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Last thing you did in a game?

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Morrowind, powering through the Mage's Guild (first time I've ever played a mage character). It started out a bit dull, but now it's really picked up :D

And my new graphics card is arriving today hopefully, so I should be back on Skyrim veeeery soon.

@Portal: There are a number of 'things' you could be talking about here, ranging from my causing of the robot apocalypse to the inane rambling about Skyrim's cover art that I made at 1AM. If it's the latter, I'll just say that it turns out no one understands hyperbole.


Played some L4D2 with a friend of mine.


@SirBryghtside: I had a GLORIOUS idea a few hours ago for a Skyrim expansion pack/DLC.

Kay, after finishing up the civil war area. Doesn't really matter which you side with, since it can work perfectly either way. Either Ulfric will begin pushing with the Stormcloaks on the Thalmor next, or the Legion will realize "Holy shit, Dragonborn might just be exactly what we need to get rid of the Thalmor at last". Thus taking the assault on the Thalmor onto Summerset Isle.

But that's just the framing of the frame of the DLC.

From there, The Crystal Tower remains have been taken (I presume you know its history) and Winterhold is given charge of it due to its intensely magical nature. Since the Thalmor have kept whatever they call Summerset in such a shroud of secrets for the last couple centuries or so, it's discovered they've been working on a BIG project. So big, the Dragonborn is called in for assistance.
What it turns out they've been working on is a sort of time-rift. An ability to enter the past for one reason or another. Not quite working, thankfully, but Winterhold is able to patch it up. Now where the Dragonborn comes in.
It would be used to enter the time periods of the most amazing parts of the lore that simply won't be a part of the future games. What I mean is the Dwemer before their big fuck-up (or maybe as it is happening), the mighty Ayleids at their prime, Red Mountain's huge eruption, Tiber Septim doing what he does best (everything), possibly even a glimpse of the Sload in the long-ago time.

The possibilities would be endless.

Oh hey Meridia I got your beacon thin- OH GOD 60,000 FEET IN THE AIR *F12* *F12 *F12*

@Portal: cool

Dipping back into TF2 now. Foundry is a pretty nice map when the teams are balanced.

Also, I bought 4 keys, since I figured the Nice crates actually had stuff that was worth a damn.

Turns out I bought the regular keys. So I had to use up a biiiiit of metal (read: 3 refined) to break even.

So far got 2 Spy-cicles. Need a few more Nice crates.

Oh hey Greybeards! You want me to cause a truce? Well, I'll just finish up those Stormcloak missions then!

Oh hey man I've got to sort out some guy in Markath? I'll just follow my magical compass to the hall of the dead and WHY AM I A CANNIBAL NOW

TF2. Hoping around Foundry servers until I found a decent one.

Went battle Engie with that nifty new laser rifle. It's pretty hilarious to fuck over an entire Ubercharge with two shots :3

@SirBryghtside: Or option B) Kill that bitch for even considering cannibalism.

"Maybe a younger sibling that had died, perhaps? Just a nibble?"
EVERYONE knows that every child in Tamriel is so immortal it makes Pre-Dagoth-Ur Vivec look vulnerable until the exact 18th anniversary of their birth.

Did Hermaeus Mora's quest, after what the crazy guy said it was SO disappointing.

Just Cause 2.

Destroy ALL the gub'ment things!


Alright. Back on High Hrothgar. Awesome dragons. Go talk to the Greybeards. I'm free from the prophecy, they say... huh. Flashbacking to Azura's speech at the end of Morrowind/Tribunal.

You know what?

I feel completely relaxed. I haven't felt like this in... well, nine years. I am going to walk from here to the bottom of the mountains.

23 minutes later, and I'd achieved that feat. Smiling all the way.

It's not as good as Morrowind. But hell if Skyrim doesn't give it a run for its money.

Went back on tf2 after ages, messed around with scout.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - just beat Yelena Federova. Fun game, but when people say the boss fights are the worst part, they aren't joking.

The first one was... OK, because it still gave you a load of cover, and the guy was quite dumb and slow, but Yelena was just ridiculous. Cloaks, super-fast, wields double machine pistols. Want another way of beating her? Break a power thingy to electrify the floor. Oh yeah, that thing kills you too.

Been playing Saints Row the Third.

Mostly in an attempt to keep myself from thinking of how my boyfriend broke up with me.

Go me.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - got to the bit where

Instantly up there with the end of Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness and the drowning scene from Cave Story.

@Portal: Sorry to hear that...

Been playing Minecraft. Found a Nether stronghold (first stronghold). Proceeding to disassemble and integrate it into my own designs.

I'm fond of the penis plants though.

And I also gutted my temple of its treasure.
+39 gold blocks for use.

Arena. I'm... going to have to start again. And look at some walkthroughs. I can't move 5 metres in this game without being mashed by ghouls...

I made the Pyro sexy.

It's Gmod, so safe for work.

After finishing Human Revolution (bloody great game, only problem is the bosses who really, really suck), I'm back to Skyrim, started my lesbian Mage playthrough. Just finished the first quest of the College, it's looking awesome so far!

Then I guess I'll install all the Fallout from the Steam Sale :P

Saints Row the Third. Co-oping with my friend.

I can't TELL YOU how many times I've accidentally the Molotovs while either of us are driving.

Which oddly kills me too, considering I'm immune to all damage.

Oh yeah. Also, the three beers badge.

FINALLY completed Metroid Prime - the boss, the game, and the series. He was a fun fight, took me about 3 tries - they did the cheap shot where his second stage is totally different and just as hard as the first, without healing between the two, but I got there eventually. MUCH easier than Metroid Prime 2 at least.

Need to get Metroid 2, Fusion and Super, and then I'll be done with the series. Woo!

Going back on through Psychonauts, this time not skipping the campers stuff.

And because, you know, my Internet was down for most of the middle arch of the game. Lack of achievements and such.
Plus, I was trapped in the brain tumbler. Not fun :/

Did the second last Mages Guild College of Winterhold quest, pretty damn awesome. When that High Elf guy came up, I just smiled, equipped the Staff of Magnus and Staff of Paralysis, and annihilated him >:)


Trying to find someone to actually play SW:TOR with so I can make a Jedi/Sith and not be bored to hell playing solo.

Trying to figure out what the hell kind of character to play in Skyrim so I can get back into it.

Saints Row the Third.
Helped my friend do the final mission.


@SirBryghtside: Well? Has it?


It turns out I'm awesome at TF2.

I hadn't played it in 2 or so months, and somehow, despite being awful before the hiatus, I came back and came consistently top of the leaderboard.

Then I left the server, thinking it was just because I wasn't playing the pro-mode of Arena any more.

I was kind of shocked when I came second there as well.

@Portal: Yeah, 200 gold. How she did that by walking home from Riften, I'll never know :P

@Sir Bryghtside: I know that TF2 exactly. Some days, I can't explain how or why, but when I go a certain class, it's like I am teaching everyone how to fuck the sky.
And when I get like that as a Scout.... may Julianos preserve you.

And maybe she ran across a wolf that had swallowed a sapphire?


Since marrying Aela, I've used her as my companion on adventures. She sometimes acts as a semi-meatshield, which finally makes ranged battles an option. I gave her some decent stuff, so she's actually effectual, and have decided that I am wearing that armour five times over next playthrough (stealthy murdery stabby woman, probably Imperial/Dunmer). Did that whole Windcaller quest, and noticed the Daedic on the altar. Pretty cool.

Random event of the day: man walks past with painted cow to sacrifice to some giants. That's up there with Old Orc and Scavenger.

@Portal: I was actually playing Soldier. As in, my most hated and least used class.

...I think I need to play Soldier more :P

Also, she managed to somehow set up shop in the middle of a barrow today. It was confusing.

Hm, I guess I could post here a little more.

Helped a few guys in the Guild Wars group with Sorrow's Furnace. Also looked for that Portal 2 add-on.

Did Deus Ex: HR's expansion pack in one sitting. It was fun, but didn't really add anything new - apart from changing the boss fight from 'almost a gamebreaker' to 'average'.

And no, I'm not going to get Invisible War now. Also this.

@SirBryghtside: And now I want to watch funny videos.

OT: Ground a character through to level 18 on EQ2 in a day. probably could have done more if I had focused more.

Skyrim, decided to clear Yngvild. That was... actually quite sickening.

Also, I finally bought level-appropriate spells, so I just need to get all of the perks and I'll be laughing :D

Let's see.....

Minecraft servers are fucking hard to set up. Even TEMPORARY ones.
My friend is apparently hacking TF2. Got 2 hats drops in two days.
Made a pure-mage character in Skyrim. Even WITH Deadly Dragons, the dragons are still easy. Endless cycle of making them flinch from dual-casting Firebolt.
I also learned how to play Minesweeper. God help me.

@SirBryghtside: lolnecrophilia

The usual grind in Guild Wars. Gotta hurry up since GW2 is coming out, but not sure if I'm going to get it anyways so...

One of the best matches of TF2 I've ever had.

cp_foundry. Started the match switching between Pyro and Medic, not doing particularly well as either, so I switched to Sniper. And defended our last point like HELL.

After a massive struggle between them, capturing the second point, losing it again, rinse repeat, match ends. Sudden Death.

I decide to follow a large group with pretty much every class in, and end up standing next to an Engie's turret sniping off people. I think I got something ridiculous like four or five out of the whole team, me frequently running back and yelling Medic, and in the end they had two guys and 1 minute left. A couple of guys on our team race to the capture point, and it becomes clear that that is the only way we'll win.

3 and 4 captured, and we're running to 5 - the last one. About 20 seconds left at this point. The Medic seems to have grown accustomed to healing me, and just idly lets his Medigun rest on me - and I'm at the front of the squadron. Turn a corner, and SENTRY NEST. It's the end. Game Over. All that for-


Knockback from sentry hits me into the center of their base, out of range from the turret, the Medic, and my team. 15 seconds left, and I run as fast as I can to the finish line, and stand there. An enemy Medic runs in, but it's too little, too late - I capture the goddamn point.

And to top it all off?



Even more grind!

...Well since that's boring as hell, I'll say some of the stuff I did over the half a year I wasn't posting here.

I played through Eversion. Fun closest I'll probably get to trying a masocore game. And the endings were great!

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