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Some more White 2. Caught a shiny Excadrill while I was grinding for a water stone I desperately need for a Vaporeon.

Also have more-or-less filled out the Habitat dex. Just need to get a Spheal to get the walrus line and it'll be 100% done. I may even need to fiddle with the...... *gulp* global trading system....

@SirBryghtside: Man that isn't the only thing Rob's doing. He's got a regular Youtube channel that right now is a bit of a variety, but will likely return to heavy Minecraft once he gets the Dwarves vs. Zombies overhaul finished.

Unforgotten Realms was only like a fraction of the stuff he's done. I refound him through entirely unrelated means of the Mindcrackers, so yeah he gets around

Some Pookeymans. Doing a bit of final-team training while also trying to fill out my Pokedex as much as possible before I am forced to begin using cheating devices to fill it out (found out that apparently my DS model has very recently lost support for online play or something).

As of right now, my final team consists of Ampharos, Haxorus, Aerodactyl, Wailmer (probably gonna change), Gallade, and that shiny Excadrill.

I played the new Dwarves vs Zombies, and I'm in love
Awww man, even though I suck terribadly at Minecraft combat, that game is fun as hell

Probably gonna sink a good portion of my summer into it

@SirBryghtside: Your face is weird now

Dwarves vs Zombies

Holy nutballs man, lasting to be in the last 10 dwarves making the last stand at the final shrine, especially when you've all got extra armor and are re-gearing everyone else as their armor breaks
It's tense beyond words. One slip-up and you're dead, making everyone else die faster. It's only a matter of time, but you just can't help but try all the harder and think that maybe, just maybe, this will be the first time the dwarves will win

But then Roamin falls victim to going to deep with his flamethrower, and you get trapped in a corner by a bunch of zombies and start getting locked down and your juice begins running out, and Old Man Willakers' armor begins to break, all while a Blaze Cannon is down the corridor blasting at the shrine
And then it's over

So awesome

@SirBryghtside: Put it back young man or it's no more [thing you like] for you

Playing Pokemon Y
My thoughts so far:

-Wow this game sure is shoving its French dick aggressively in the player's face, eh?
-Roller skates are the best thing ever for finally liberating us from the tyranny of the grid
-Oh god it's been far too long since I've had to actually experiment to tell what a general type matchup is @__@
-You can dress up your CHARACTER?! This game just went from good to fabulous

@SirBryghtside: It was only bad because it was half-assed :V

Did some more TF2.

After selling the plethora of trading cards that the summer sale threw at me, I spent the ~$1.50 on a dozen weapons I needed pretty badly to fill in the gaps in my armory. Weapons like the direct hit, gunboats, gunslinger, a kritzkrieg, basics like that.
Haven't really got any new weapons, so I can't say anything about them. I still slaughter people as a soldier though, which makes me feel like I'm not utterly garbage at the game still.

@SirBryghtside: Your little spinny star only turned for one point of the star, which then jarred right back to the beginning. It was a very noticeable seam, and the base image was clearly never intended to have that happen.

Mine is from a work of art, thank you very much

Bought, played, and finished the Witcher 2 on a whim the other day.


The game breaks itself up into segments and calls them chapters, which gives the impression there will be a ton of chapters to go through in the story. Turns out there are only 3 chapters, and the last one was half as long as the other two, if that.
What a massive cocktease

Plus, the boss fights were a clusterfuck. All of them except for the last mandatory bossfight were simply "use the trapping magic thing you never use", and then dying 40 times because you didn't know their very specific attack patterns. Fuck, the second boss even has a shield that lasts ~20 seconds that he recasts all the time. And that shield makes him 100% immune to every attack you could possibly do.

Combat in general was annoying as hell. It feels like they made it so combo-ing/attack spamming was the only way to do damage, but the enemy AI just completely shuts down that method entirely. You can land two hits at best before the manage to magically block your attack, at which point they will lightning-fast be able to counterhit you before you can even react. On top of it all, its difficulty was goddamn ridiculous. In the tutorial area, your first fights involve throwing a horde of at least 8 people at you (all of which being actual threats from the main game, no pushover cannonfodder). Good fucking luck when you're 20 minutes in, m8

Then other small annoyances. At some points, you exit a cutscene to enter combat immediately. Fun thing is, you don't regain control of your character for about half a second after the cutscene ends, but the enemies still move and attack you. Oftentimes leading to unavoidable backstabs.
Loading felt like it took five-ever when it happened, and it happened often when you die because of combat shenanigans.
So many fucking useless items that just clog up your inventory for no reason. Why do rope ladders exist as loot? You can't craft anything with them from what I saw, you can't use them, they aren't worth anything, they aren't even seen outside of a looting screen!

TF2 with a friend and his brother.

Long story short, we decided to do a joke strategy on Coldfront of being triple-medics in a group. Not even ubersaw chaining, just doing what we do.

We were actually able to force the enemy team to enact "heaviest team wins" protocol, and even then it was a stalemate until one of us switched off medic, then they began to stomp us.

Minceraft. Working on my creative world.

Got the throne room general shape down, as well as the actual throne bit. Also worked on some concepts for stone trees so I can build a petrified forest once a stable version of the new snapshots come out.
Gonna use that blue stone & lamps so hard

@TopazFusion: Don't you have ponies to solicit right now?

Minceraft. Managed to figure out how to host a server, so my small group of friends have began a world and gotten fairly far in it.

We have some decent enchanted diamond tools, our homey area looks pretty alright for its completion level, and soon we may begin to truly delve into the Nether to look for a fortress

@SirBryghtside: Who that

Bought Witcher 1 on yet another whim (mostly because while all of those gripes I had with the second one are entirely valid, the world just sucked me in super-hard).

So far, I'm enjoying it somewhat more than its sequel when I keep in mind it came out 2 years after Oblivion
If I had played it at launch, I would have been blown AWAY by how amazing it looked in general
That being said though, the dwarves look unintentionally repulsive

Combat is..... more of a predictable quick time event with different settings. It's more reliable and less frustrating than anything I've experienced in the 2nd one so far, so that's good

Really though, the main thing I enjoy the most about the series is the concept of what a witcher is, which sadly seems to hardly ever be truly relevant (replace Geralt with a regular human/elf/dwarf that is also a badass swordsman and not a whole lot would change).

@SirBryghtside: A name, you casual rumblebunch

I spent about 5 hours in Minecraft very wisely
Probably the best thing I've built so far

@SirBryghtside: It's not even a correct name tho

Whew, finally found this place again.

Most interesting game lately was Borderlands 2 (Xbox). It wasn't until I read about his backstory on the wiki that I realized Zer0 (main character I had just beaten the game with) had 4 fingers. Apparently there was a lot of shit I missed.

I am participating in the Lords of Minecraft!

Lots are incredibly expensive, so I decided I would lease one just outside the slums district and then build a whorehouse on that plot of land.

It's about 80% finished at this point. Mostly just need to get more gold for supplies, and a name.

Back to Dark Souls 2

Bought the new DLC thing because VaatiVidya peaked my interest lore-wise, so I figured it was worth the season pass DLC since he said it was fairly substantial

Then I remembered that my only PvE/coop character is currently in something ridiculous like NG+3

Soooooo I just made a new pure-dex character, Ricardo. Currently he switches between an estoc and a scimitar, but I'll be swapping the scimitar out with a warped sword once I get it upgraded one or two more levels.

In the 4 hours of playing the character, I've taken down Lost Sinner, and am ready to take down Iron King and Freja when I start playing again.
Pretty serious progress for starting the game while nearly dead-asleep, I'd say.

Also I got a fancy new mechanical keyboard so I just want to say that so I can hear the sound of the click-clacking while I type on it some more :3
The cherry blue switches are so tasty

@SirBryghtside: You should probably try to take up a different hobby. One that isn't quite so addictive and painful.
Something like jigsaw puzzles, or meth

Finished the Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King DLC

The area was pretty great. Bosses were meh. One was a glorified gank-squad (seriously, the boss was 3 NPCs. That's it), and I only died once to each of the three in it.
Still, by FAR my favorite thing from the entire DLC is this one sword you find in it.

It's a sword and a whip
Yeah. Thrust it at people, then do some CRAZY AoE damage that I'm just all jaGAHJEK:GJaEIWHFKQEKM jfkajef YES about
The only way they could have made me like it more is if they made it use the curved sword swagalicious parry animation

And then, I spoke to Vendrick
Oh sweet sassy molassy was he magnificent when he still had his soul

@SirBryghtside: Stop right now
You're scaring the kids

Just some casual Dark Souls 2. Finished up the game for Ricardo (my DLC character) and tied up the important loose ends. Now to wait until August 20thish for the next one...

On a somewhat related note, my biggest disappointment with Dark Souls 2 so far has been the lack of good wallpapers. Especially the fan art ones.

To this day, I have not seen a single piece of Dark Souls art that is done better than this masterpiece here. Not only is it simple, it looks beautiful, and perfectly captures the feel of the constant struggle in the game. If someone asked me "what is Dark Souls?", it's one of the very few pictures that I could show someone and they would probably understand.

@SirBryghtside: You keep talking to people that don't exist

You should probably quit

Finally felt motivated to actually finish Pokemon Y today.

Bam. Turned on the XP share for the section between 8th badge and the elite 4. Massively overlevelled for the champ (and for reference, I was only like 3 levels max above 8th gym's pokemon).
New XP share: love the direction they took with it, but holy shit did they fuck up the level curve so hard is it hilarious. Leave it on and you one-shot everything without trying. Leave it off and you're level-starved within a single town.

My reaction when Ampharos begins learning dragon pulse
It's okay Bipen
We knew you were a real dragon all along, you don't need to pretend anymore

Also holy fuck that postgame content
"Here's the battle frontier copycat that let's be honest you will never actually participate in. Also have a fancy radar to grind for a shiny or whatever, we don't care"

@SirBryghtside: What are you, gay or something?

Playing as the Oberkommando West, I sent a King Tiger across the Pine River Dam in winter and smashed four bases - two Soviet and two American. They had no chance, the poor fools.

Much like Tyler Lautner's film career, this layout needs work.

So after realizing that I can actually use the online features in a Pokemon game for the first time, I have opened one hell of a door in Pokemon Y

Creating a living Pokedex

It all started one night when I discovered wonder trading, you see. After getting 3 dozen Panmonkies, I actually got some extra starters and other cool shit. And then it struck me that I could use the GTS for stuff like trading haunters for haunters

And then after finding out how easy it is and the ability to leave a Pokemon up for trade and go do other things.....

Well, let's just say I've been getting my ditto some hawt action while I try to hunt down version-exclusives I need

And then tonight I'm going to be booting up my Heart Gold (which I thankfully never actually reset) and harvest any Pokemon I need from that, like Ho Oh and those damn cats

@SirBryghtside: Say, you're a big Pokemon nerd
Would people be willing to pay/trade something really really rare for something with Pokerus?

Don't mind me, I'm totally not using an action replay to collect the ultra-pain-in-the-ass legendaries to get like Arceus and Rayquaza and Regigigas and stuff
Because god damn if every fucking person online with any of those types of legendaries is asking for a Diancie or Jirachi, even though those pokemon aren't even allowed to enter the GTS

@SirBryghtside: God dammit
Here I was hoping I could get a free legendary like Xerneas for this bloody Luvdisc

Trying to gather as many collections as possible at once in Everquest 2. Up to like 300-400. Turning them all in on Monday.

Final count: 520 collections turned in at once. Went from level 44 to 81 and got a million useless cosmetics.
Worth it.

Still working on that living pokedex

So far, generations 1-3 are done (with a perfect on gen 2). Gen 4 is only one or two evolutions away from being finished.
Just might have it finished by tomorrow night, assuming I'm not forgetting any more trade-evolutions.

Of course, I'm not even attempting to get the event-exclusive Pokemon. That would just be fucking stupid. Ain't nobody going to give up Mews or Diancies for reasonable prices

Finished my Pokedex, then uploaded it all into the Pokebank along with my newfound shiny Ampharos and Umbreon that are totally going right on my team

Then I went on to Heart Gold and began my 3rd attempt at a Nuzlocke.
Currently faffing around Goldenrod City and haven't lost a single pokemon yet (dayum Bugsy's scyther was a close call though; good thing I caught an onix in that cave).
And nothing feels better in a Nuzlocke than finding your 1 pokemon in the area as an abra that teleports the fuck away

EDIT: Scratch that. Not even an hour after posting this, my rising star zubat (lovingly named Storm) got cut down a couple levels before he would have evolved into a golbat and then into a badass crobat.

Which then triggered a massive spree of newcomer deaths, which has me convinced my hoothoot has been poisoning them or something since he keeps getting benched to fill the spot. So now that bastard is kept in his own box away from the rest of my backups.

Nuzlocke's getting painful now

Fought Chuck. I was prepared for his Poliwrath, but I forgot about his Primeape. And oh sweet fucking christ did it cost me. He opened with 6 double-teams (I had no guarantee hits like aerial ace), and then began spamming focus punch like the biggest cunt ever. That fucker alone took down my Nidorina, Magnemite, and Croconaw.
Thankfully my ace, Gyarados, knew dragon rage and was able to get some luck-hits and save me from a full team wipe.

Now I thought I was fucked there because of Jasmine's Magnemites because Nidorina was going to be my solution to them with the awesome double kicks. But then my saving grace of Geodude from day 1 came from the heavens, and after several hours of grinding training, he led the charge and bitchslapped her right in the tits without any deaths.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut now I'm really in a pickle. I don't have many options left to catch pokemon, and the next gym is ice. And the closest thing I have to counter ice pokemon would be either Gyarados's neutrality, my plethora of shitty water pokemon that can't carry, a pain-in-the-ass-to-train Koffing, and a Girafarig.

My only consolation is if he can survive long enough, Gyarados may be able to deal with that motherfucking god awful Claire and her dragon gym because of his ice fang.
If not..... Well, it'll be a long grind in the ice cave.

Oh and I forgot that you don't get the EXP share in Heart Gold until Lake of Rage at the earliest
So yeah never Nuzlocking this bitch again

@Dorian: Yeesh, glad I never tried a run. Hope it turns out ok.

OT: Just more generic gaming.

Continuing the Nuzlocke. Beat up Pryce and only lost my poliwhirl (what a champ).
Luckily that gives me the perfect opportunity to bring in my seel and bring him up to speed in time for the goddamn dragon cuntbitch gym. Went and got that EXP share too.
Going through the radio tower as I type this trying to get my koffing to 35 so it can finally evolve and hopefully not have terribad stats.

EDIT: Well koffing's dead

Also did a lot of Dark Souls yesterday.
If I remember right..... I went from having Lost Sinner killed and was in the Iron Keep.... all the way to finishing my NG, aside from the DLC area.

Even found some cool shit I never knew existed before too! Like the helix halberd, Oloman's staff or whatever it is, the grand lance, and a ton of bonfire ascetics. I have 40 of those things and I haven't even used a single one to farm any up :o

@oppp7: Yeah, would not recommend Nuzlocking Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Probably one of the worst games to do it for. Partly for the EXP share, and partly for TMs are still one time use in this.

If I fail and try a new Nuzlocke, definitely going to be White 2 instead of this

I beat Claire
And it's all thanks to my dear friend ColdPotato that fell in combat to that piece of shit kingdra with a bullshit critical hyper beam

Never used a dewgong before. Didn't know they were so insanely tanky. Those defenses really saved my bacon going into this gym, and that STAB super-effective nevermeltice-boosted aurora beam was really the only reason I was able to go from entrance to exit without anyone else losing their life

ColdPotato, you were easily the most crushing loss of this run so far. You will be missed, my friend

@SirBryghtside: Happy birfday m8 <3

More pokemon and also Dark Souls 2

Finished up the Crown of the Old Iron King. Meh.
Place had a lot of asshole areas with even bigger asshole enemies. Blatantly reused an existing boss with a color palate swap.
The two new bosses are pretty alright. One seems like he shouldn't be that hard but he is, and the other seems like he should be HELLA hard but isn't really (if you can dodge quickly). If you though Ornstein was fast, this motherfucker has some shit to shove down your throat.
Also yay for the returning Greatsword of Artorias~

After grinding for like 4 days in my spare time, I got my team to level 40+, then went and fought the kimono girls without a loss (hot dayum is lickilicky tanky as fuck). Ho-Oh got flawless-victoried by my gyarados. Legendaries are such massive letdowns in pokemon games, I swear.
And then on my way to pre-victory road training I managed to catch a goldeen (alright), a doduo (FINALLY someone who might learn fly), a ponyta (sweet jesus thank you), and a rhyhorn.
And then my dragonair died like a bitch. Fantastic.
So then I picked out a few candidates to replace it, and my options are down to the ponyta and a swinub.
My main concern for filling in this gap is Lance. If I lose my gyarados sometime between here and him, I will have zero counter to any dragon I encounter, which is a tremendously huge issue with him.

@SirBryghtside: The fun stuff is the usergroups m8

One of the few that I know are constantly active is the MLP group, which I post in regularly.
And if you aren't big on ponies, you won't really encounter them after a couple users insist on doing their usual greeting (or a new season starts up).

Dark Souls 2 mostly

Working on my new main and trying my damnedest to collect everything possible in it. Already have all the hexes, most armors/weapons now. Just need to farm up the pain-in-the-ass stuff and also get to NG+2

On a side note I also marathoned that new season of Korra because I am horrible at week-to-week watchings
Sweet jesus fucking holy schomley I cannot contain how much I loved that season and I am already wet in the panties that season 4 is coming out in January

@SirBryghtside: Just don't contaminate us with that casualness okay?

More Nuzlocking and Dark Souls 2

Currently training up my team to fighting status on Victory Road. Ended up choosing the swinub to fill the empty slot and currently have him up to a mamoswine. With him, at least I have something that can take a hit and counters dragons and electrics.
Holy shit though did he give me a heart attack just now though. He was at half health, and I used that ice quick-attack move on a graveller by mistake (instead of the special move), and it survived and self-destructed immediately, of course. Mamoswine went from halfish health to one HP
Oh and I also encountered a shiny donphan, so totally caught that shit if for no other reason because I can transfer it on to my Y version later

Dark Souls 2, farming up a storm.
Holy fuck
Getting the visible armor of Aurous is the biggest pain in my ass that has ever happened in a souls series game ever
And yes, that is including Ornstein & Smough encounter on my SL1 playthrough.
Jesus fucking christ, way to go FromSoft. Making incredibly rare drop rates on enemies that spawn once in an area and don't respawn, and also require you to kill the annoying area boss each time you use an area-reset item to farm it

I still suck at CCS. Just in case anyone wanted a status report on that.

The Elite 4 has been conquered.

I went in with a pretty decent team; gyarados, lickilicky, mamoswine, girafarig, electrode, and heracross
All but the giant bug came out alive

Shame, but heracross died in quite a bullshitty way. He was fighting Bruno's hitmontop and used aerial ace, which almost one-shot it
Motherfucker used counter
He didn't stand a chance against it
RIP Slenn. Shame you got fucked up right before the dark person was up.

Afterwards, I benched electrode and took on flaaffy & spinarak for the team. Electrode was showing himself to be utterly terrible, and spinarak was pretty much my only poison type that would learn any okay moves that fit with its stats. May regret this choice because it doesn't look like its stats are going to be anything worth a damn.

And now that I'm in Kanto, I'm casually picking up gym badges while I use them as training bags to shape up for Red. Already took out Lt. Surge and Sabrina.

Dark Souls 2

Finished up all the farming left to do on NG+, and then headed off to NG++ to get some key things from Chancellor Wellager. Sped through to the 4 old one souls in, like, an hour and a half. Super quick.

And with that, I now have every achievement for the game, and all but 2 items that are equipped in the hands (weapons, shields, staves, etc).

All that remains now is to reach max rank in the bellbros, and then to farm up some obscure armor pieces to finish my collection of every item in the game.
Just some stuff like Heide knight armor, the red lion cape, Durgo's hat, and some odd pieces of priestess clothes.

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