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Did the Durk Sails and more Heartgold.

Went on a boat to Kanto and sodomized everyone in the mouth I saw.
Well, except for Gary Motherfucking Oak, but that's because I was beginning to get burnt out the moment I set foot in his gym

Also in Dark Souls I kinda managed to get every single spell, weapon, shield, and armor piece in the game ever fornever. Kinda happy 'bout that one c:

@SirBryghtside: Well that's because X&Y are stupid casual

More Daggerfall. Realised on a Dibella quest where I had to kill a Lich that I'd been an idiot and sold my Ebony Dagger by accident, pushing back the Main Quest even further, but then he killed himself with a fireball so it was alright. Trying my hand at the Fighters Guild now.

Reading more of Game of Incest because fuck you it totally applies to this thread

Finished up A Feast for Incest
Seriously now though, that entire final chapter


Hearthstone. Arena. Druid deck.


Rewards sucked. But 12-0. I've properly won Hearthstone now :P

Played some modded Minceraft.
After setting up a smeltery and getting my inventory absolutely hammered by the sheer amount of shit in the modpack, I set up a suuuuper nifty storage system that like holy shit I cannot believe how great it is I think I might cry a little

@SirBryghtside: Well time to uninstall since you won it

Back to Daggerfall, still leveling with the Temple of Dibella to become strong enough for main quest. Finally found a Mithril Longsword to kill liches with, but apparently the two zombies in the entrance hall of the first main quest dungeon are way too strong for my character to deal with right now. I'm already level 6, hopefully I'll be able to actually start beating the game soon :/

@Portal: Addiction does not work that way D:

I got bored so I decided to throw a huuuuuge amount of mods at my Skyrim and have someone pick a random number 1-10 for my starting class

So I decided to do something I never ever do and just go straight-up two-hand greathammer with heavy armor and basically roleplay as an extremely violent sort of person that is infatuated with meat and smashing people in the faces.
One of the mods made a hair color that is the blackest black I ever saw, so I gave him long hair with a big bushy beard and, for irony's sake, I named him Graybeard.

And then after I went to Whiterun, I remembered that Graybeards are a faction thing
Soooooo now my Graybeard is going to go beat some sense into those impostors whenever he gets around to Snow Throat


Finally started Daggerfall's Main Quest because I found a whole load of awesome loot, including some clothes that make my endurance and speed 100 and an ebony longsword. I'm absolutely wrecking the game now - only real challenge is finding my way around the dungeons :P

The adventures of Graybeard continue!

Removed the current water & weather & lighting mods and installed totally compatible versions that worked together because I was having some silly conflicts when looking at certain directions. Also used the opportunity to get a mod that allows breaking locks with two-handed weapons so I can SMASH DOWN DOORS

Was walking innocently around Whiterun when I was doing that Gray-mane quest to find the missing brother, so Graybeard broke into the Battleborn house to steal that ledger thing.
Unfortunately for Graybeard, one of the Battleborns was home. So he had to kill him. Angrily.

Long story short I kind of can't go to Whiterun anymore because I sort of killed the entire city watch and that's somewhat frowned upon for some reason.

Graybead ended up heading east to go smash more people in the face and joining the Stormcloaks-that-don't-have-cloaks. And then he smashed in Calixto's face because RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

And then the last mentionable thing was I found a bandit chief in a dungeon, fought him, and then got a killcam where I began headbutting him and HIS HEAD EXPLODED

Daggerfall, just finished up a quest for the King of Worms. Plot's actually getting started, with my current quest for Gortwog actually being to find something to do with Lysandus's Ghost. In terms of gear and level and whatever, I found out that if you exit and enter the potion seller's store, their supply replenishes. Cue around ten minutes of getting every Resist potion I will ever need. Also all my magic items broke, which kinda sucks, but I'm starting to find Daedric and Orcish parts around the place, so I should be top-tier soon enough anyway.

Did some TF2

Play as soldier for one round; stalemateish and end up losing due to time
Teams swap: I change to medic
We stomp from there and win 3 or 4 rounds in a row

Well I guess I know which class I'm still best at

@SirBryghtside: One thing I've always found crazy is that Arena through Oblivion all occur within a handful of years of each other

It's my personal headcanon that when Emperor Patrick Stewart died the world just couldn't bear it so we skipped ahead to Skyrim to dull the pain

Completed Daggerfall. Let's just say that when Sheogorath turned up in that last dungeon, I really wasn't surprised. It was like Xen on acid. Had to use UESP a little more than I'd like, but it made so little sense I couldn't help it.

Gave the Totem to Patrick Stewart because it seemed like the least evil ending (though Gortwog was tempting). I like Daggerfall, so I think I'll stick with this character to do a few Daedric quests, but... wow. I've finished every single Elder Scrolls game. That's been something I've wanted to do since I first noticed that it said 'the sequel to Arena and Daggerfall' on the cover of Morrowind.

@SirBryghtside: But have you beaten Battlespire

Played Skyrim for the first time in months. Managed to:

-Hold right click and wiggle the mouse around to try and attack
-Think about how using all that magic was going to affect my in-game sleeping patterns
-Reach over to 'G' after burning a couple of bandits to death in an attempt to taunt.

I need to stop playing other games.

@Portal: We don't talk about Battlespire.

Played through probably 3/4 of the last Bioshock Infinite DLC since it came out yesterday.

Me going into it: Hmmmm, I wonder what big twist they're going to have in this one....

Me after 10 minutes: ........ Well. I wonder if the ending's twist is going to top that or not.

Still though, the gameplay is actually good now. There are actual stealth mechanics if you're into doing that instead of murdering everyone in the face. Which is good.

@SirBryghtside: Battlespire is neat though
You're like a wizard or something

In an Elder Scrolls mood right now, so started a stealth character on Oblivion

Got bored with it and started removeallitems-ing guards in record time

Finished Burial at Sea part 2 the other day. Dayum, that ending....

Inspired by it to play through the entire canon Bioshock series in chronological order now for one last time while hitting up any and all achievements I still need.

Currently got through Infinite and am working in Clash in the Clouds DLC for all the blue ribbon awards

Back on Fire Emblem: Awakening - got to a point where half my team is overpowered and the other half dies if the enemy breathes on them. Worked fine for the last few missions, but the one I'm on keeps spawning enemies in random places so they come up from behind my wall of OP guys and gank someone. I'm definitely playing the game wrong, but it's still fun.

After 100% Bioshock Infinite, I have begun playing the original Bioshock now

Sweet jesus these plasmid controls are going to take forever to readjust to

Finally V-Ranked the Final Level time trial on VVVVVV. Only got Space Station 2 left to 100% now - which sucks, because it's the hardest by a long shot, thanks to Gordian Knot, Veni Vidi Vici, and the plain fact that it's about twice as long as all the other levels.

Yeah, this one's going to take me a while.

Finished Bioshock. The cycle is complete.
Uninstalled the entire series from my system afterwards. It's gonna need to be a loooong time before I feel like playing any of it again now.

Also managed to make my friend rage-quit a quick 1v1 League of Pancakes match in URF mode.
Turns out Ezreal is a one-way ticket to pissing someone off

Finally got round to playing through Hero Core, which turned out to be all the things I love about Metroid, just shorter. Then I realised the developer (who also made Iji) contributed to a game called MURI that nobody seems to have heard of. Next game decided :D

As part of my waiting for Dark Souls II anxiety, I have reset my Pokemon Diamond and began my very fist Nuzlocke challenge!

As of right now, no Pokemon have been lost at all, and I have got my first gym badge.
I chose a Piplup and named him Peppers c:

Played some Hearthstone with Trump's F2P Warlock deck. Got from rank 7 to rank 4, which is the highest I've ever been - though my experience with playing is that I'll get some ridiculous win streak and follow it up with a full tilt of losses that brings me back to where I started, which really isn't that fun. I'll probably just binge it for a few days to get lucky and make legend, then not touch ranked ever again.

Well my Nuzlocke run died
It managed to hold together for quite a while, but once shit began to hit the fan it really hit the fan[/i]

The Gyarados on Wake's gym just instantly destroyed my team with it's bullshit dragon rage, but I managed to survive with my starter and Bronzor.
Then on the way to Celestial Town or whatever it's called, a couple of bullshit crits took down both of them
Which left my team with a fragile Staravia, a Graveller, and massive underlevels that would be risky to even get up to where my party was levelled.

I decided to just call it quits from there, because the next gym (steel) would have just been impossible

V-Ranked Space Station 2. So satisfying to finally be done with it. The only other achievements I've got left in the game are the Gravitron achivements (which I don't really enjoy playing) and No Death Mode (nope), so apart from the occasional replay, I'm pretty much done with VVVVVV.

@Portal: I kinda want to buy another copy of Pokémon Diamond just so I can actually replay it for once. I really love 4th gen, but I've only ever played through it once because I can't bring myself to wipe the 400 hour plus save file I have :P

Dark Souls 2. After the initial "THESE CONTROLS ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE" stinkfest of night one, I someone was able to provide a temporary work-around to make the game playable without a gamepad. And then I mysteriously had about 10 hours of playtime in a single day.

Game sure is awesome. Shame the ass-hattery levels of keybinding marred it so much. But, that's somewhat deserved when there's a half-second delay on registering a click and forcing stupid bind sequences like "left-control double left-click" to strong-attack.

@SirBryghtside: I was kind of there too with Heart Gold. Ended up restarting it anyways to replay it because I didn't really have anything special on that save file.
Then I remembered how absurd the difficulty spike is right before the dragon gym and regretted my decision.

If I remember right, Diamond has a similar spike between electric gym and elite 4.

Participated in a community Hearthstone tournament for LAGTV - managed to come second out of 8. It was a lot of fun, I'd totally do it again.

@Portal: Diamond is a pretty special save file, for me - loads of nostalgia there, my favourite team of 4 level 100s, and around 75% of a living Pokédex that I work on from time to time - so I don't think I ever want to restart it. I might restart SoulSilver though - I never really liked how my team turned out in that, so a restart would probably make me like the game a whole lot more.

I have just finished Dark Souls 2.

Once the stupid bullshit of needing to use 3rd party stuff to be able to play with mouse and keyboard, the game's a solid one. Much more solid than the first one ever could have been.
Really, the only thing that doesn't blow the original out of the water would be the ending. Everything else, the story, the gameplay, the majority of characters (where is my home-boy Solaire :c), is just superior.

@SirBryghtside: Ah, I see. It's a perfectionist-game, I can understand.
If you want to restart SoulSilver, for the love of god start grooming a Pokemon that can wipe the dragon gym early on. That shit is just ridiculous when you walk face-first into it with Pokeymanners that hardly do anything to them.

More Hearthstone, just grinding Arena to try and get my last three 12s (Shaman, Rogue, Hunter). Starting to get really dull, though - I've played it so much that I'm basically on autopilot in-game. There are still some matches which end up really interesting, but they're few and far between. Might just take a break from it all until Naxxramas hits.

Some Dark Souls 2 again. Should be surprising considering how little I play the series.

Been working on my original character through NG+ and he's currently just finished the Shrine of Amana (fuck that place on a cactus). Also got him to max rank on Sunbro covenant, and am extremely disappointed with the Sunbro gear overall. If you don't intend to have anywhere close to 55 faith (which is quite a lot, lemme tell ya), then there's really not a reason to join them at all.

Also did something partway through the NG+ run that surprised me quite a bit; I put away my shield for good.
Shields as a whole feel much less useful than in Dark Souls 1 if you know what you're doing, and the extra poise damage that two-handing your weapon gives really is a huge bonus. Also swapped out my Drangleic Greatsword out for a Murakumo. I've found that the Murakumo has some..... strangeness regarding its attacks and character/camera directions. The two-hand strong attack is pretty baller though if you can land it reliably.

Decided to replay Half-Life 2 again for no reason. Just got to Anticitizen One, definitely remembering why this is one of my favourite games :D

Dark Souls 2.
So after farming the onionbro in NG+ to get his full armor set, I sent through about 20 bonfire ascetics just to complete it.

Boy, I'm so glad they decided to make the design choice of making rare drops cost insane amounts to even try and farm

Hearthstone, 12-1'd Hunter - solid deck, even had a Ragnaros in there to help push me to victory. That was the class I've always considered the most challenging (most of the class-specific cards are pretty bad without synergy, and the hero ability is really weak in arena), but I pulled it off. Now I've just got the Rogue to power through and I'll be content :D

Played some more White 2. Beat the Elite 4, and then in the post-game game I had the brilliant idea to change up my entire team (except for my Ampharos, the best Pookeymanner ever).

Kiiiiinda regret that now because training low-levels seems to take even longer in this game than in other games.
Also, really disappointed at how hard Lucario got nerfed in gen 5. He feels really useless now....

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