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Last thing you did in a game?

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Moar Fallout 1.

All my companions died :x

@SirBryghtside: Best scamming you'd be able to do would be about 2 reclaimed, and even then it's pushing it.

FINALLY beat Fallout 1.

Now off to Fallout 2.

Fallout 2, obviously.

Good god, Geckos have such smooth animations compared to everything else.....

Uhm..... Fallout 2.
It crashed.

Then I met the Medick.
Then I needed a new pair of pants...

@SirBryghtside: Find a couple Uber update weapons first.

Then we'll talk >:P

Did some TF2.

Shaking off my extremely bad cobwebs and actually getting back into semi-serious play. Haven't done that in, well, honestly about 6 months :x

Oh, and I got the Soldier's whip, the Quick-Fix, and the bust :D

TF2 on the vs. Saxton Hale mod.

My god, I was raping with perfectly timed ubers. Got him trapped SEVERAL times between walls and sentries, Heavies, and Soldiers.

Beat Bioshock for the first time.

........................ Wow.


To buy a key, or not to buy a key....

@SirBryghtside: Define what better is for you.

I enjoyed it all the way until the last stretch before the end where you basically go on an escort mission, so it's hard to say :S

Oh, and you're JUST before a good part of the story too :3

Bioshock again.

I harvested every other Little Sister, then rescued the next. Somehow, I am still some kind of scum that is the equivalence of Hitler and Attila the Hun combined.


Got my ass handed to me in the Saxton Hale server.

Man, I'm off my A-game tonight.

@SirBryghtside: >Implying you'll ever not have redstone

Bouncing around between Bioshock, Portal 2, and Gmod since I can't play TF2 while Borderlands is downloading.

Fun! :D

Pokemon. Got myself a Krabby.

Now to go fuck some shit up >:3

@SirBryghtside: It's Game of the Year too :3
My friends are awesome.


I call that a win in my books.

@SirBryghtside: If the Soldier aims at your feet enough, they mostly deny the rocket the chance to shoot back at them.
Still, shotgun is better.

Mein Kraft.
Making a 1 block road into a 3 block road takes up a lot of resources.

@SirBryghtside: Yeah, for some reason, a lot of players just don't see it coming.
That's why they often get pissed when you puff and sting them with the Axtinguisher :P


Got a shotgun with a very tight spray, a lightning effect, and fast firing/reload time.

I'm in business.


I think that says it all. Got my strange rocket launcher today, and that match boosted it up over 200 XD


I don't want to talk about it....

@SirBryghtside: And that is what happens when you practice.

And use a good loadout too ;P

Got my graphics card today.

Borderlands, you are now awesome since I can actually render everything now.

Oh, and Old World Blues.

Finished up Old World Blues 100%.

Best. DLC. Ever.
Blows Sheogorath out of the water, or at least makes him work for his throne.

Beat Dr. Ned's Zombie Island, who is in no way related to Dr. Zed from the other story.

Spoiler alert: He isn't.

Mein Kraft.

About..... 2/3 of my citadel is hollowed out.
The last 1/3 will be tricky, since I have lava, water, and sugarcane fields in that bit :x

New Vegas.

Old World Blues is even MORE awesome with Wild Wasteland active :D

New Vegas.

Got depressed.
Then it crashed.
Go me.

@SirBryghtside: Yeah. Yahtzee's review of it was actually spot-on about them things.

Fucking everywhere with no downside except time wasted.

BioShock. You were right about the story picking up, but I guess I just don't like the gameplay all that much. It's like they dumped the Vita-Chambers in there because they gave up on trying to make it balanced.

Turn them off.

I never had much of a problem with them on Normal. Before you get the crossbow and grenade launcher or electric buck they can be a pain, but hacking every turret and camera in sight helps. Ample use of shock on the Bouncers to stop their charges, and telekinesis to send proxy mines back to Rosie. Before trap bolts, your own proxy mines and electric buck it's a battle of attrition.

Although I would spend 30 minutes preparing an area to fight the Big Daddy in it.

To be on topic though, Playing a Cleric (34) and a Rogue (27) in RIFT. Awful good time, I actually cancelled my WoW account to play it. Not the best MMO ever, but it's the best made and Trion seems committed to a somewhat aggressive content patch campaign, they've already added three end-game raids and a slew of other options since the release in March. Still just waiting for TERA, SW:TOR and/or GW2.

Mein Kraft.

Played on a friend's server. Working on this place of his called St. Creeper's.
It's actually pretty badass. Creeper faces in the walls.... glowstone floors...... a waterfall coming out of a gold creeper face..... a mossy cobblestone creeper embedded into the roof.....

Still coming along. Still getting badass.


My Hyperion sellout is going rather well. They make pretty shit shields though :x

@SirBryghtside: Really, most of the unlocks are pretty crap. Vanilla is almost always the better choice, aside from certain items like the Degreaser or the Ubersaw.


Portal Maniac has found: a hat!
Aww hell yea-

@SirBryghtside: Be a man and crowbar that shit :P


Oh boy filler! :D

@SirBryghtside: It's actually pretty easy, if you know when to spring and strafe.
Crowbar goes straight through the Guardian's armor :P


After finishing all the DLC for my first playthrough..... I am hilariously overleveled for the second playthrough.

Recommended level for this quest: 36.
My level: 47.

@SirBryghtside: I'd try it out, but I don't own the game :>

.... Borderlands, I think?

I am literally punching rakk out of the fucking sky.

@SirBryghtside: I'd rather not insult them with my hilariously lowballing payment.

St. Creeper's Cathedral.

Made my embassy and put a glowstone creeper face by the entrance to the cathedral :3

@SirBryghtside: Toldya you could do it.


Oh, if I thought the Lance were fucktards on the first playthrough...

@SirBryghtside: Get out of Arena mode unless you're on a Saxton Hale server.

It.... really loses its charm fast.


I am disappoint with the Pip-Boy PDA.

@SirBryghtside: Buy Skyrim on Steam! :D

Or, whore yourself out online for someone that'll buy it for you.


Lawl I sucked today on the Saxton Hale server.
Maybe I'll try some more New Vegas...

@SirBryghtside: Medics get points for each kill their patients get, along with every team mate they extinguish and Uber they pop out.
A good Medic heals everyone, and so pretty much gets points for almost everything the team does :>

And unless that guy is extremely wealthy or you're offering both hats/rare weapons/whatever, I doubt you'll get it.


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