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Last thing you did in a game?

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I did some of that League of Draven thing again

Jarvan + Veigar bot lane surprisingly resulted in sodomization for the enemy

@SirBryghtside: hwat


Yeah, he was great :D weirdest thing about him was how he joined in 2003, which made him seem really legit. I actually tried digging into his IRL history on the internet and it actually came up with some worrying results...

Anyways, I've been here since forever so I'll just say FeNinja, Joe, Ultrajoe, Nivag, MaxTheReaper, NoMoreSanity, Furburt, Hubilub, PurpleRain, pimppeter2 (wherever the hell he is), Fanboy, Cheese Pavilion, the Darths and cantfakethefunk and be on my way.

Oh, and DVS has nothing on Hankman :P

I don't even get an honorable mention?!

Pray tell, why do you intend to inflict such injurious harm upon my ego? D:

Protip: playing PvP games as extremely squishy characters when you're at 180 ping isn't exactly recommended

@SirBryghtside: Kawaii~~ <3

The Harrowing has begun.
>mystery gift friend 100% random skin, get Jarvan skin
>receive mystery gift from same friend, get Jarvan skin
>receive second mystery gift from another friend..... get Jarvan skin


Also I restarted Heart Gold, took Chikorita because I felt like it, then decided to slap that bitch in my PC and nab myself a Mareep and pretend that's my starter
Then got a Wooper

I found out I can't get a Vulpix in Heart Gold


I played.... I think it's called a Cards Against Humanity? I played that with a group of friend last night and holy tits did that get funny.

One of my favorites: The meaning of life is A big-breasted 14-year-old sucking on a popsicle

@SirBryghtside: How long until the cast comes off? :P

Oh god
Sooooooo much Terraria
I'm pretty sure I set back the global GDP by about $1 million
Just from how much time I wasted playing it

But my base looks so pretty now

@SirBryghtside: I'd ask you if Director's Cut is worth $5, but it seems like you haven't even finished the game at all :V

Also congrats on finally getting into one of my all-time favorite games of modern days

@TopazFusion: What's your bitch-ass ass doing in my turf, bitch?


I played my first 5s game against actual people as Kassadin ever

Went a helluva lot better than I anticipated. Went 15/8/12, and was pretty much insta-killing anyone I blinked onto and used all my spells on

It was beautiful

@SirBryghtside: So it sounds boring and totally not worth buying myself


A combo between Deus Ex Human Revolution (replaying it for totally different reasons I promise) and Minceraft

Restarted my world and have been building up from scratch. Died when I found my first diamonds, COMPLETELY forgot where the cave was, fell into a ravine (that wasn't at all near the cave), pillared out using some gravel I found, then barely found the right cave in time to somehow get all my shit back
dat adrenaline bro

For Doos Sex, I'm mostly just grabbing the 5 or so achievements I've yet to get, while also doing a shoot-em-up Jensen that's super-angry about his augmentations so he fucks up a lot of his speech challenges and such
Really interesting way to play the game, I tell ya hwat

@SirBryghtside: A month: the new soon

Off to low polygons on the original Doos Ex for me

Just now am about to make the big decision before leaving the US

Reading Song of Fire & Ice (fuck you it's totes a game)

Got to the Red Wedding

Knew what was coming

Chapter immediately following it though


I spent an embarrassing amount of money on mystery skins, half of which I won't even be using because I already have better skins for the same champ >.>

Doos Secks. Just got through the submarine lab thingy. Headed off to deal with Area 51 soonish.

@SirBryghtside: You able to find a video of it? Sounds like something I gotta see :3

Also that DLC is alright from what I remember

Doing the League of Draven some moar.

Turns out Sorakah + Sona is a very surprising combo from the pits of hell that sodomizes literally everyone

@SirBryghtside: Brilliant. 10/5

Firing up DX:HR:ML because yes, I am that desperate for a meaty game. Dark Souls II canNOT come out soon enough.

Plan to be doing a bunch of it tonight, probably all of it.
Finally going to do that no augment or weapon achievement run :3

Beat the Missing Link just like I said. Got the special hard achievement.

5th game I've got that's 100%'d now ^.^

@SirBryghtside: Let me guess

Post-Missing Link praxis refund?

Bought Yasuo.
Oh my god.
Just yes.
So fucking fun to play. So powerful. Such squishy tho.

@SirBryghtside: That..... sounds pretty shitty to be honest :/
Basically getting your inventory reset for the last two most difficult areas of the entire game.....

Caved. Bought Sturband.
No regrets. I am a birdmin that looks like he's one of the original band from Assassin's Creed. It's glorious.

Also space and stuff.

@SirBryghtside: Could be worse
They could've given you a slew of unique and powerful offensive weapons to use throughout the DLC and no stealth-based ones
o wait

I launched Starbound, so maybe my next post will be when it actually gets to the main menu :V

Finally got into Sturband

Then remembered that where I had left off, I had just returned from raiding a jungle planet in the next level of sector. With BOTH inventories full.

Soooooo I basically dug out a big-ass hole in my already-filled storage room and filled it ALL with chests.
Now everything is k.

Seriously, inventory management in that game is somehow 3x as bad as Terraria, despite having twice the space

>plays TF2 for the first time in over a year
>first and only item drop in the span of one hour: a hat

@SirBryghtside: Does this seem like a good or ill omen?

Sturband. Off to the Gamma sector. Barely able to not freeze to death while killing night monsters.

Send pizzap plez

@SirBryghtside: Last Light is holy fucking AMAZING compared to 2033, which in of itself was pretty fucking good

Also it was the Medic crusader helm, which is nice but I already have the perfect medic hats so nyeh

Playing Sturband right now.
Update from last night caused world-resets :c
Oh well, at least I still have my fancy armor and poison-spear
*flies around space raping the planets for their resources again*

Also are you trying for the moral ending or not?

It's not really that badass when I still have my white Tyrolean + the team colored mask thing
Deus Ex glasses help too

My favorite thing about the Sturband update was how it was all Christmas themed, and the one thing it gave everyone was homelessness :D

@SirBryghtside: It's just like 2033, where if you get enough moral points (and don't get the immoral points, which are almost always pretty obvious when you get the choice) you'll get the good ending, and if you don't you get the less good ending.
Played it twice. Both endings are solid in my opinion.
Good stealthing, good mechanics, good shootouts, good level design, good variety, good scenery (you know, for post-apocalyptico)
And all that with a Russian accent too

@SirBryghtside: Here's something disappointing for you: Sounds like you're near the final stretch :c

But yeah
Seriously, easily in my Top 5 games of all time. They poured SOOOO much love into this game and CARED about it.
And then they give the free copy of Metro 2033 (book) with it to get you even FURTHER into the franchise
Man, they just can't win fans hard enough can they?

Played Pikmin 2, of all things!

Family got me a Gamecube controller and a USB-conversion thingy, so I've been downloading a helluva lot of ROMs to emulate and revisit nostalgia land <3

Current list:
Pikmin 2
Super Mario Sunshine
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Mario Kurt: Double Donk (the conversion thing has a 2nd slot and surprisingly works with my sister's wireless one (I REALLY didn't think it would), so she really wants to play that with me sometime)

@SirBryghtside: Fuck your Christmas c:

Before you buy any of the DLC, look into what each of them are. I specifically remember one of them being nothing more than a level editor sort of thing, so.... yeah. Haven't got any of the DLC myself anyways (at least I don't think so), so I can't speak about any of it. Heard good things about the one where you can be a Polis(?) Ranger.

The fantasy thing is perfectly fine. It's all tied into the "Dark Ones" being Homo Novos, the new species that is perfectly adapted for the world that has been created for them. A world radically different from what we can truly comprehend.
Which makes it seem like sorcery.

Still, 15/10 game gg re all the time would try challenge runs

Helped my friend start with Dark Souls on the PC.

Got him up to Taurus, died, then he had to go to do the food thing. Might maybe pick up on it again when he gets back (hopefully).
*begins Sunbroing*

100% Super Mario Sunshine and I'll I got was a stupid Hawaiian shirt

Also moved on to Pokemon Colosseum. Maybe I'll finally be able to beat it now :o

Pokemon Colosseum

First attempt to catch Suicune: Get down to EXACTLY one HP, paralyzed, and tons of stat debuffs. Throw ultraball, gets out on the first check, then kills itself with a recoil move immediately after

Later attempt: Get royally fucked by bad luck in the fight, down to a single weak Pokemon that will 100% certain be destroyed next turn, resulting in a loss. Legendary at >50% HP. No stat ailments AT ALL. Throw regular Pokeball at it becase "why the fuck not, already lost the first dozen attempts at it"
Catch it then and there :|

Pookeymans Colosseum (wow I suddenly know how to spell that word now; and they say video games teach us nothing!)
Got to Realgam Tower, rethrashed the old Admins, and am currently about to advance to the central tower lobby behind the super-locked door. I SERIOUSLY hope my team composition can handle the upcoming trials (that I could never get through when I was younger)...

Also, in League, the jungle suddenly just got....

Wow that spambot is still going huh? At least it's only in that one thread

Been reading A Feast for Incest more than gaming as of late (~50% point now). There's like 4 story threads that I'm just begging to have a chapter on that George "Fuck You" Martin seems to be refusing to touch on :c

Other than that, I guess me helping my friend in Dark Souls get all the way to the Depths, get done there, enter Blighttown, and get killed by the barbarian at the very beginning

Doing Durk Sails. Got my new sorceress character named Bill to Anor Londo, killed Smore & Oreo, headed down to Izalith, took care of Bed of Chaos, and then used all those souls to become hype-powered and raugh as I can one-shot pretty much anything.

Using all of the items I can to be glass-cannon right now too. Ring to halve my already minimal health for 2x sorcery power, then another booster ring, and then an armor piece to +50% spellcasts in exchange for magic damage weakness.

Still, three-shotting some bosses makes it all worth it.

Also cabbages

Played some Minceraft. Currently deforesting the core of a jungle biome and will eventually be making a big skyskraper/vertical city in it.

Currently getting the food problem in check.

Bit of Dark Souls and Minceraft.

In Durk Sails, went up through Seathe on my sorceress character. Suddenly got a whim to use the Moonlight Greatsword, nabbed that from Seathe, bought everything from Logan and killed him off, and am now looking like a gay cowboy princess with the new clothes I'm forced to wear :D

Minceraft, I got enough bookcases for level 30 enchants for the new snapshot, and already I can tell this is going to be silly OP if they implement it as-is.
Without leaving to get any more XP, I got 2 level 30 picks, a level 30 bow, and a level 30 sword

Briefly did Minceraft. Went out and mined some quartz with my fancy new uber-fortune pick and got like 3 stacks of quartz blocks.
Hmmm..... the possibilities open up to me now..... mayhaps I can use the quartz to build like a 5 star ritzy hotel lobby or something

Also using this post to double-check I can still post in WarCry. Yay!

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