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Tryharding on Team Fortress 2 arena as Pyro - my skill in each round alternated between being godlike and MVPing like frak and getting killed in the first 2 seconds. I don't think my blood pressure levels right now are too healthy :P

@SirBryghtside: Yeh, I know how that feels.

On my latest Dark Souls 2 character pictured here, I've entered the PvP section of the game.
Surprisingly, punching people with your bare damn hands is really, really powerful. So much so that I was actually on a monstrous killing spree the other day and was killing about 2-3 people for every one time I died.

And then yesterday I got roflstomped into the ground by half the people I fought :V


Rogue. Arena. 12-2. I win.

@Portal: Huh, I didn't know Rob was still doing stuff - guess I'll follow his Twitch :D

Some more White 2. Caught a shiny Excadrill while I was grinding for a water stone I desperately need for a Vaporeon.

Also have more-or-less filled out the Habitat dex. Just need to get a Spheal to get the walrus line and it'll be 100% done. I may even need to fiddle with the...... *gulp* global trading system....

@SirBryghtside: Man that isn't the only thing Rob's doing. He's got a regular Youtube channel that right now is a bit of a variety, but will likely return to heavy Minecraft once he gets the Dwarves vs. Zombies overhaul finished.

Unforgotten Realms was only like a fraction of the stuff he's done. I refound him through entirely unrelated means of the Mindcrackers, so yeah he gets around

100%'d Ticklish Temples on Rayman Origins, about halfway to full completion now. Trying to get the Lum par in those mosquito levels is one of the most stressful things I've had to do in recent memory D:

@Portal: I remember watching a Super Mario World Let's Play he did just after Unforgotten Realms ended, but after his site stopped updating I just assumed he'd disappeared. That LP was really entertaining, so I'll definitely keep an eye on him from here on out.

Some Pookeymans. Doing a bit of final-team training while also trying to fill out my Pokedex as much as possible before I am forced to begin using cheating devices to fill it out (found out that apparently my DS model has very recently lost support for online play or something).

As of right now, my final team consists of Ampharos, Haxorus, Aerodactyl, Wailmer (probably gonna change), Gallade, and that shiny Excadrill.

I beat Transistor in one sitting. This game... wow. It's probably just hit my top 5 of all time. I'm still at a loss for words after that ending. Everything about it was absolutely perfect, stylish, beautiful... the planning part of the gameplay was awesome, and something I've been wanting to see done properly for a long time, the music is already being downloaded to my iTunes, and everything else was... I really can't think of any other way to say this but perfect.

Get this game. Just... wow.

I played the new Dwarves vs Zombies, and I'm in love
Awww man, even though I suck terribadly at Minecraft combat, that game is fun as hell

Probably gonna sink a good portion of my summer into it

@SirBryghtside: Your face is weird now

I'm home for the summer, and turns out my dad got our old computer out of the attic

Obviously the first thing I did was spend a day marathoning Rock Raiders to finally complete it after having it for 12 years


@Portal: But Transistor's so purty D:

Dwarves vs Zombies

Holy nutballs man, lasting to be in the last 10 dwarves making the last stand at the final shrine, especially when you've all got extra armor and are re-gearing everyone else as their armor breaks
It's tense beyond words. One slip-up and you're dead, making everyone else die faster. It's only a matter of time, but you just can't help but try all the harder and think that maybe, just maybe, this will be the first time the dwarves will win

But then Roamin falls victim to going to deep with his flamethrower, and you get trapped in a corner by a bunch of zombies and start getting locked down and your juice begins running out, and Old Man Willakers' armor begins to break, all while a Blaze Cannon is down the corridor blasting at the shrine
And then it's over

So awesome

@SirBryghtside: Put it back young man or it's no more [thing you like] for you

Finally decided to go back and play Fallout properly - the first time I killed the experience by just using a walkthrough for the whole thing - and it's a lot better than before. Just handed in the water chip, now I'm pretty much going to be sidequesting until I have good enough gear to take down the mutant base.

@Portal: The animation on my old one sucked anyway, admit it :P

Playing Pokemon Y
My thoughts so far:

-Wow this game sure is shoving its French dick aggressively in the player's face, eh?
-Roller skates are the best thing ever for finally liberating us from the tyranny of the grid
-Oh god it's been far too long since I've had to actually experiment to tell what a general type matchup is @__@
-You can dress up your CHARACTER?! This game just went from good to fabulous

@SirBryghtside: It was only bad because it was half-assed :V

Finished Fallout. Opinions on it are more positive now - I get what they were trying to do with the story, getting you to explore to understand the world, and then have your understanding of it develop organically. Just going through it almost speedrun style with a walkthrough really just killed all of that the first time round, obviously, though I still don't think it quite worked, with a lot of stuff feeling a little under-developed. The structure of New Vegas makes a lot more sense in the context of that, and the added linearity (and stuff to explore) there was what that kind of system needed to get it right. Definitely trying out Fallout 2 soon.

@Portal: Your avatar is a naked Skyrim guard being molested by cabbages

Tell me again what 'half-assed' means :P

Did some more TF2.

After selling the plethora of trading cards that the summer sale threw at me, I spent the ~$1.50 on a dozen weapons I needed pretty badly to fill in the gaps in my armory. Weapons like the direct hit, gunboats, gunslinger, a kritzkrieg, basics like that.
Haven't really got any new weapons, so I can't say anything about them. I still slaughter people as a soldier though, which makes me feel like I'm not utterly garbage at the game still.

@SirBryghtside: Your little spinny star only turned for one point of the star, which then jarred right back to the beginning. It was a very noticeable seam, and the base image was clearly never intended to have that happen.

Mine is from a work of art, thank you very much

Back on TF2. Still haven't got the new weapons from the update (really want to try out that Scattergun and Shield), so the only difference to my playstyle is that I can't gank with the Axtinguisher any more. They nerfed it to only crit from behind, which in practice means it will always minicrit because people, you know, tend to turn around when they're set of fire :/ Now it just does the same damage as (maybe even a little less than) the flare gun, so it's almost useless. Still use it for when people are too dumb to turn around, but it's a really annoying and, in my opinion, poorly thought out change. Ah well, it's still fun, even if it sucks when I forget and get wrecked by a Soldier/Demo I thought I'd killed.

@Portal: I didn't animate it - got someone from a usergroup to do it - so I doubt I could do a better job :P Transistor's too sexy for me to change it now

Bought, played, and finished the Witcher 2 on a whim the other day.


The game breaks itself up into segments and calls them chapters, which gives the impression there will be a ton of chapters to go through in the story. Turns out there are only 3 chapters, and the last one was half as long as the other two, if that.
What a massive cocktease

Plus, the boss fights were a clusterfuck. All of them except for the last mandatory bossfight were simply "use the trapping magic thing you never use", and then dying 40 times because you didn't know their very specific attack patterns. Fuck, the second boss even has a shield that lasts ~20 seconds that he recasts all the time. And that shield makes him 100% immune to every attack you could possibly do.

Combat in general was annoying as hell. It feels like they made it so combo-ing/attack spamming was the only way to do damage, but the enemy AI just completely shuts down that method entirely. You can land two hits at best before the manage to magically block your attack, at which point they will lightning-fast be able to counterhit you before you can even react. On top of it all, its difficulty was goddamn ridiculous. In the tutorial area, your first fights involve throwing a horde of at least 8 people at you (all of which being actual threats from the main game, no pushover cannonfodder). Good fucking luck when you're 20 minutes in, m8

Then other small annoyances. At some points, you exit a cutscene to enter combat immediately. Fun thing is, you don't regain control of your character for about half a second after the cutscene ends, but the enemies still move and attack you. Oftentimes leading to unavoidable backstabs.
Loading felt like it took five-ever when it happened, and it happened often when you die because of combat shenanigans.
So many fucking useless items that just clog up your inventory for no reason. Why do rope ladders exist as loot? You can't craft anything with them from what I saw, you can't use them, they aren't worth anything, they aren't even seen outside of a looting screen!

Played through Dominique Pamplemousse, was only an hour long. Was as weird as you'd expect a monochrome claymation musical point-and-click adventure game that complains about gender and the economy. No idea what to think of it quality-wise really, but it was pretty funny.

TF2 with a friend and his brother.

Long story short, we decided to do a joke strategy on Coldfront of being triple-medics in a group. Not even ubersaw chaining, just doing what we do.

We were actually able to force the enemy team to enact "heaviest team wins" protocol, and even then it was a stalemate until one of us switched off medic, then they began to stomp us.

Became the first person in the world to complete this game because I thought it was Frog Fractions 2.

It wasn't Frog Fractions 2 :P

Minceraft. Working on my creative world.

Got the throne room general shape down, as well as the actual throne bit. Also worked on some concepts for stone trees so I can build a petrified forest once a stable version of the new snapshots come out.
Gonna use that blue stone & lamps so hard

@TopazFusion: Don't you have ponies to solicit right now?

Can't be bothered to invest time in a single-player game right now, so I'm back on Hearthstone. Finally cracked and decided to actually use the dust I've been saving up, and now have a collection of pretty much every decent card in the game, so my only objective now is to make it to legend. I still have no idea what kind of deck I want to run to get there though, so for now I'm just screwing around at Rank 10 trying out a bunch of different things with a vague secondary goal of leveling all the classes to 60 - mostly just waiting for Naxxramas to hit, though.

@Portal Maniac: Why would you do that D:

Minceraft. Managed to figure out how to host a server, so my small group of friends have began a world and gotten fairly far in it.

We have some decent enchanted diamond tools, our homey area looks pretty alright for its completion level, and soon we may begin to truly delve into the Nether to look for a fortress

@SirBryghtside: Who that

Bought the original Metroid on the 3DS eShop, and I'm already lost. I've searched every single path and door and haven't found the way forward, which seeing as this is an NES game probably means I'm supposed to buy Nintendo Power to figure out what to do. I don't mind old games in general - the actual game's pretty fun so far despite some frustrating design features (your health is reset to 30 when you die, for example, meaning energy tanks are useless unless you grind for half an hour on each reset) - but the whole moon logic look-up-a-walkthrough-or-give-up thing really puts me off playing them. Oh well.

@Portal: What even is a Dorian

Bought Witcher 1 on yet another whim (mostly because while all of those gripes I had with the second one are entirely valid, the world just sucked me in super-hard).

So far, I'm enjoying it somewhat more than its sequel when I keep in mind it came out 2 years after Oblivion
If I had played it at launch, I would have been blown AWAY by how amazing it looked in general
That being said though, the dwarves look unintentionally repulsive

Combat is..... more of a predictable quick time event with different settings. It's more reliable and less frustrating than anything I've experienced in the 2nd one so far, so that's good

Really though, the main thing I enjoy the most about the series is the concept of what a witcher is, which sadly seems to hardly ever be truly relevant (replace Geralt with a regular human/elf/dwarf that is also a badass swordsman and not a whole lot would change).

@SirBryghtside: A name, you casual rumblebunch

Mage Arena, managed to get a Ragnaros and a Faceless Manipulator in an epic draft that ended up getting to 6-0 before full tilt happened and I ended 7-3 with awful rewards. #sour

@Portal: Names are for people who don't use the internet

I spent about 5 hours in Minecraft very wisely
Probably the best thing I've built so far

@SirBryghtside: It's not even a correct name tho

Whew, finally found this place again.

Most interesting game lately was Borderlands 2 (Xbox). It wasn't until I read about his backstory on the wiki that I realized Zer0 (main character I had just beaten the game with) had 4 fingers. Apparently there was a lot of shit I missed.

Finished Bloodmoon with my first mage character. That's the end of a playthrough that's been on my mind for over two years, and I somehow managed to go all that time without abusing any of the mechanics :P I felt so underpowered towards the end, with everyone and their mother in the expansions having some ridiculous Reflect buff, but I made it.

Aaaand now I've got to make my first stealth character. Dammit

I am participating in the Lords of Minecraft!

Lots are incredibly expensive, so I decided I would lease one just outside the slums district and then build a whorehouse on that plot of land.

It's about 80% finished at this point. Mostly just need to get more gold for supplies, and a name.

Started up and did my free arena run on an American Hearthstone account so I can play Naxxramas 24 hours earlier than I would be able to on EU. While writing down reviews of every single card in Naxx to plan for the upcoming meta and weird arena picks.

Addiction yo

Back to Dark Souls 2

Bought the new DLC thing because VaatiVidya peaked my interest lore-wise, so I figured it was worth the season pass DLC since he said it was fairly substantial

Then I remembered that my only PvE/coop character is currently in something ridiculous like NG+3

Soooooo I just made a new pure-dex character, Ricardo. Currently he switches between an estoc and a scimitar, but I'll be swapping the scimitar out with a warped sword once I get it upgraded one or two more levels.

In the 4 hours of playing the character, I've taken down Lost Sinner, and am ready to take down Iron King and Freja when I start playing again.
Pretty serious progress for starting the game while nearly dead-asleep, I'd say.

Also I got a fancy new mechanical keyboard so I just want to say that so I can hear the sound of the click-clacking while I type on it some more :3
The cherry blue switches are so tasty

@SirBryghtside: You should probably try to take up a different hobby. One that isn't quite so addictive and painful.
Something like jigsaw puzzles, or meth

Played Twilight Princess for the first time in about a year. Really want to just get it out of the way, so I spent like 6 hours straight getting from the end of the Water Temple to the snowy place. Stopped because it's like 4:30 AM and I'm so tired I'm finding this absolutely hilarious, but I'm pretty sure I can finish it off tomorrow since I have nothing better to do at the moment.

@Portal: I can stop any time I want! D:

Finished the Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King DLC

The area was pretty great. Bosses were meh. One was a glorified gank-squad (seriously, the boss was 3 NPCs. That's it), and I only died once to each of the three in it.
Still, by FAR my favorite thing from the entire DLC is this one sword you find in it.

It's a sword and a whip
Yeah. Thrust it at people, then do some CRAZY AoE damage that I'm just all jaGAHJEK:GJaEIWHFKQEKM jfkajef YES about
The only way they could have made me like it more is if they made it use the curved sword swagalicious parry animation

And then, I spoke to Vendrick
Oh sweet sassy molassy was he magnificent when he still had his soul

@SirBryghtside: Stop right now
You're scaring the kids

Completed Twilight Princess. Took a little longer than I expected because I got lost in the sky town and did a few sidequests, but at least I've finally gotten it out of the way. Game was a lot of fun - particularly liked the art style and the overworld - though I think I still prefer Ocarina of Time, if only because the boss fights were really underwhelming. Most of them seemed to just be puzzle bosses, not really threatening at all, which was a huge disappointment given that they all had really cool designs and concepts. That final sword fight with Ganondorf and the earlier one with Gandrayda Zant almost made up for it though. Almost.

@Portal: I sold the kids for arena money D:

Just some casual Dark Souls 2. Finished up the game for Ricardo (my DLC character) and tied up the important loose ends. Now to wait until August 20thish for the next one...

On a somewhat related note, my biggest disappointment with Dark Souls 2 so far has been the lack of good wallpapers. Especially the fan art ones.

To this day, I have not seen a single piece of Dark Souls art that is done better than this masterpiece here. Not only is it simple, it looks beautiful, and perfectly captures the feel of the constant struggle in the game. If someone asked me "what is Dark Souls?", it's one of the very few pictures that I could show someone and they would probably understand.

@SirBryghtside: You keep talking to people that don't exist

You should probably quit

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