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Still just messing around on Hearthstone - I keep trying to get rid of my gold on arena runs, but I do well and I just win it all back as prizes :P Hunter deck's gone through some changes, runs a lot better with Hyenas and stuff that punish people for wiping out my board - still need a lot of rarer cards like the weapons, but they're stupid to get.

Getting kind of burned out on games tbh, I completed Mirror's Edge in one sitting the other day... at least uni's booting up again soon.

Briefly did Minceraft. Went out and mined some quartz with my fancy new uber-fortune pick and got like 3 stacks of quartz blocks.
Hmmm..... the possibilities open up to me now..... mayhaps I can use the quartz to build like a 5 star ritzy hotel lobby or something

Also using this post to double-check I can still post in WarCry. Yay!

1 AM Hearthstone

I have an exam in 8 hours that I haven't revised for at all

Should be fine

@Portal: What happened, something go wrong Escapist side?

Did some Durk Sails.
Got the Moonlight Greatsword to +5, then remembered it has an awesome strong attack because it's a dragon weapon and basically went :D
And then to make me love the weapon even more: S scaling in my most-invested stat, AND the attacks themselves completely ignore blocking shields!
frickin bootiful

So then I went to Oolacile and 3-shot the Guardian

@SirBrightside: Was told the Code of Conduct got updated again; wasn't sure if the updated rule thing would carry over to here and prevent me from posting

Morrowind at like 5 am as a break from an all nighter - managed to work out my gameplan for my mage in Tribunal, boils down to pulling a few enemies, summoning something terrible like a Clannfear, then casting a 50 ft AoE 400 damage frostball touch spell on it. All goblins everywhere die.

Also exam went badly, partly because I turned up half an hour late because I didn't realise that the building was on the other side of Manchester.


Did some Durk Sails to unwind after a tense week (I know how that sounds but fuck you I enjoy it).

Went through Oolacile and beat Manus. Took his soul and got his fancy catalyst from it. Right now with my glassest-of-cannons sorceress character, I'm not quite sure where to go...
I could take her down to the Tomb of the Giants and take care of Nito and everything..... but I'm not really sure anymore.

I'm hesitant to go to NG+ with her for some reason. For some reason I feel it'll just become bland to go through one-shotting bosses for a while.

@SirBryghtside: You tell me.
Should I do that thing, or should I make a theme-character about Olaf (viking dual-axe weilding unstoppable tank motherfucker)

Yesterday, I was about to start the conversation with Almalexia to take me to the Clockwork City.

Today, my computer decided to hate life and need 'repairs', which deleted pretty much nothing off my computer but my Morrowind saves. I have backups, but they're literally back at the start of Tribunal. Damn it.

Anyway, because of that I'm back on Hearthstone, which is going pretty well - they buffed a Hunter card and now that deck is reaching perfection, with only a couple of Epics missing (and legendaries, obviously). I've also improved at the game in general, so I'm ranking up at a decent rate with it now. Yus

@Portal: Olaf, definitely - vikings and dual wielding are the two best things in gaming :P

@SirBryghtside: I did both!

So started Olaf, went to Undead Burg with my one battle axe that my starting class had originally, so naturally I was going to make my way to Andre to buy another one.
The enemies decided to fuck that shit.

Second enemy I killed there dropped one :D
And then another one did later
And before I left, a fourth one dropped for me

Oh and then I did a brave low-level venture down the Catacombs to find and kill Vamos. Got his viking helmet so :3

1 AM Hearthstone

I have an exam in 8 hours that I haven't revised for at all

Should be fine

@Portal: I totally need to get those games once I get around to buying a PS3 - I'll suck so badly but it'll be great :D

Durk Sailing around

Got Olaf to Anor Londo, spent a HUGE amount of souls on large shards to upgrade my armor to what I can on top of getting one of my axes to lightning status. Decided to only do it for one (despite the theme fit) and just do regular +15 for the other, so that way lightning resistant enemies don't screw me over or anything.

So far, not using a shield has been surprisingly not terrible for me.
Silver knights gave me trouble at first, but then I just two-handed my regular ax and it fucks their poise up enough to not be a problem
Still midrolling though, so combine that with the iffy swing speed of these things and Smore & Oreo will be painful to do solo...

@SirBryghtside: I'm beginning to see a pattern here with you....

Also I'd just say to wait for Dark Souls 2 to come out (Marchish last I heard, I'm on media blackout :3) and then grab it for the PC then.
They've said they've been developing it for PC from day 1 instead of quarter-assing a shit port like they did for the first one, so it'll be grand.

Besides, it's better than being a filthy console peasant!


Was running an epic Warlock deck with 2 Sunwalkers (no legendaries though) and I absolutely wrecked everyone I came into contact with :D rewards were awful but meh, beating Arena was pretty much my goal, means a hell of a lot more to me than throwing money at the game to get ladder wins


I have an exam in 4 hours

That I actually have revised for!

@Portal: I was going to get a PS3 for all the console exclusives I missed this gen anyway, and it's probably a good idea for me to hold off on new releases until I ditch this laptop for something better (I could only play Last Light while I was home)

And totally broke that pattern

Still going to fail :P

I found out my completionist Dark Souls character didn't get deleted after all :D
Which is great because she also is the only character with the Obsidian Greatsword, and fuck getting that again :o

And on a 100% random impulse I decided to begin using the Scythe and to join the dragon covenant

Dragon tuxedo

@SirBryghtside: Yea well okay then fine whatever if you don't want to be cool that's fine too

And Dark Souls 2 is also going to be on PS3 instead of PS4 so you're okay there too

I'm watching the entirety of LAGTV from day one, so that's put me in a StarCraft 2 mood - played a couple of unranked matches and won both of them after playing awfully. Apparently Blizzard likes me enough to matchmake me with 5 year olds so I feel good about myself :P

I started to actually try to get into Dark Souls PvP!

So naturally I joined the Forest Hunters and invaded through them like 25 times a few days ago
Won like 4 of them :D

Did some TF2 and broke everyone's face on an arena server as Pyro

Really wasn't expecting to, given that I've been up for 31 hours


Just wow
So all this time I've ever played Dark Souls
This nearly 300 hours of playtime
I just now realized
I actually had incorrectly activated the FPS unlocker and was actually impairing the performance of my machine even further
And holy fuck does this change things

Magic the Gathering Born of the Gods prerelease

First time I've done anything even remotely competitive with it, never even been to an FNM - won 3, lost 3, perfectly average, yus, Boros is best deck

New set is fun as hell too, favourite pull was a Chromanticore because rainbows and stuff, even though I kinda have to make a deck for it now despite having next to no colour fixing :D

Went Durk Sailing with my friend last night.
"Helped" him get through Blighttown and to take down Quelaag. Then I basically told him the cheap-o easy way to take care of Ceaseless because that fight is just stupid if you try to do it legitimately.
Then he went up to Firelink, found the Firekeeper dead, accidentally attacked the priestess lady and pissed her friends off, got killed, and respawned all the way back at Blighttown :D

Had to go to bed at that point
No idea if he managed to escape before quitting or not

Just getting annoyed with Hearthstone, pretty much played nothing else for the past week or so. Since open beta my rank's full of legendaries and broken cards that my hunter deck just can't deal with any more, so I've decided to branch out some more with my decks. Crafted a couple of rares to make a new mage deck, which is currently going through the refinement process but seems to work pretty well, plus I've decided to work out how the hell you're supposed to play Rogue. But generally it's still really difficult to keep up with all the legends and epics that every single person on the ladder seems to have by default - still going to try getting there without paying, though.

It's official now. I got my friend hooked on Dark Souls pretty hard.
And before I bought it for him, he had only tried it once and hated it before he even got to Taurus.

I'm considering this a success in my books c:

Went 12-2 in Arena again. Managed to get to 10 wins with no losses, but there were 2 Druids that just had no chance against (Paladins have nothing to get rid of big creatures, Druids specialise in big creatures). My rewards?

405 gold and 2 packs. The packs contained one rare I kinda wanted, plus 8 commons and one rare which I already had 2 of. Blizzard seriously need to fix that :/

Did a little bit of Minceraft. Working on my little hotel lobby just a weeeeee bit.

Got a good block pattern in mind for the flooring, and the main windowpiece is looking pretty nice in it :3

@SirBryghtside: GIVE ME YOUR TUNA

In a bid to play anything but Hearthstone, I've finally gotten together the willpower to start Tribunal over again. It's a lot easier now that I know what I'm actually doing as a mage, so I'm just tearing through the plot until I get to the part where I have to donate artifacts, when I'll do all the sidequests I can find (last time I donated the Ebony Mail and kinda regretted it).

@Portal: I have none D:

Dark Souls, finishing up my NG+ main character. Ran up to Gwyn and promptly got bitch-slapped into the ground pretty hard.
Repeat about 6 times. 6 more face-marks in the ash.
Finally got fed up and went to parry his ass to death the cheesy way.
Yet another face-mark in the ash.
*grumbles and blames being hungry & shizwaz*


Beat Tribunal, finally. Definitely want to continue this character into Bloodmoon soon - it's kinda frustrating being so squishy all the time but it's all worth it for the crazy hit-and-run battles that come out of being a mage jacked up on homemade fortify speed potions.

Did some Dark Souls and Bioshock Infinite.

Dark Souls, finally managed to beat Gwyn and got into NG+2 because of it. Am currently doing everything possible before the Gargoyles.
Great Hollow and Demon Ruins suck without the Lordvessal ;~;

Infinite, replaying it because I felt like experiencing the visual-porn of its aesthetics and everything. Currently in Finkton on 1999 Mode right before the tavern brawl, not using the Dolla Bills either.
Also I played around with the graphic settings to try and get the most awesome effects I can


Actually decided to play through Arena properly. Playing a Nord Knight (because they don't have to repair things), and am halfway through Labyrinthian, the place with the second staff piece. It's actually turning out more fun than I thought it would be, pretty much like a Daggerfall-lite which you can actually complete without a million corrupted saves :D

Started out good by selling off a crystal I found in the starting sewer for an entire set of plate and an Adamantium Warhammer of Lightning that just tears through everything. Really hoping to get this guy to the end, but it's a really long game thanks to the ridiculously massive dungeons.

@Portal: Wait, is that Oblivion?

Bioshock Infinite. Finished it up on 1999 Mode fairly easily.
The only real difficult area was the fucking phantom bullshit.
Had to look for help since I couldn't camp at Dolla Bill Y'all like I did the first time. Found out you can undertow the corpses into places she can't reach and it's pretty much a game of kiting.

Also totally not downloading the DLC pass thing because of Rapture visual porn and stuff

@SirBryghtside: Yes totally

Continuing with Arena, just went through the Hall of Colossus (Elsweyr) to get staff piece number four. Managed to get a tonne of great loot on the last couple of dungeon runs, so I now have a great loadout which includes two ebony pieces of armour and an ebony war axe. Also have a couple of things which buff my agility until I get that to 100 (as far as I can tell, your attributes can't go past that with fortify effects). Still really fun, the Hall being the best dungeon so far. Off to Summerset Isle next, should be cool :D

@Portal: Cool cool

Just started and finished Burial at Sea part 1
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck fuck fuck fuck


Went through the Crystal Tower to get the fifth piece. I have around 60,000 gold at this point, but I can't for the life of me find any shops selling decent armour - I'm still running on the basic boots :/

Dark Souls with mah friend while doing Heartgold while waiting for summons.

He went all the way from Blighttown to the Duke's Archives with his sorcery build. He got ass-blasted a lot by the 2nd Asylum Demon :3

Also I caught a Growlithe

Finished Arena. Ending was anticlimactic, even for what I was expecting, but also kind of hilarious :D really fun game - now I've got to pluck up the courage to take down Daggerfall and I'll have completed them all.

Doing the Pookeymans Heartgold more. Basically paid the Elite Four massive amounts of money to win.

*totally didn't use 20 full restores and 6 revives vs Lance alone >.>*

Got to the stage where I can buy potions in Daggerfall. It's ridiculous how much effort you have to put into your character build to do even basic stuff like that, but my planning paid off. Haven't even started on Main Quest - just kind of holding off on it until I have some really solid gear. Feeling pretty good about this character, fingers firmly crossed for no save corruptions coming up.

@Portal: Every Elite fight for me since Diamond has involved constantly switching out to a Ratatta or something and just throwing revives and full restores at my Pokémon until the opponent misses - gotta keep that no-loss record :P

Well, except Y, but all my Pokémon were literally about 20 levels higher than the champion for that one. Exp All yo

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