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Dragon Age Origins, doing the Mage Tower quest. Fairly annoyed that right after I got my team really well-balanced (the old woman served as a much-needed healer), it goes and dumps me in a solo-play dream world :/

I'm in the midst of trading over all 400-odd Pokemon from White to Black 2. It's taking a looooong time, and I'm having to catch a metric shitton of Patrats to trade over. I also started replaying Persona 3 Portable before realising I really need a new PSP, because the analog stick on mine is fucked.

Just started playing inFamous 2. Hot damn, is this game good. Had it sitting on my shelf for months, really wish I had gotten to it sooner. :P

Skyrim, started a new character because it's the anniversary - Dunmer Illusion/Necromancy Mage with an Axe and Shield. Basically, when there are groups, throw down a Fury spell and resurrect whoever dies. The axe is for anyone immune/on their own. Really fun so far, just got out of Bleak Falls :D

Kicked some Forerunner ass.

More boring grind on various games. Gotta start making a Christmas list...

Hi there last remnant of the WarCry, why so quiet?
Anyway played the first 5 minutes of Torchlight then it crashed.

Super Hexagon, died on the Hexagoner stage. DAMN this game is hard.

But awesome :D

Played League with a friend. He let me log on his account to give Malzahar a try.

Malzahar is best pony.
Followed by Cho'Gath.
Then Kog'Maw.

The Void is best champion source.

Completed Max Payne. Short, but well worth whatever ridiculously small price I paid for it. B-Grade script had lovely hints of depths (read: the best kind) and gameplay was fantastic start to finish. Really want to continue the series :D

Looks like these last stragglers finally bit the dust like the rest of them.
Now I can finally get back to posting in my 2nd to last sanctuary.

So yeah. Saints Row 3.
Dildos are fun.

@SirBryghtside: Miss me?

I think I tazed some guy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

He totally deserved it though... Trust me

Started Doom 3, feels really really average. Pretty much what I expected. I really don't have any good games going at the moment, so I'm just blasting through my backlog.

@Portal: Of course not, where the hell have you been? :P

Nabbed the Metro 2033 free thing, currently downloading.

After suddenly learning of the Muramana items that's new in League.... and putting that on top of the ungodly damage Malzahar's ultimate does with high AP.....
He is now all of my top 10 do want champion :3

@SirBryghtside: Waiting for these fucking stragglers to clear out, obviously

Still NOT playing WoW: MLP atm ...wait, no one here knows that because everyone I know here doesnt post here anymore. Ah well, fuck it.

Playing Borderlands on playthrough 2 - shooting people, running people over, blowing people up...the usual.

Post King, out.

Huh, been a while. Mostly been playing Pox Nora the last few weeks but I did finally catch 'em all.

Been wrecking some orks in Dawn of War. Those mofos don't know what hit 'em. >:)

Did two playthroughs of Dear Esther in about 2 hours. Rather enjoyed it. Been playing through Serious Sam II and Serious Sam: The First Encounter since picking them up in a Humble Bundle and a Steam Sale a little while back. Great stuff.

Also currently downloading Inquisitor and Planescape: Torment from Good Old Games since I got them in the Christmas sale the other day.

Beat Metro 2033.


Best word with a Russian accent. Ever.

Just finished trying that insane Winnie the Pooh Baseball game. Got to the owl and gave up because random chance.
Also, upgrades are for PUSSIES.

Beat the Forest Temple on Wind Waker. Basically stalled on that for a year before I finally went back to it...

Friend got me Dark Souls during the Steam sale.

I've managed to get the Lordvessal, and am now about to get Seath.

I just got a PS3, so I've started a new game in Skyrim for the first time and I've just beaten the Sand King boss in the HD re-release of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

Messed around on a 5-player strong arena server on TF2. First time I played in months, was great :D

Dark Souls some moar.

A creepy hand reached out of a pocket of space-time and pulled me into the past. I murdered a goat-lion-eagle-scorpion that shoots lightning, and now I'm trying to kill motherfucking Knight Artorias.

Holy hell do I need to be flawless with roll-dodging for this fight.

My first playthrough of Skyrim. I've been at it for hours and hours, barely advanced the plot. Too many sidequests! Too huge a world. Too many shiny things to be distracted by. Last thing I was working at was the Bard's College quest line, but on the way to each mission marker I just keep getting sidetracked.

I'm never going to finish this game, am I?

Dark Souls. Got to Lost Izalith.
Without spoilering anything for the [x] people that visit this thread, I dun fucked up and Siegmeyer died. Tragically.

Completely disheartened, I've made a new character. This time one that parries the ever-loving Christ out of people with rapiers and such.
I'm stuck at Quelaag because, while building up this character, I didn't realize I do shit damage when not backstabbing or riposting people.

@EscapeGoat: Don't fast travel. Seriously.

You have no idea how much it takes out of the game.

Gaming with a drawing tablet. RTS was fun and now for FPS!

Edit: TF2 with a drawing tablet is a bad idea if you actually want to aim at anything. Funny as shit though.

Beat Doom 3, was pretty bad, but fun. Another part of my backlog to tick off :D

Dark Souls surprisingly. Got up to Ornstein & Smough with my rapier character.

This is the single fucking worst boss fight EVER.
I seriously doubt the Bed of Chaos even holds a candle to these fuckers.

Next chance I get, I'm summoning Solaire to be a distraction so I can murder the fuck out of them.

@Portal Maniac: Well, I stopped fast traveling (I'd pretty much only just got to Solitude last time I played anyway) and shit, you were right. Stuff everywhere. I started kicking myself and just traveled back to Riverwood and back again trying to find anything I might have missed. Good shout.

Anyway, Skyrim. Tons of it. I just finished Diplomatic Immunity and I'm on my way to Riften. Constantly distracted. There's still too much stuff to do, but it's all immensely awesome. I feel so slow, seeing as I've only just had a chance to play this game. Last thing I managed to do was the second part of the Gauldur Amulet quest. I killed one of the brothers, an archer. He didn't take long to fall to my ridiculous archer Redguard.

Skyrims, everytime, all the time. Currently working me way through my quest backlog, then planning to get back to the main quest after that is done.

Max Payne 2, just beat Part 2. This story is actually getting epic, I don't understand this - it's supposed to be too B-rate for that! D:

Dark Souls.
After dying a dozen times to Ornstein and Smough again, I decided to fuck it, backtrack to the female undead merchant, buy ~115 poison arrows, go back, and leash the hell out of the two fuckers until poison killed them off.

So now I'm in the Oolacile Sanctuary with the Lordvessal for when I might have free time this weekend.

Dark Souls: Sitting just past Artorias, kinda bummed that my character is such a glass cannon (50 INT, 16 STR to one-hand Moonlight GS, but very low VIT and END and I don't enjoy casting much at all). The Moonlight Greatsword is just so sexy.

Skyrim: After starting over for the millienth time, and getting a new GPU because my old one only had 1GB of VRAM, I can finally use some high-res textures and an ENB filter without crushing my framerate.

Regrettably playing WoW again, mainly because it's the only MMO anyone I like to play with is playing. I would much prefer to be back in RIFT, TSW, or even SW:TOR. Unfortunately everyone I know is on the LoL/HoN train. Played a bit of DOTA 2 but couldn't really get into it.

Bed of Chaos is just cheap and gimmicky imo, O&S is a finely tuned, incredibly challenging boss encounter. The first time I beat them with a pure melee character (always killing Smough first because I'm a sadist), felt incredible. Almost as good as beating Flamelurker as melee the first time in Demon's Souls. For some reason I have perfect timing when it comes to parrying regular monsters, but once I miss one parry on a parryable boss I totally fall apart. I hope they realize that no one enjoyed the cheap gimmick fights and just stick with the brutally challenging but still fair fights they had in the first two games.

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