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Last thing you did in a game?

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@oppp7: It basically fucks over your OS so hard that there's no chance of recovery.

Second run of Portal 2. Found a bunch more Ratman dens - still not found the achievement one, though...

TF2. Mostly just messing around with the replay feature.

@SirBryghtside: Ah, that one.

Keep an eye out for that one. It can be pretty damn tricky.

TF2. Found out that if you drop a sandvich, you eat it quicker.

I'm going to try timing it right , so that I get insta heal at just the right time during a firefight.

@Portal: I got to the escape with Wheatley bit before I quit, is it before then?

I managed to find one where you have to blow up a turret behind a grate. That was fun :D

Torchlight. Not too big of a fan of the game, but I'm kinda bored. Tonight I'll either play Pokemon or Guild Wars.


FINALLY de-sheeped/cowed/piged/chickened my house.

@SirBryghtside: It's actually in the part where GLaDOS begins rebuilding the facility. You know, the point where Aerial Faith Plates are first introduced.

@Portal: With fire I hope.

OT: Vanquished some low level area. I'm losing track of what I'm doing anymore.

Pokémon during school. Beat Alder for the first time :D

@Portal: Woah, I missed that by miles... :/

But how is that the last transmission? Wasn't the turret explodey one after that?

TF2. More insane bullshit.

@oppp7: Nope. Removed the grass.

@SirBryghtside: Not a clue what you're talking about.

Doing more difficult areas on Guild Wars now. Getting used to the new Dervish setup.

Spit on a survivor being choked by a smoker.

And still, no achievement :[

Playing Co-Op Portal 2, leads to lots of fights and other hilarious situations.

Mein Kraft.

Good god, it takes a lot of diamond pickaxes and shovels to level out even a portion of a mountain.....

EQ2X and Pox Nora now that they're up again.

The last thing I did in video game? It would have to be saving data right? So you can safely shut the system off without losing your progress. Yes?

blue heartless:
The last thing I did in video game? It would have to be saving data right? So you can safely shut the system off without losing your progress. Yes?

You just ruined the only active thread on this forum. *implodes*

Haha I am sorry. I was only being honest. I suppose I should have read more of the thread before I replied to see what the intention was.

Got up, played StarCraft. Lost StarCraft. Played TF2. Won TF2.

My achievements there included:

-Getting 'Dynasty'
-Getting 'Be Polite'
-Getting 'Kill Everyone You Meet'
-Killing a Heavy/Medic pair... with my Sniper's Machete. I'm proud of that last one :D

Oh, and some such nonsense about having a quintuple digit post count, as of right now.

@SirBryghtside the title is much cooler than the Escapist counterpart which very few people have anymore. In fact I believe the only people that have it use WarCry.

Yup. More Mein Kraft.

Sweet fuck, it takes forever to destroy a mountain. At least my island wall is getting started though.

@SirBryghtside: I'm either calling b.s. for the last one, or you were up against a wounded/terrible Heavy-Medic pair.

Killing Floor. I just downloaded a demo of Tomb Raider: Anniversary that I'm looking forward to playing.

Completed Portal Flash - first time I did that was before I played the original Portal :D

@Portal: Basically, the pair were next to a wall, looking the other way and standing there healing - so I took my opportunity and Jarate'd them. Murdered them with my Kukri before they realised what was going on :P

It's not exactly something you'd expect XD

Yet more Mein Kraft!
One side of the island is complete. Now for the other three sides and building up the citadel walls =__=

@SirBryghtside: Jarate may have helped, but they still must've been terrible. Would've taken the Heavy 3 or 4 hits before he died, plenty of time to keel leetle babbeh man.

Fallout NV. Just took a load of pictures for that Michael Angelo guy.

That guy should grow a pair.

StarCraft: Brood War.

The control system's so awkward compared to the second...

Getting Pokemon for someone on here. Waiting for them to respond.

A bit of Mein Kraft, but more importantly New Vegas' Honest Hearts.

Wow, when Dead Money is better, you really ought to look into things.

Minecraft, finishing off the tunnel that leads to my lake house.

Now, to rebuild it all in glass! ...and dig up half the desert again :P

Grinding Pox Nora stuff. Need more exotics.

Killed more zombies in Killing Floor.

Killed some Black Mesa soldiers in Half-Life: Blue Shift.

Killed a lot of snipers in Team Fortress 2. Well, it was the same sniper.

I think I may have violent tendencies.

Trading is fun. I should play this game like the economics thing it is.

I buy enough keys to open my boxes. Yeah, I don't play that trading game.

TF2. Mostly just the Saxton Hale server and DeGroot Keep once again.

Haven't played Medieval Medic in quite a while. Better than I imagine, if I could fucking aim with the damn crossbow.

TF2. Tried using the Huntsman as Sniper - I swear every one of my kills was a lucky shot.

But I got A LOT of lucky shots. One Pyro I knew was going to be going past a solid wall at some point, so I fired at the time I deemed necessary, before I could see him, and headshotted him as he was coming round the corner.

Does rewatching the entire series of Freeman's Mind count?

If not, then New Vegas stuff in Zion again. Then it crashed.

@SirBryghtside: There is a reason why someone I know named it "Lady Lucksman".

Just sayin'.

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