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Last thing you did in a game?

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Portal 2 sum moar.

Made myself a fancy schmancy test chamber.
My friend thought v1.0 was good. Hasn't even seen the new addition and the bugfixes.

Chariots chariots.

Diablo, worked out how to play it. Probably not a good idea to be playing 5 RPGs at once, but there you go.

@Portal: Cool level - haven't tried the latest editor yet, did they fix the button wiring?

Portal 2 campaign for the heck of it.

I love doing the rebuilding and Johnson areas.

@SirBryghtside: Thanks.

Are you talking about how the lines refuse to connect with each other and have one giant tangled unsightly all over the walls and floor and ceiling?
If so, nope :(

Completed Diablo. That was one short bloody game for one that I've been putting off playing for literally my entire life. That 'literally' really is literal.

@Portal: Yeah, that's what I meant. Shame.

If I had one problem with your level, it was that the black area with the light bridge seemed disconnected - I wasn't really sure what pushing that button was supposed to do. More visual clues would be nice, but yeah, I really liked it. I have one, but it's not really intuitive at all - just designed it as a test for wall jumps. Turns out they work ^_^

Completed my rail system to my strip mine in minecraft. Still some bugs with it though.

Got murdered by the Khans in Fallout. This game really is bloody difficult.

Mein Kraft. Decided to make a new world.
Day one, just before evening: fell into a ravine and died, lost everything. Spent the night in a giant tree in the dark in the jungle biome to hide from mobs.
Day two: mined out the side of a rocky hill and made it my home. Even added a subterranean greenhouse with a glass skylight to have a protected source of food, since pigs, cows, and sheep seem to spawn fuck-all of never in this world.

Someday, it shall rival even the mighty Yogcave.

@SirBryghtside: Danke about the map.
That big underground room was to enable the laser that you find to destroy the two turrets. I've edited the map a bit to make it more apparent, and also to make it so you need to pull the laser cube with you before you turn the laser on.
And that big underground room I attempted to make somewhat more difficult by a very simple change.

Back to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, after Fallout decided to bug out on me (the Paladins don't follow me into the Super Mutant base).

Anyway, last thing I did was blast a bunch of zombies in a graveyard in Hollywood for Romero. This game is brilliant.

This is the tale of Florence: Bane of Creepers.

Florence was a wild jungle cat for most of his life. One day, he chanced upon a strange man in his territory. After a vigorous chase, the man finally ended his pursuit. Two days passed where Florence didn't see him. On the third, he appeared again.
This time, instead of giving chase, he stooped down and held fish in his hands. Florence approached the man cautiously and took some fish. They became the best of friends. The strange man took Florence to his cave-home to give him a safe place to live.
Things were good for Florence.

The next day, however, the man went into the caverns beneath his home. Florence adamantly refused to stay home so he could venture with the man, despite his efforts to make him stay. Florence was determined to show that he was worth keeping along. While the man was mining some much-needed coal, a creeper approached the man without him knowing. Florence took switch action and scared the creeper off, saving the oblivious man's life. Upon seeing the fleeing creeper when he was done with the coal, the man embraced Florence, extremely grateful for his friend's protection.

They spent the entire day and night in the cave system. Florence protected the man from Creepers, and in turn the man protected Florence from the monsters that would have laid waste to the cat. After hitting a particularly diamond-laden part of the cave, the man decided that they should try to return to the surface to rest. They past through a darkened area, so the man placed a torch on the wall to ward off the vile monsters. Tragically, this cause a landslide of gravel as Florence darted forward, eager to return home.
He was trapped underneath the gravel.

The man yelled out in dismay and immediately broke out his shovel to dig out the gravel. By the time he reached Florence.... it was too late....

RIP Florence: Bane of Creepers, Hero of the Jungle, Friend of Portal....

Finished Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.

DAT ENDING. That was the most unexpected thing that could've possibly happened, and it was GLORIOUS.

@Portal: :(

My friend got me Amnesia: The Dark Descent for my birthday.



Just send help.


Completed the Dark Brotherhood. FINALLY. That was absolutely brilliant. Still got a lot of stuff to finish with this character, but damn. That's an Ocarina sized weight off my shoulders.

@Portal: I bought it too - haven't started it yet, though. Little worried to :P

My same friend decided (and more importantly, figured out how) to set up a Minecraft server.

So, him and I have been working on our own little world with a couple of other people. It's going rather swimmingly, too. Got a church established to The End and Enderman, and I've become a Skylord.

Let me tell you; even WITH world edit, it is a pain in the ass to move mountains into the sky.

@SirBryghtside: It's fantastic. And it seems to actually have scary moments too.

And dual health bars! D:D

Beat Super Meat Boy. It was surprisingly easy RIGHT up until the second last level, where the difficulty curved right up into the sky. Fun, though.

Think I'll start Braid next.

Friend's Minecraft server.

He's made me an admin for the server, and we were dicking around by ourselves late at night recently when no one else was online.

Basically, we made a little underground chamber underneath someone else's construction and filled it up with about 60 or 70 villagers and about a dozen doors.

I shit you not, that was more terrifying of a noise than a Ghast pain noise XD

Crap, haven't been posting on here for a while.

Got tired of Neopets and moved onto other games like Everquest 2, FF3, Super Mario 64 for the DS, and Pox Nora.

Finally got back from uni to play tf2. Got a strange sniper rifle from some dude in a trade server and I left with more than I came in with. People are too generous sometimes.

I have a Strange Direct Hit if anyone wants it.

Beat Quantum Conundrum.

Let me tell ya, that game is one thing.
That game being fully narrated by Discord is another thing entirely.

Also, I hate the Escapist's latest site redesign.

@orangebandguy: Welcome back to the wonderful world of hats! :D

Playing Lollipop Chainsaw. Probably wasn't worth the full 30, but I don't regret it at all. Most fun I've had in years :D

Also, 15k posts, yay me for wasting my life, etc.


Oh god TF2.

Let's just say that it's amazing again.

Punching people in the face on Fallout 3, after getting a sudden urge to play it again. It's a lot of fun, but it seems even more lacking than before now I've played the other Fallouts.

@Portal: Pyrovision 8D

Feeling the urge to restart a character on Skyrim suddenly.

Downloading the HD textures I for some reason didn't download until now. HOLY HELL, 3 GIGS

@SirBryghtside: Pyrovision goggles with my rocket jumper + market gardener is absolutely terrifying.

Soldier giggling constantly :o

Went through the Skyrim test cells. Didn't quite match the glory of Oblivion's Todd voice acting, invulnerable rats and insane AIs, but "cwguardtemplates" and the "xtestgrantint"s were brilliant!

I have to check out Fallout 3's at some point, if it has them.

Been fiddling with the Tekkit pack for Minecraft.

Brought up "Tekkit with Duncan" on the Yogscast to help figure out what all this shit does.

I'm in so deep over my head I'm practically in China by now.

Lego Batman 2. I wasn't sure about the voice acting before playing, but damn. This game is absolutely hilarious :D

In other less interesting news, I am starting to realise just how useless I am with relationships. Go me!

Been playing mostly Everquest 2 and got another hero close to level 90. Seems like I should be doing something constructive with my time.

Oh, nothing too major. Just some critical nuclear engineering.

Minecraft is fun with mods :3

Super Meat Boy, beat all the required levels to unlock the Dark World true final boss.'s quite difficult.

Been playing more Tekkit Minecraft. Got Equivalent Exchange focus right now, so I'm pretty much just waiting on dark matter to cook up so I can make some fancy armor.

Also, I just got accepted for the Source Filmmaker Beta :3

@Portal Maniac: I dare you to make porn. Be the first to misuse the program.

OT: Alright, 2 heroes got to level 90. Shouldn't be too hard for the rest. Also, anyone have a Deoxys? Don't really care if it's hacked in or not, I'm just want to use it to get it in my pokedex.

Bought Binding of Isaac & Wrath of the Lamb DLC during the Steam sale.

Holy fuck in a handbasket that game is hard.
Still managed to defeat Mom's Heart using some setup that I somehow managed to become immortal with. It was crazy.

@oppp7: You have no idea how bloody difficult that program is to understand.

Beat Dead Space for no reason. Pretty naff game - still enjoyable, though.

Played part 2 of the Penumbra games.

Hopefully I'll be able to get through part 3 to see what happens with this crazy.

Random crap on Pox Nora, Neopets, Warlords Battlecry 2, and EQ2. Not really sure what to do for the next month and a half while here.

Going through the New Vegas DLC I just bought, started with Dead Money. Disappointed that Veronica couldn't come along, but it was really, really good. And DAT SETUP.

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