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Last thing you did in a game?

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StarCrat 2, gave up on the final mission. Going to finish it up tomorrow.

@Portal: The trick is to exit through the door, not the window. That's the trigger the game uses... sucks.

@SirBryghtside: Except I did. I even cleared through the whole hotel lobby :|

EDIT: Oh shit

It dawned on me today in between classes. That Daedalus fellow..... I thought he seemed familiar.....

He was in the Human Revolution DLC that helped out Adam!

StarCraft 2, final mission. Tried it about three times till I got it right, but I pushed through with the artifact on half health and a tiny group of Marines and 'rauders defending it at the end. So, protip if you're ever playing StarCraft on hard? Get those damn engineering bay/armory upgrades. When you're running a 200 supply army, that adds up like a frakking supercomputer.

@Portal: Daedalus was in Missing Link? Did not know this. Dammit, now I have to replay that :P

@SirBryghtside: I think he was.

Daedalus' voice was eating at me all this morning since I could have sworn I've heard it before.

Then something made me think about Human Revolution, something clicked, and I'm 90% sure that the guy that busted Adam out of the brig had the same voice.

It'd make sense too seeing as how in both scenarios they were able to fuck up security to free someone.

Completed Heart of the Swarm. Was amazing.

StarCraft's a weird thing for me, the first portion of the story being a huge part of my childhood - so it's really emotional seeing the plot continue. Kind of a personal thing, that, but I loved the entire game, and the ending was absolutely perfect.

And now I can just play whatever. Think I'll get on that Human Revolution replay next, it's been a long time coming :D

Blasted my way through both God of War collections as quick as I could. I now have a three-week break from my PS3 so hopefully by then I'll be ready for more Skyrim. Still got to beat that Mage College questline.

Looks like the Escapist is out to reabsorb WarCry into its regular forums
If it goes through, I'll probably not be able to post anywhere again.
@SirBryghtside: You know where to find me if I suddenly disappear from here

Otherwise, Doos Ecks

Met Tracer Tong and got that nasty matter of business sorted out

Played some StarCraft 2 multiplayer and won all matches but one. To be fair, I was paying against the bronzest of bronze players, but I felt like I won really comfortably.

@Portal: Yeah, I hope it doesn't stick :/

Dark Souls

Beat it for the second time evar :D


Well, looks like this thread is still around, for now. Now, let's see if this works...

EDIT: Ah, there we go. Well, for OT, derped around in Contra 3. I suck at it and could barely make it past the first level, as usual. XD

Testing... testing... we have lift off. Wonder will happen to Warcry now?

Oh god what the hell is this fuck I don't even

Also Dark Souls I guess
Soul level 1 playthrough fun

More Diablo 2. Still fucked up. Speaking of, is this page being covered by ads for anyone else?

I test-ran New Vegas to see if it's even working still
Surprisingly the launcher did not crash

@oppp7: T'would not be wise for me to answer that

Meh, at least we're still Heroic Champions of Legendary Destiny.

Did like... the first chapter on Spec Ops: The Line. Seems decent enough.

My eyes are still bleeding from this site

Also replaying New Vegas to reassess who I think the best overall choice is
Currently doing NCR playthrough, gonna do a House and Independent playthrough next.
Preeeeetty sure it's safe to rule out Legion as not the best ever :V

Beat the Forest Temple on Twilight Princess. Had the game for ages and only just getting round to it - pretty good so far, I like the squares :P

Bought Surgeon Simulator 2013 since it was on sale for $7 and looked like hella fun.

Do not worry sir I am a professional

@SirBryghtside: Ahhh yus, I loved Twilight Princess sooooo much. I think it might be my favorite Zelda game evar.

Haven't even had a chance to play it in years, so I've forgotten most of everything. What squares you talking about?

Beat Spec Ops. Was great, but I thought the plot was fine without the weird Fight Club ending. Came out of nowhere and didn't seem to have much point in the context of what the game was trying to say.

@Portal: Yeah, I'm enjoying it a lot :D The dark things have this cool art style where they just have pixels everywhere, like this - I really like it.

Surgeon Simulator 2013.

I did a heart transplant IN SPACE :D

@SirBryghtside: Ohhhhh, THOSE squares.

Yes, I REALLY loved what they did with the whole twilight world thing.

Fucking amazing art design period. Even moreso when you remember it's only Gamecube.

Back to Morrowind for whatever reason, bored of every other game. Still on mage character and slowly working my way through Telvanni and the Tribunal - haven't even done main quest yet. This is going to take a very long time.

And after this, I've got stealth! :D

For completely unrelated reason, I am also going back to Vvardenfell.

Decided to mix things up and to actually use magic :o

I went Breton because I don't want my shit wrecked by other mages. Which they will still wreck my shit.

Obscene amounts of Morrowind, still pure mage character. I am Telvanni Hortator/Archmagister, Mages Guild leader and not allowed to continue the temple right now because I'm blasphemous and stuff. Dammit

In Morrowind I've gotten up to... Conjuror, I think? Conjuror in the Mages Guild.
If I recall correctly, my latest duty is to go to Molag Mar and kill a necromancer.

Also League of Legends
The ARAM thingy they updated has gotten me to actually play with my friends on real matches

More Pox Nora and Neopets. Everyone else is playing all these interesting games and I'm just screwing around with the same thing I was doing years ago. I think I have a problem.

Gone back to MineCraft after introducing my girlfriend to it. Found diamond within the first 3 hours, and dug a giant cave into this mountain. Feel like I've made the same amount of progress in a few hours that I did in a few weeks when I started :D

Still haven't found gold, though. And I still hate Endermen.

Morrowind some more. Joined the Imperial Cult to help buff up my skills since I'm being roadblocked in the Mages Guild by them.

Also, while I was exploring the Odai Plateau for some marshmarrow, I noticed something vaguely different shaped in the ground. I thought it was like am alembic or something.

Turned out to be the hilt of an ebony shortsword
I laughed :3

Finally gone back to Cave Story, and I think (hope) that I am on track for the good ending this time. Fairly certain I saved her, and I did it all with the Polar Star too :D

Playing Terraria because a friend got it for me a couple weeks ago

So far, I've killed the Eye of Cthulu, the Eater of Worlds, and Skeletor.
Wearing me a meteorite suit with a space gun and other magic shenanigans, and just now got me a molten pickax.

Beat Cave Story, didn't bother with the hell thing because screw that.

Since my last post, it's been almost Skyrim nonstop.
Got to level 50 for the first time ever today. Had my guaranteed glitched encounter with Alduin (srsly, no matter what I do on any playthrough, he will ALWAYS be 100% invulnerable). On the path to liberating Skyrim from the Stormcloaks, dealt with Mercer and am restoring the Thieve's Guild, killed off the Dark Brotherhood, cured Kodlak and myself of Lycanthropy, may or may not be waiting to murder Anaconda at Winterhold, got both Elder Scrolls for the Dawnguard now (fuck the Soul Cairn to infinity and beyond), and have yet to even consider stepping foot on the ship to Solstheim.

I've been a busy bugger.

Bit of boredom TF2 - mostly just screwed around as sniper running at people with an SMG. It's surprisingly effective :P

Killed Harkon, killed Serana's vampirism, killed Anaconda, killed the Stormcloaks at everywhere but Windhelm, killed a lot of my quests.

Next up: Kill Ulfric Cowardcloak, kill [follower] to appease Boethia, kill Parthurnaax, kill Alduin, and then go off to Solstheim to kill things.

Back to Morrowind again, was letting KotOR 2 install in the background. Completed my Stronghold, did the Ashlander Tribes mission, and now have just got to become Hortator of Hlaalu and Redoran and smash Dagoth Ur in the face until I can finally go back to the Temple.

Feel like playing Skyrim, but then again exams.

More or less did everything I can on Solstheim. Still have a few bits of housekeeping to pull off before I'm done-done there, but for the most part I should be good.

Main questline for it feels less of the Dragonborn doing things, and more of Hermaeus Mora doing things while you're in his presence.

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