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Did some Minecraft on a fairly early-stage single-player world.
Currently at the part of the game where enchanting is becoming a thing, so I've been setting up a mob grinder to get easy XP for enchanting.

Once I get a fortune 3 book to smack onto my good pick, I can finally harvest the ~16 diamond ore I silk touch'd
And then I can really gear myself up in good stuff

Playing Borderlands 2 again.Trying to see how many badass tokens I can get and trivialize the game.

Dark Souls 2
Crown of the Ivory King


Eleum Loyce
Easily one of my favorite areas visually in any Souls game

Fairly enjoyable DLC
Level design for the main area felt kinda like Dark Souls 1; really twisty-turny bend-back-on-itself and having absolutely no idea where you are anymore, opening up new shortcuts every which way and going "Oh! I'm here!"
So I'm like 80% sure I overlooked an area, maybe two. Will need to look into it in the next few days once I have more free time.

Saw some player-ghosties at the bonfires with some really fucking nice looking ice armor, so I know I missed that. Or the enemies have them as rare drops and my luck sucks. Either or.

Then I went off to Vendrick with all three crowns in tow.
He talked a bit, told me stuff we already know about the undead curse, and something with the crowns happened
I have no idea what though

Will definitely need VaatiVidya's insight on this one
Unless it means new ending is possible, in which case FUCK I have to beat the game a whole other time to even attempt to see it

Did some Minecraft earlier.
What started out as a simple search for a snowy-biome to make an ice castle/manor/palace ended up being a several-hour trial on bringing my new-found horse home

Somehow, while following a coastline, I managed to get off of the main island that my house is on.
How the fuck even

Also I just picked up Smash Bros 3DS and am downloading it now so :3

Smash 3DS is a'ight
I swear they must have just gutted Meta Knight. I don't remember him being anywhere near this useless in Brawl.
Shame about Olimar. Really wish the Pikmin representative wasn't so.... eugh

Really diggin' the Mii swordsman and Young Link though. They feel really nice and pretty powerful. Just gotta love the super-powerful vertical attacks, man

Also was really surprised how damn unstoppable Wario feels so far. If the option of Old Man Wallakers in the form of the Mii fighter was removed, he'd probably be my go-to pick

@SirBryghtside: We should totally fight each other so you can kick my ass since I haven't played any Smash game in years :3

Working on trying to complete those challenge screens

Holy fuck, that cruel smash one is brutal
I can barely take out 3 using bullshit tactics before they just instantly do 100% damage to me and throw me off

@SirBryghtside: Excuses!

Decided to take a trip back to Dark Souls 1

Man, going back into this I've realized how..... soulless Dark Souls 2 feels in comparison
Its world feels disjointed with areas unrelated to each other
There aren't any interesting characters; there is no Solaire, no Seigmeyer, no Patches, no Lautrec
And all of its music, while individually better than 1's music, is just the same stuff with different details. Every boss theme is a grand epic +/- some brass. There's no slow, delicate, morose themes like Gwyn's or Artorias' or Gwyndolin's

Hopefully the next Souls game Miyazaki works on will redeem it

Fucking around on multiple games, same as usual.
I should start making BS stories to be more interesting.

Huh, I'd forgotten this place was still around >.>

As for the topic at hand, I played the Pokemon OR/AS demo for about the fifth time or so, beat an expert trainer or something.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and stuff

Despite me having owned that game since like June, I just can't really bring myself to sit down and play it very much. Only just now finished area 4.

And god damn does it baby you.
*three ghosts lock a door and fly off*
*hunts down and captures those ghosts*
*the power for a door is off when the generator is in the next room over*
*you enter the generator room*
*you turn the generator on*

Finished it
I know it's a Nintendo game and all, but fucking hell if that ending wasn't cheesy beyond belief
I could feel the mozzarella oozing out of my DS

Borderlands 1.5

Seems I have a fun habit of picking the worst vault hunter on the first playthrough every single time. Claptrap would have been great, if his inherent RNG stats and everything didn't kick him in the balls 7/10 times. Between his random subroutines and his random active effect, you just have no idea what to expect and can't strategerize for shit, really.

Started again as Athena on a recommendation from someone else.
Turns out her active is fucking awesome and has an insanely low cooldown to it (I think it's like 10 seconds before any CDR, amazingly enough)
I mean, it only makes her pretty much immune to all damage from the front for ~10-15 seconds while also building up massive damage to deal at the end of the bullet soak. How could that be broken at all?

Oh and one thing I liked about this game is it didn't just magically poof the vault hunters into existence as if badasses grew on trees. Each of the characters already existed in the world, and their place in the game actually makes a helluva ton of sense.
Can't wait for the Handsome Jack DLC though. His character seems like it'll be broken as hell too

More Borderlands 1.5

Finished playthrough 1 as Athena. Her defensive skill tree basically makes her unkillable as long as you know how to properly use the shield.

Then getting bonus damage when the shield is up, after it has been thrown, and massive damage boost in fight for your life.... Yeah, she's like a real tank.
Unless you are also a tank, she will just run you down and you can't stop her

Also I managed to solo the only raid boss in the game.
No, that is not a testament to how broken Athena is. It's just a pitiful raid boss.

It's 1000% just the final boss with "invincible" thrown into his name, and he has about 10x the health. No special moves or anything, he just takes fucking forever to kill and does little damage outside of like 3 easily dodgeable moves

Fucker didn't even drop a legendary


I can't wait until Nintento remakes Twilight Princess
They'll get around to it soon enough though since they're running out of games to leech off of some more


Oh man, so glad Rob's got it back in his hands now. One match I played last night was a fucking AMAZING one. Something like 4500 kills (INSANE! Most matches only go to ~1000) and lasted probably around 40-60 minutes

Can't wait for him and Nisovin's got coming in the future. Hopefully getting some more heroes soon to spice things up.

@SirBryghtside: Well yeah
Nintendo's only good at making games for 10 year old boys
The only reason they bother with the remakes at all is because they can do the above with no effort while preying on their older fanbase's nostalgia, using the cash inject to make more goddamn useless peripherals


Beginning work on a bunker type thing that has ultra-high security and stuff. Making iron block piston doors everywhere. Sorta vaguely going for that SCP feel, but without the creepy stuff. Just want a huge underground complex that feels like it goes on forever and stuff.

Nothing feels as good as doing redstone off the cuff and being successful with it, no help needed.
Managed to make a cycling airlock type thing doing that c:

Also completed my gayest pokemon team evar
Didn't realize how hard the French elite 4 would counter my team though

Oh my fucking god I have spent like 12 hours so far trying to get a shiny Ralts and have gotten fucking nothing except for more euthanized baby pokemon than even Hitler would be comfortable with

But the blue Gardevoir/Gallade
Must get

Shame the Dark Souls transfer thing hasn't even gotten an official date yet. Really been wanting to play it lately, but can't access my saves because of it. Probably should have held off on removing GFWL until the new servers are ready

Just got that shiny Ralts.
It's male too!
And has a neutral nature

Totally gonna be loving my awesome mega Gallade once I transfer him to [whichever version] next month

EDIT: +1 shiny Honedge too
Dayum that is one slick looking shiny

Goddammit I just accidentally found a shiny zigzagoon
Why couldn't it have been an eevee or something? I really want that even gayer looking version of sylveon

At least it wasn't as bad of a random shiny as that skitty though
That one barely even fucking looks different from the regular skin

I just traded my shiny Bipen for a Diancie
Hope Bipen finds a good home.... he was a good dragon while I had him :c

@SirBryghtside: I'm honestly surprised you aren't saying anything about my sudden finding of shinies

Dicking around in Skyrim. Installed the craziest mods I could find to try and make the game enjoyable for me again. The highlight ones are the Thomas the Tank Engine dragons (it even changes the "DRAGON SOUL ABSORBED" into "TRAIN SOUL ABSORBED", and also plays its theme music instead of Skyrim theme), Uncle Sheo (changes the loading screen tips with delightfully nonsensical ramblings Sheogorath would probably say), Sweetroll Randomization Act (Sweetrolls now appear in your inventory at random, become entered in the loot list, have special properties, etc), exploding chickens, iron arrows = giant pink dildos, a suuuuper fun unarmed overhaul mod that basically makes you into someone that sets yourself on fire and punches people to death, and then a few things that affect town guards depending on what they say (arrow to the knee = divine smite, steal your sweetroll = becomes a sweetroll, too long since a bandit raid = bandit raid).

Then on top of all of that, my character is a well-dressed wood elf named Dan Walters with a creepy pedo mustache. His family was killed by a train when they were riding in a carriage over some dwemer train tracks, when unfortunately..... some damned train charged them down and stabbed them to death. Thus began his journey of sneaking into Skyrim to beat down each and every train he could find with his bare damn hands.
He also compulsively steals every pair of shoes he can find (also cheese, because his nose can't tell the difference).

@SirBryghtside: Well since I completed my pokedex, I got the shiny charm and the egg charm, so I've been using the Masuda method with a Japanese ditto (funny enough, I thought it wasn't region-based and instead shiny-parent based; was using a shiny ditto I stole on GTS a while back for the longest of times :V) and a flame-body Bobhigs to sex my way to shinies

Then Rawb released Moody Bidoofs while I was in the middle of it

pssst if you need to borrow any pokemanners to complete the dex for the shiny charm too, I might know a guy

Smash 3DS
Just trying to finish classic on max difficulty and raging

Dunno if Toon Link is the best person for it but I feel I'm the most "in the zone" with him (or my mii swordsman, but Toon Link just feels so much more versatile). I swear, each and every fucking time I get to the master hand fight sequence, they just do an opening move set that just ruins everything by dinging me up by ~50% damage

Or, the shadow man person doing some of his crazy shit that just either feels randomly unavoidable or that one pulse thing that just instantly kills you because of how HARD it knocks you away

And then the giant shadow swords
Oh fuck them
Almost every single attack that thing has just feels like it's designed to be complete bullshit

@SirBryghtside: Eh, grinding them out really isn't that bad since (for the most part) it's just mindlessly moving back and forth on a straightaway. If you pull up some videos or streams to watch while you murder pokeymanners in the background, it's pretty alright
Still would not recommend EVER though if you don't have either the shiny charm or Masuada method going, though. Otherwise ~3 hours for a shiny because ~3 days

Also get good scrublord, wifi connection OP

Tried Dark Souls again.

Walked into the forest (definite biggest PvP hotspot)
Only encountered the same two people for half an hour
Just shook my head and left disappointed

I'm so goddamn sad that game has gotten as dead as it is

Don't care if this is a double post, gotta get this down before I forget the awesomeness of it

Binding of Isaac Rebirth
Azazazz run

First item: Cricket's Head
Oh sweet jesus have mercy

Skip a few floors and I'm swimming in hearts of all kinds, have plenty of balls of steel pills (seriously I had like 4 in the entire run), had Mom's Knife and Brimstone, plus Krampus' Head and the Trinity Shield

Once I got that setup, I roflstomped my way passed Mom, through the Womb, kicked Santa's ass, and if I could enter the Dark Room I would have slaughtered the Lamb too

I just felt bloody unstoppable

Finally played Mount and Blade. Still haven't sacked my own castle yet.

Did the migration for Dark Souls to get the save files and achievements carried over to Steam. Unfortunately the transfer fucked up DSfix, so I had to spend 20 minutes untangling that mess of chaining .dll files and updating to fix that.

Then I worked on getting proper configurations to squeeze as much performance as possible. Managed to get >30 fps in Ariamis and ~25 fps in the Centipede Demon arena, so I'd say that's pretty respectable.

Oh and then I killed every single dragon butt in Izalith on the lava lake. Never actually did that, and discovered there are two divine blessings hidden on the lake :o

Basically just been doing Rebirth and getting unlocks & achievements. Currently at 127/178, so I'm a good way there. Just have the problem of the rest of them being an uphill battle now...

Also got Alpha Sapphire for christmas
Wow that game sucks
Didn't try to fix the problems from the original games, didn't try to fix the problems from X/Y, and they still shoved shit into the game that's just.... why
Why even that contest lesbian girl sideplot thing
Just why
Why not instead of wasting valuable resources and effort on that, couldn't they have at least tried to resolve the actual problems, like the retarded EXP system they overhaulled for no reason, or the absurd burden of needing TWO HM slaves just to get around, or added a postgame that is more than just a series of fucking fetch quests?

Unless the next pokemon game showcases serious design changes, I'm done with the series
This was just too bad for even nostalgia to overcome

Minecraft. Took me 4 years or so, but I finally built a dick statue.
Really surprising it took that long, all things considered.

Once I get my SCP-type base thing in a presentable state, I'll probably go back and upscale Dong Rock to a ridiculous size for the hell of it.

@SirBryghtside: I mean, it wouldn't be at all a problem for the new EXP share if they would just use the EXP system they had already made in Black/White
Back in that game, the EXP scales based on your relative level to what you defeated; level 95 will get like 5, but level 2 will get 10 jillion. Then they just threw it out the goddamn window for no reason whatsoever and made EXP flat. So what new EXP share does is just keep your high levels high and your low levels low instead of balancing out the team to generally equal levels. So, you know. They had to explicitly decide the new system works much better than the old one, even though it throws your team's balance so far out of whack you just can't train anyone.

Obviously they just don't give a fuck, since for some reason the Japanese audience likes Pokemon for the social and story aspects. And since like all Nintendo's stories they're the exact same thing each time, and the social stuff never gets used ever outside of Tokyo, the only part we get that is enjoyable is the one thing Game Freak is just flat-out neglecting

Plus the whole part where Nintendo refuses to acknowledge their audience ages while also exploiting them for nostalgia-sales and it's just.... augh

I am so done

Really quickly went onto Y again, mostly to carry over my living pokedex and shinies and things from the pokemon bank. Then I had the bright idea of moving my diancie and shinies from my good teams into the dex or shiny box, and replacing their slot with a ditto as a placeholder to let me know I need to dig them up elsewhere.
And when I went out to catch a ditto, I encountered a shiny gothitella (or whatever that thing's called). It was only like the 4th pokemon I saw since turning the game on :V

Rebirth some more. Been attempting The Lost some.

Jesus fuck is playing him hard. Take a single hit ever? ded
Still, his one bonus is actually pretty awesome. Since he has zero health, whenever he is offered a devil deal he can take everything for free.

From what I can tell, the big challenge with him is finding a starting item that doesn't suck dick, survive to the first devil deal, and hope you get something like brimstone to slaughter everything you see.

Figures though. The one time I actually survived with him into the womb, I wasn't playing on hard mode for some reason (no reason to play on regular with him since he gets a super-duper unlock when everything is done in hard with him). Sooooo I didn't get the kill-mom-on-hard achivement, because I'm such a scrub.

Woohoo, my fancy new computer has been delivered, built, and successfully run!
I did two stress-tests from the games I already have. First, Metro Last Light. I had max everything with the advanced Physx on, and still got a very stable 60 fps even during gunfire. Awesome
Then, I ran Dark Souls 1 because holy shit is that thing badly optimized, especially in Izalith and Ariamis. Smoother than melted butter, may have had slight erection over it.

In terms of actually playing, I downloaded a shit-ton of New Vegas graphical mods now that I can actually handle them and shit. Also installed the New Vegas Uncut things, to help incentivize actually listen to the dialogue and everything (since I think my main problem getting back into New Vegas & Skyrim has just been skipping dialogue because I've heard it a billion times before).
Currently have my chaotic-good scientist man thing at Mojave Outpost. Mostly just doing whatever quests I can come across until I reach Vegas, because dayum the first 1/3 of the game is always so off-putting

Since last time I captured all of Calradia for the glory of the Rhodoks and one thing led to another... I think I might be king now?

Anyways, anyone know a good cure for when your clicking finger aches?

New Vegas. Actually getting really into this playthrough. Using energy weapons (laser specifically) out the wazoo. You know, because EVE energy weapons are siiiick.
And I got that unlimited followers mod. Mostly just for that Fallout 1 & 2 feel of being the leader of a group of badasses and stuff. Gonna get really fuckin' awkward once I head to Jacobstown and pick up Lily, though.

Anyways, where I am is at Camp McCarren just after having spoken with House for the first time. STRONGLY leaning towards Mr. House alliance since I still feel like that's the best option to go with.

@SirBryghtside: Do it again but better, you slut

@oppp7: Stop being a little bitch?

Still going strong on New Vegas. Might even be able to go through the DLCs without burning out, too. Might even pick up those few achievements I haven't gotten yet while I'm at it.

Decided to lock in to my Mr. House alliance. There's still just too much wrong with the NCR for me to just fatten them up more before they start to collapse.
I've never considered Independent Vegas a real option. To me, it's always just been a thing they put in just so you could finish the game if you went out and completely fucked up relations with everyone else. Besides, Independent would just collapse into anarchy again like pre-House days. Much like how Caesar's Legion absolutely requires Caesar to live in order to not tailspin into self-destruction, an Independent Vegas would need the Courier in the same way.

@SirBryghtside: Look at this casual, still in the quad-digits

Not even a novelty one like 6969 or 1234

Finishing up most of the Mojave stuff. Just did the last of my companions' quests. Right now I'm wandering around the wastes making sure I've found everything worth finding.
Next stop: Legendary Deathclaw place, and the general area around Camp Searchlight where that Legendary Gecko is.

And man, I always forget just how hard Arcade Gannon gets shafted. He has like, maybe a single ending where he actually ends up happy.

@SirBryghtside: Now get rank 666 and call it quits

Borderlands 2 would be better if I felt like playing it online. Too bad I'm a cheap bastard.

@Dorian: I found playing consoles instead works too.

Basically finished everything in the Mojave. All that I need to do now is do everything Mr. House wants me to do up until the battle itself.

Once I reach that point, I'm headed to Utah with that caravan. Starting with the worst DLC first so I can end this run on a high note.

@oppp7: filthy casul

After the successful New Vegas playthrough, I headed back west in another attempt to actually play through Fallout 2. Going pretty well so far, in terms of actually playing through it.

Nooooot so well in terms of being in a good spot. I swear, the game's difficulty curve is all kinds of whisky-dick crazy. In the same area, I can fight highwaymen who I can brush off and raugh at, or I can fight raiders and get taken down to -60 HP in the first turn even though I'm actually wearing good armor. And if I try to kill them first, my combat shotgun does fuck-all damage (even in burst mode), despite my guns skill being like 75 or something. And I'm point-blank. Aiming for the torso. Okay.

But I managed to get the Highwayman working and zoomed straight from The Den to NCR without a single encounter, so that's by far the best $2000 I've spent in game so far

And on an unrelated note, that feel when you pour your heart out to senpai and they notice you and reveal they have noticed you for quite some time, but explain they don't have it in them to do another long distance relationship

@SirBryghtside: Next get an actual computer and actual Internet

Got disheartened with Fallout 2 for right now. Managed to sneak into the Sierra Army Base without dying, but now I can't sneak out because you don't retain sneak mode between screens, so the turrets just focus on me and leave me at -100HP before I can even move

Soooo instead I decided to set up my emulator again and see how well my new PC handles it. Very well, as it turns out.

Pretty much wrapping up Twilight Princess as I type this, just waiting for night to happen so I can continue with hunting for poe souls

EDIT: Oh great, after going through the entire walkthrough list, I'm missing one poe soul

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