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That's why I don't DL mods usually. 'Cept Warcraft 3 mods, but I don't play that that much anymore.

Also generic Demon guy killing everything...

I modded my UT2004 to extremes.

I must have had over 1000 skins and extra weapons for that game.

Last minute school work has kept me from most games. Might play a little Dekaron tonight. We'll see.

Rage-quit from TF2 for various reasons. One of them being that all of the humans were going Heroic and hiding in various places, hoping to be lucky.

Pretty hard to be lucky when you have a rage-Heavy beating the shit out of you, eh?

@Sir Bryghtside: Perhaps you ought to consider building away from the usual spots if you have so many Engies then?

It really pisses people off when there are 90 sentries, and none of them in places that are expected :P

OMG guys, I just played the most AWESOME 2 single player matches of Warlords. The first was this guy with a narrow passage to his base and he kept sending shit at me and had towers in the way, so I spammed back and forth with him until I got my titan (overpowered unit you can only get once per match). I used the titan for a bit, killing everything ever. Meanwhile my hero was standing somewhere else doing nothing. After his titan was dead and most of the towers were gone I sent my titan to wipe out his resources. I also assassinated his hero with the titan, which was awesome. Since my titan could fly I could easily wipe out most of his resouces. After that I sent in my army to kill his base, which they totally did. He couldn't build anything anymore so it was easy. I didn't even lose my titan. The second match was even more intense, and I was fighting Orcs instead of Dwarves. I got his hero early on when my hero stopped being useless or converting and used the ice spells to kill them. Then the game was once again spam against spam. My wisps could keep him back but his armies were like totally impenatrible. I could barely get past the towers he had when I would hit guy wall. After a while I decided to hit his resources again. It was easier because the map was like all spread out and such, and he had few of the resource places captured. But still he kept sending stuff so I had to get a titan again. Now, you're probably wondering why I didn't just spike his mains. That's because him and the dwarves guy had like 5 each! It was crazy. So I sent most of my guys to the below his base, where he didn't tower as much. It also let me guard my resource buildings from converting. My guys and my titan went in and killed everything they could, which included his main resources. After that he died pretty easily, but some of the last units were hard to find for victory. Sweetest ever.

TL;DR: I dropped some acid and played Halo 3.

Finally got back to Dekaron. I should probably tell the Warcry peoples that 2Moons has shut down.

About to go do some more Dekaron or Warlords. Not sure which.

I also need to get back to Everquest 2 Extended. I need more time for everything...

Woo! Sandvich Heavy in Zombie Fortress.

@Sir Bryghtside: Yes. Yes it is.

And when you said you share your profile with your brother, I made a mental note to go hands-off on conversation starters. You'll have to message me first to start it :L

Why don't you guys get into the holiday spirit?

Dark Elves suck on Warlords. Luckily, my hero seems to be getting good enough that that won't matter in the long run.


Brief dicking around on New Vegas. Just couldn't get into it tonight for some reason.

@oppp7: I am! I scammed some idiot on TF2 today with my Festive crate XD

@Sir Bryghtside: You can blame me forgetting I was going Christmas shopping today on that :P

@Portal Maniac: U scamed peepole? Im going to get butthert and angry over it and overreact to this at you. (Sorry, still working off the effects of those videos.)

People in my guild did that, and they weren't even the ones that got screwed.

Anyways, not sure what you did or the severity, but conning is bad m'kay? I'm very disappointed in you.

@oppp7: What?
It was ONLY a Festive crate!

..... Which I traded away for a refined :P

@Protle Mannihic: Bleh blah feh. Don't play TF2 enough to know what a festive crate is.

OT: My Dark Elf hero has gained the ability to summon 4 succubi (powerful air units) with 1 spell, which she can spam. And her mana regenerates rapidly.

Ya, she isn't worthless anymore...

Just traded some stuff and messed with my TF2 backpack.

@overpppppp5927502: You should play more.
And it's basically a new thing that is only available for a limited time.

@That guy: I might, but over the break.

OT: Still playing with the overpowered hero.

Hm...... got interrupted in Zombie Fortress with a complex trade (due to the other person's lack of being able to type cohesively), which ultimately resulted in me getting a good deal of crates (two of which Festives), a Soldier token, a Holy Mackerel, a Troublemaker's Tosslecap, all in exchange for a vintage Medic mirror, a scrap metal, and two spare weapons.

@That gun: NAO

Played that Hedge game. Studying too much to play real games.

@ksjrhiudrgjkf: NO U!

Played some Stick War since my classwork was done with.

You ought to try it if you are prepared to lose about an hour of your life.

@Dic Soupcan: I will eat you.

Woo, worst of my finals done! THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER AND I'M GONNA RAPE IT!

@Hmm mmmhmmm mmmm: I might play some holiday TF2. Try for a few hats. Which ones are the most prestegious?

Zombie Fortress.
Taunt kills.
So. Many. Taunt kills.

@The Great Googly Moogly: The best hats are the ones you give to me because I play much more often than you :3

Got Revengineering and a few other achievements, plus the Southern Hospitality and mecha-arm-thing.

@Dr Cranberry: So I have refined metals. What do I do with them aside from giving them to people? Combine for hats?

Left 4 Dead 2:
Got PWND at the finale of No Mercy because the bot playing Louise got caught and the helicopter wouldn't leave so the tank killed the 3 of us in the helicopter.


Isn't that L4D 1?

OT: Played more TF2. Woo for festive crates?

Isn't that L4D 1?

OT: Played more TF2. Woo for festive crates?

No, new DLC added No Mercy to L4D 2.
No Mercy with L4D 1 survivors but L4D 2 weaponry, equipment and specials

Ah, wasn't sure.

OT: More TF2. Hours in I realized it had been snowing for a few hours and I didn't notice. Or go to the bathroom that entire time.

I'll give it...... oh, an hour before it comes to be fixed.
14 hours if Kuliani's already in bed or unable to do anything about it now.

Usual bout of zombie fortress.
Man, I really need to get back into the regular game again :P

@Dr Venture: You should give them to me. I play more anyways and can make better use of them ;P

WTF is Zombie Fortress? A special map?

OT: Got a hat (football helmet) and ran around battle Engineering for a while. If I could fix the framerate issues I have in EVERY FUCKING GAME I'd probably be able to do good.

@oppp7: Basically. Special game mode.
BLU are Scouts, Heavies, and Spies and restricted to melee only.
RED are everything else and have a few key traits edited.
Pretty fun.

Framerate issue is either your hardware or your ping.
Hold tab during a match to see your ping. If it's greater than 100, it's hardware. Try downgrading your settings by going to options and then video (I think).

Ah, thanks, I'll try that.

And the game type if I can find it.

@oppp7: Give me those hats that have no impact on gameplay whatsoever and I'll bring you into the server in a golden chariot :3

I'm gonna pass...

OT: Played with some people who bought those new weapon packs. They seem alright.

Oh sweet Jebus.
The new game mode is AWESOME.

It actually gives me a REASON to use the Skullcutter, Razorback, and Huntsman! ^___^

Wandered the Capital Wasteland and ended up in Jury Street Metro of all places.

The internet at this hotel sucks. No internet video games for me...

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