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More Zoo Tycoon 2 for some reason. They need to make a 3rd one.

Hella Fallout 3, while waiting for Portal 2 to preload. It's on 28%, and I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere for once in Fallout - I've finished the schematics for the Railway Rifle, I'm actually doing missions, and I have a tonne of awesome weaponry. Level 9 right now, gonna get me some of that Mysterious Stranger Perk :D

@oppp7: Agreed. But they also need to make it so the T-Rexes can actually eat people :P

HL2 Episode 2.

Funny. Didn't even see Ramirez once.

@SirBryghtside: Grats.
Mysterious Stranger is great if you use VATS a lot. And if you're one who is picky with ammo, try to find the schematics for the Rock-it Launcher. So fun when you stock it with empty syringes and fire them into a Super Mutant's brain >:D

@oppp7: :0

I'm not ravenous for it NAO. I have patience, but I can understand why people are so angry over its lengthy development.

GMod. I have no idea how to do anything even marginally complex, but I still find it hilarious to spam Manhacks, and get them to fight a million headcrabs. WHO WILL WIN?!

@Portal: Pretty much.

OT: Might take a break from Zoo Tycoon 2. Not sure what to do now.

Uh, HL2 Episode 2, I think.

Got a couple of achievements. FUCK two of those Striders at the climax. HOW FAST DO YOU MOVE?!

Also, +1 Ramirez IN SPAAAAAAACE

Fallout 3, because StarCraft wasn't working. All of my games are breaking :(

Hm, haven't really played any games lately. I guess triple Yahtzee against the computer, where I beat the game by a large amount.

Completed Portal 2.


Pox Nora again. No survival instincts for AI.

@SirBryghtside: OMG dude spoilers!

MineCraft, showed a friend my world. He was sufficiently amazed by my glass corridor :P


Spoiler: Click to View

Take a guess.

Also, I jizzed all over my pants.
And keyboard.

@SirBryghtside: Lolololol spoilars mate

@Portal: Just because it isn't a spoiler doesn't mean I wanted to know about it. D:


OT: Can't get into Pox Nora right now.

Pokémon. Farming Surfing spots is hard... I need more repels...

@Portal: Um... Mortal Kombat?

Moar sex in a can :d

@oppp7: He's actually pretty right.

The ending, unless you pay extremely close attention and can predict things that aren't even alluded to, the ending is absolutely unguessable.

@SirBryghtside: Da

@SirBryghtside: Wait, what are you farming for?

OT: I haven't played any video games since then so I'm gonna make stuff up.

Been playing some Halo. Got like a 50 kill streak. Without vehicles.

MW2 splitscreen.

RPD + Thermal Scope = RAGE ;)

Oblivion - finally got it back off my friend.

I'm about to go to the Shivering Isles :D

@oppp7: Politoed/Poliwrath in Wellspring Cave. I could jst evolve them, but water stones are rare...

I spent ages before under Village Bridge to find a Lapras. I also fished in them and found a Basculin EVERY TIME, even though Carvanha are only 30% rarity -.-' eventually found a level 70 sharpedo, gonna breed it.

@SirBryghtside: Wait, Politoeds are much easier to find now?


OT: GW vanquishing is not lucretive it seems.

My friend came over.

He showed me what he's been up to in Minecraft.

I'm back to Minecraft now.

Oh yes, and some such nonsense about having long-since collected every solo-campaign achievement in Portal 2.

Super Scribblenauts. It's ok. Gonna play it more after I take care of a few things.

Tried MineCraft Classic Multiplayer. Made a Creeper face, and saw some pretty cool stuff.

Got accused of griefing as soon as I logged into one server :P

@Oppp7: The levels are alright, but the sandbox makes the game :D

What a coincidence! I'm playing Minecraft as well!

But since I don't technically own the game, I can't play any multiplayer with any of my awesome friends!


WBC2 again. Dwarf's getting up those levels. The ability to summon OP towers may have something to do with that.

Portal 2 since my Internet went out last night. That's probably the 6th time so far.

Oh, and Minecraft. Finally finished a panic-room type deal, AND expanded my Temple of Mook.

Now to get..... I think it's 9 more blocks of gold :/

Been playing Warlords, Pox Nora, and Everquest 2 all weekend. Good times all around, but I probably should have done more about Guild Wars' b-day celebration. :/

Cave Story. It's alright.

Well, SOE's "maintainence" has managed to block me from Pox Nora AND EQ2X.

More Minecraft.

Just discovered that grass-covered dirt spawns these fucking animals, so I need to re-floor my entire base of operations :x

Just got that bloke in Camp McCarran arrested for pedalling drugs.

Still just WBC2. I hate Wood Elves. And Dark Elves.

Daggerfall. Went into a cave, and spent an hour trying to find a wizard - I still haven't...

I need to find out how to mod this game...

More Meinkraft.

I'm turning sheep blue and stealing their wool. Gotta make moar carpet :x

@orangebandguy: You can still talk to him if you look juuuuust right through the bars and buy things :P

@oppp7: Try downloading things. Then deleting sys32!

@Portal: I probably should know what sys32 is. From the ! I gather that deleting it would make the computer stop working?

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