prizes mostly sucked, but at this point that's more my fault for having all the cards than anything else. I at least got a hell of a lot of gold, which translated into around 200 dust worth of packs, bringing me ever closer to Tirion :D

@Dorian: Thanks bro :3

Also, I think I might finally join you in the whole not-posting-on-the-forums thing. That Zoe Quinn mess really opened my eyes to how much gaming communities just suck, and it's only going to get worse on the Escapist thanks to the influx of 4chan and Reddit conspiracy theorists the thread itself brought in. Feels kind of liberating to be honest :D

More pokemon and also Dark Souls 2

Finished up the Crown of the Old Iron King. Meh.
Place had a lot of asshole areas with even bigger asshole enemies. Blatantly reused an existing boss with a color palate swap.
The two new bosses are pretty alright. One seems like he shouldn't be that hard but he is, and the other seems like he should be HELLA hard but isn't really (if you can dodge quickly). If you though Ornstein was fast, this motherfucker has some shit to shove down your throat.
Also yay for the returning Greatsword of Artorias~

After grinding for like 4 days in my spare time, I got my team to level 40+, then went and fought the kimono girls without a loss (hot dayum is lickilicky tanky as fuck). Ho-Oh got flawless-victoried by my gyarados. Legendaries are such massive letdowns in pokemon games, I swear.
And then on my way to pre-victory road training I managed to catch a goldeen (alright), a doduo (FINALLY someone who might learn fly), a ponyta (sweet jesus thank you), and a rhyhorn.
And then my dragonair died like a bitch. Fantastic.
So then I picked out a few candidates to replace it, and my options are down to the ponyta and a swinub.
My main concern for filling in this gap is Lance. If I lose my gyarados sometime between here and him, I will have zero counter to any dragon I encounter, which is a tremendously huge issue with him.

@SirBryghtside: The fun stuff is the usergroups m8

One of the few that I know are constantly active is the MLP group, which I post in regularly.
And if you aren't big on ponies, you won't really encounter them after a couple users insist on doing their usual greeting (or a new season starts up).

Started on Season 2 of the Walking Dead after picking the whole collection up for 60% off the other day. Really awesome that they did that so close to release.

Anyway, seems pretty good so far (especially this one hard to play scene where you have to stitch up a wound), but it has the same problems as season 1 did as far as your choices not seeming to have any major consequences. I mean... I wasn't expecting them to this time around, but it's still a shame that everything feels so superficial. Never going to understand why this game gets a pass for what everyone railed against Mass Effect 3 for doing, especially given that the choices are literally the entire game this time around.

@Portal: I've been hanging around in the Brovengers a bit, but I'll check that one out too :D as far as ponies goes, I watched the first season, and while I thought it was a pretty good show I really didn't get what all the hype was about. Definitely not averse to it, though.

Fluttershy is best pony

Dark Souls 2 mostly

Working on my new main and trying my damnedest to collect everything possible in it. Already have all the hexes, most armors/weapons now. Just need to farm up the pain-in-the-ass stuff and also get to NG+2

On a side note I also marathoned that new season of Korra because I am horrible at week-to-week watchings
Sweet jesus fucking holy schomley I cannot contain how much I loved that season and I am already wet in the panties that season 4 is coming out in January

@SirBryghtside: Just don't contaminate us with that casualness okay?

Got a 12-2 arena run with Paladin (for some reason I've had like 3 runs with that class in a row go 12, so awesome), and with the packs managed to pull a Malygos (pretty useless but incredibly fun legendary) and hit 1600 dust, meaning I finally crafted Tirion Fordring :D feel a lot more happy playing arena now, partly because there's all these weird Naxx interactions, but mostly because I actually have a goal in sight now, given that I only really need 2 or 3 legendaries before I can make every viable deck.

More Nuzlocking and Dark Souls 2

Currently training up my team to fighting status on Victory Road. Ended up choosing the swinub to fill the empty slot and currently have him up to a mamoswine. With him, at least I have something that can take a hit and counters dragons and electrics.
Holy shit though did he give me a heart attack just now though. He was at half health, and I used that ice quick-attack move on a graveller by mistake (instead of the special move), and it survived and self-destructed immediately, of course. Mamoswine went from halfish health to one HP
Oh and I also encountered a shiny donphan, so totally caught that shit if for no other reason because I can transfer it on to my Y version later

Dark Souls 2, farming up a storm.
Holy fuck
Getting the visible armor of Aurous is the biggest pain in my ass that has ever happened in a souls series game ever
And yes, that is including Ornstein & Smough encounter on my SL1 playthrough.
Jesus fucking christ, way to go FromSoft. Making incredibly rare drop rates on enemies that spawn once in an area and don't respawn, and also require you to kill the annoying area boss each time you use an area-reset item to farm it

I still suck at CCS. Just in case anyone wanted a status report on that.

The Elite 4 has been conquered.

I went in with a pretty decent team; gyarados, lickilicky, mamoswine, girafarig, electrode, and heracross
All but the giant bug came out alive

Shame, but heracross died in quite a bullshitty way. He was fighting Bruno's hitmontop and used aerial ace, which almost one-shot it
Motherfucker used counter
He didn't stand a chance against it
RIP Slenn. Shame you got fucked up right before the dark person was up.

Afterwards, I benched electrode and took on flaaffy & spinarak for the team. Electrode was showing himself to be utterly terrible, and spinarak was pretty much my only poison type that would learn any okay moves that fit with its stats. May regret this choice because it doesn't look like its stats are going to be anything worth a damn.

And now that I'm in Kanto, I'm casually picking up gym badges while I use them as training bags to shape up for Red. Already took out Lt. Surge and Sabrina.

Just messing up Hearthstone arena runs. I managed to get Druid, Paladin, Mage and Priest to level 60, so I've been trying to branch out into other classes so as not to waste the experience - but I feel like I'm getting the worst luck in my drafts and runs. The last one I tried was a Shaman that ended up with half the deck being 3-drops simply because the draft didn't give me any other decent cards - still managing to scrape 3 to 5 wins with this awful luck, but I'm running out of gold fast. Probably going to just cheese it and play Paladin every time I get the chance just to balance out all the gold I'm leaking.

Dark Souls 2

Finished up all the farming left to do on NG+, and then headed off to NG++ to get some key things from Chancellor Wellager. Sped through to the 4 old one souls in, like, an hour and a half. Super quick.

And with that, I now have every achievement for the game, and all but 2 items that are equipped in the hands (weapons, shields, staves, etc).

All that remains now is to reach max rank in the bellbros, and then to farm up some obscure armor pieces to finish my collection of every item in the game.
Just some stuff like Heide knight armor, the red lion cape, Durgo's hat, and some odd pieces of priestess clothes.

Got to the final boss on NES Zelda, died pretty quickly though because I had no idea what to do, and he was invisible :P I did manage to reach him while maintaining 5 hearts and a red potion though, so once I find out the strategy it shouldn't be too bad. Contemplating looking up a walkthrough, but I think I'll try a couple of other things first.

Did some Minecraft on a fairly early-stage single-player world.
Currently at the part of the game where enchanting is becoming a thing, so I've been setting up a mob grinder to get easy XP for enchanting.

Once I get a fortune 3 book to smack onto my good pick, I can finally harvest the ~16 diamond ore I silk touch'd
And then I can really gear myself up in good stuff

Playing Borderlands 2 again.Trying to see how many badass tokens I can get and trivialize the game.

Dark Souls 2
Crown of the Ivory King


Eleum Loyce
Easily one of my favorite areas visually in any Souls game

Fairly enjoyable DLC
Level design for the main area felt kinda like Dark Souls 1; really twisty-turny bend-back-on-itself and having absolutely no idea where you are anymore, opening up new shortcuts every which way and going "Oh! I'm here!"
So I'm like 80% sure I overlooked an area, maybe two. Will need to look into it in the next few days once I have more free time.

Saw some player-ghosties at the bonfires with some really fucking nice looking ice armor, so I know I missed that. Or the enemies have them as rare drops and my luck sucks. Either or.

Then I went off to Vendrick with all three crowns in tow.
He talked a bit, told me stuff we already know about the undead curse, and something with the crowns happened
I have no idea what though

Will definitely need VaatiVidya's insight on this one
Unless it means new ending is possible, in which case FUCK I have to beat the game a whole other time to even attempt to see it

Was just playing Hearthstone with some friends when out of a 12-2 Drood arena I finally pulled Jaraxxus - spent the rest of the day just playing stupid randomly generated decks with this on repeat, obviously :D

Did some Minecraft earlier.
What started out as a simple search for a snowy-biome to make an ice castle/manor/palace ended up being a several-hour trial on bringing my new-found horse home

Somehow, while following a coastline, I managed to get off of the main island that my house is on.
How the fuck even

Also I just picked up Smash Bros 3DS and am downloading it now so :3

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