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Last thing you did in a game?

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Fallout: New Vegas, just got into Primm. Trying out Hardcore mode, and it's been fun so far. Seems like it hasn't really picked up yet though.

Trying Diablo 2 again. I have to start keeping track of the stupid shit in this game.

Fired some Ghouls into space.


I am downright convinced that the Boots of Blinding Speed produce the mating calls of Cliffracers.

@SirBryghtside: You monster.

Got to Freeside. So Blackjack. And hookers. know what? Forget the Freeside.

Beat Diablo 2 hell mode after over 10 years of this game.

Then I went to Team Fortress 2. Rocket Jumper + Mantreads + Market Gardener = April fools.
Final K/D was around 4/48.

It seems that WarCry has contracted a nasty case of the bug-fuckeries.

As for what I've been doing lately.

Someone told me a few days ago that I'm a failspy (my Stream name: Some Stupid Failspy) because I didn't use the dead ringer. Decided to try it with the big earner and actually did ok as a spy.

Edit: @Portal Maniac: I'll follow you into pony oblivion soon. Probably sometime this week.

Eheh. Lawl.

Played TF2 last night. Get this.
I was actually vote kicked because I was playing too well.
Guess they couldn't take my wicked Demopan skills.


It really is a good show. Granted, the first couple of episodes are... less than optimal. But then again, is any pilot ever better than the rest of the season?
Plus, it gets great around episode 8 or so once the series really gets on its feet.

Killed Veronica's family, protected the president, then completed New Vegas. That ended way too abruptly.

@Portal: +1 to ponies. Did I mention I have a Fluttershy on my computer desk?

*reads My Little Dashie*
Oh god my heart

Skyrim, stabbing things. A LOT of things.

Deus Ex machina: Human Revolution

Going on the hardest setting. Pacifist style.

Oh dear god what foolish endeavor have I begun. I just now am outside the door for the second boss fight.

I'm scared.

Beat Super Metroid, which means I've completed every Metroid game bar Prime Hunters and Pinball.

Damn that feels good.

@Portal: that the ninja-dual-wield-machine-pistols chick?

I feel for you, man.

EDIT: Wordlink adverts? What madness is this?!

I swear they're just trying to kick us out now :P

Edit 2: It's just turned up on YouTube too. Hm.

Edit 3: Fix'd. It was a virus.

Well, I beat her.

Found out that if you activate your cloaking, she just stands there uncloaked like a dumbass while you unload two pistol clips into her damned face.

Then I did the impossible. I managed to save Malik. On a pacifist run. On the hardest difficulty.
I felt so proud :3

@SirBryghtside: Yeah, it was her.

See above for update on that :V

I borrowed Pokémon Blue off a friend.

I have 8 and a half hours clocked since yesterday.

I now take everything back I said about first gen being generally worse than the newer ones. Running with Wartortle, Pikachu, Butterfree and Dugtrio currently, and just beat Giovanni for the first time. There are a lot of flaws with it, but gods damn. It's Pokémon. It's actually illegal for it to be bad (which is why R/S/E is banned in 7 countries).

@Portal: Reminds me, I really need to replay that game. Might try the Pacifist run too, if it's fun. Hope I get to save Faridah this time, I didn't even realise you could first time round.

Spent about 15 hours in the character creator for EVE. Played the first mission of DoW2: Retribution as each race several times over. Deleted all my characters in all the MMOs that I have installed/open accounts in.

I have reached an unhealthy level of boredom in the realm of gaming. I have at least 10 different MMOs installed and ready to play along with 100s other games and I want nothing to do with any of them.

Legend of Grimrock was the only really fun thing I've played in a long time.

Welp. Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution again. Got the pacifist and legendary achievements. Guess I got the alarm going once somewhere.... fuck.

After playing it through non-rushing mode, I find that the plot isn't that batshit insane. The last 10 minutes though.... still creepy as shit.

Absolutely destroyed the Eighth gym. Still haven't lost a battle, all Pokémon fully evolved, and I even snagged an Articuno ^_^

I returned to Skyrim.

Long story short, I accidentally the entire population of Riverwood and Whiterun.

Those Imperials should have taken me down when they had the chance.

Beat Pokémon Blue with an honest to Shor 100% perfect run. Gary landed one shot on me, and it was a Mega Drain.

On my Butterfree.

Suck it, double resistance!

I played Dead Island Arena with a friend. He had to leave, so we didn't get to see how far we could make it.

Finally got round to playing Rayman Origins. And...

WHY DID I NOT PLAY THIS BEFORE. I've been squeeing from nostalgia overload for the entire time, and outside of that it really is a brilliant platformer. Exactly what I expected it to be - maybe a little better, seeing as Murphy and Polokus are major characters.

Wow did not realize I haven't posted here in a few weeks.

@Chi: Ya, I know the feeling. GW stopped being fun years ago and EQ2 got on my bad side with the whole Playstation version shutdown thing. And Dekaron... lets just say I had a different idea of fun when I played that game...

Tried to join a game of L4D2 with a friend.

As soon as I joined in, the three assholes on the infected team kicked me for fuck-all reason.

Fuck it. I'm not going to subjugate myself to Valve's CoD-esque shit. Uninstalled that game so fast.

Portal Maniac:
Tried to join a game of L4D2 with a friend.

As soon as I joined in, the three assholes on the infected team kicked me for fuck-all reason.

Fuck it. I'm not going to subjugate myself to Valve's CoD-esque shit. Uninstalled that game so fast.

Awww, kitty cat go meow? (In all seriousness, I hate that too)

Beat Rayman Origins, after playing it for about 6 hours straight.

That was the game I waited 9 years for. And it was so, so worth it.


I finished Inheritance. Felt like the last 100 pages were rushed, and the ending feels inconclusive compared to the other 3 books. Especially because spoil.rars

I'm done video/sound editing my Othello project. Didn't have great quality to work with, but I got it close enough.

Last but unleast, Skyrim. Decided to do a complete overhaul on my indiscriminate Murder McGenocide character, do ALL the Daedric quests (including Thieve's Guild), and the Dark Brotherhood so as to get the sanctuary and Shadowmere since I have that Better Horses mod.

That being said, the Ebony Blade is so fucking OP as hell once it's fully restored.

Come on, Tom, surely you're not that bad at StarCraft... you've been watching hundreds of matches, you have to know what to do!

*1 match later*

Never again...

@SirBryghtside: I don't highly recommend Metroid Prime: Hunters. It might be better as a multiplayer game. I never tried it that way. The single player isn't very compelling. If you feel the need to play it to completion and can find it cheap enough, might as well do it. Don't expect it to be ground-breaking, though.

Metroid Prime: Pinball is terrific, though. You play again if you beat it, and your score keeps climbing.

Ummm, if it counts, I filled in a little Kakuro from an old Kappa Games book I got one year. If you mean video games, I played a little Aisle Riot Solitaire in Fedora. If you mean a real video game, I played a little Final Fantasy VII on my PSP. I started a third play through and decided I had enough, so I put away my PSP.

Bit of Morrowind, got some sweet sanguine rings from raiding Ald Sotha with my mage character. This game is so much better at sidetracking you than Skyrim - and Skyrim's not exactly bad at it either.

@Yawnitz: I honestly wasn't planning on playing them - I'm content with just playing the main series - but thanks for the advice anyway. Pinball looks too expensive for now.

Welp, set a personal record of 100k np earned in 1 day on Neopets. Also finally got a high score game trophy: a bronze in Hotdog Hero.

Iji. It's pretty much Deus Ex meets Cave Story. Just beat Sector 8, and I think that means I'm approaching the endgame.

Oh, and it has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in ages:

Chariots chariots. Cave Alpha here. Turns out there are infinite universes, so if you find a universe made entirely of money, you be sure to tell the real Cave immediately; not Evil Cave /// No, HE'S Evil Cave! /// Disregard that, test subject. I'll sort this out.


Beat the Land of the Livid Dead on Rayman Origins.

That was literally the most difficult thing I've ever played.

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